The Special Meaning of All Jason Momoa’s Tattoos

The Special Meaning of All Jason Momoa's Tattoos

Jason Momoa’s Tattoos is known not only for his captivating on-screen performances but also for his impressive physique and striking tattoos. The American actor, who has a Polynesian heritage, has a deep-rooted appreciation for body art and has used his tattoos to express his cultural heritage, personal beliefs, and significant life experiences.

With a ruggedly handsome look and an enviable collection of tattoos, Momoa has become a pop culture icon, inspiring many fans to follow in his inked footsteps. This article will explore the fascinating world of Jason Momoa tattoos, their meanings, and the stories behind them.

What is Jason Momoa Aquaman Tattoo

In the Justice League movie, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is depicted with a full-body tattoo design with intricate tribal patterns and symbols. However, these tattoos are entirely fictional and created for the movie’s aesthetic purposes. The temporary tattoos were designed with unique techniques on Momoa’s body during filming.

The tattoos were meant to enhance the character’s rugged and enigmatic appearance and showcase his connection to his cultural heritage. While the tattoos in the movie are not real, they still add to the character’s overall appeal and reflect Momoa’s pride in his cultural background.

Jason Momoa’s tattoo meaning

Jason Momoa’s tattoos are not just mere body decorations; they hold significant meanings that reflect his personality, heritage, and life experiences. Most of Momoa’s tattoos are inspired by Polynesian art, which has a rich cultural history and symbolism.

1. Children signature tattoo on his chest

One of the most endearing tattoos on Jason Momoa’s chest is the signature tattoos of his children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. The tattoos are placed above his heart, symbolizing his profound love and dedication to his kids. Momoa’s signature tattoos are a mere decorative element and a permanent reminder of the bond he shares with his children.

Children signature tattoo on his chest

In an interview, Momoa shared that getting his children’s signatures tattooed on his chest was a way of immortalizing their connection and honoring their importance in his life. The tattoo also reminds him of his responsibility towards his children: to love and protect them always.

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2. Hawaiian family crest tattoo

Jason Momoa’s left forearm features a unique tattoo of his family’s crest, a traditional Hawaiian symbol known as an “aumakua.” In Hawaiian culture, an “aumakua” is a spirit or guardian that protects a family or an individual.

Hawaiian family crest tattoo

Momoa’s family crest tattoo depicts a half-man, half-shark creature, which is believed to be their aumakua. The tattoo is not just a symbol of Momoa’s Hawaiian heritage, but it also represents his family’s identity and legacy. Momoa has expressed that his tattoo serves as a reminder of his roots and the importance of preserving his cultural heritage. The tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful tribute to Momoa’s family and his connection to Hawaiian culture.

3. Linear line tattoo

One of Jason Momoa’s most visible tattoos is a simple yet striking linear line tattoo on the back of his left hand. The tattoo consists of a single thin line that runs vertically from the base of his wrist to the tip of his middle finger. While Momoa has not explicitly stated the meaning behind this tattoo, it is believed to represent his love for simplicity and minimalism.

Linear line tattoo

Linear line tattoo

Linear line tattoo

The tattoo also symbolizes the importance of staying focused and on the right path in life. Whatever the meaning behind it may be, Momoa’s linear line tattoo is a subtle yet stylish addition to his impressive body art collection.

4. Compass tattoo

Jason Momoa’s upper arm features a unique compass tattoo, a famous symbol in tattoo art. The tattoo depicts a classic nautical compass with directional markings and a decorative outer ring. The compass tattoo is believed to represent guidance, direction, and the pursuit of adventure.

This Jason Momoa arm tattoo may symbolize his love for the ocean and adventurous spirit. Additionally, the compass tattoo can symbolize his journey through life, with each direction marking a new experience or adventure. The compass tattoo on Momoa’s arm is a stunning and meaningful piece of body art that adds to his ruggedly charming persona.

5. Best friend’s name tattoo

Jason Momoa has a tattoo on the middle finger of his right hand that reads “Diablo,” which is his best friend’s name. The tattoo is written in a simple script font and is placed prominently on the finger, making it easily visible. Momoa has been open about the significance of his tattoos, and the “Diablo” tattoo is no exception.

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The Jason Momoa tattoo is a tribute to his close friend and their bond, an essential part of Momoa’s life. The tattoo is a bold and unique way to honor a best friend, and it is a testament to Momoa’s loyalty and commitment to the people he loves.

6. Pride of gypsies on his arm

One of Jason Momoa’s most prominent tattoos is the “Pride of Gypsies” tattoo on his right forearm. The tattoo features a bold, black script font that spells out the phrase “Pride of Gypsies,” which is also the name of Momoa’s production company. The phrase is believed to reflect Momoa’s identity and his proud heritage as a member of the Romani people, also known as gypsies.

Additionally, this Jason Momoa arm tattoo may symbolize Momoa’s unwavering confidence and determination to carve out his path in life. The “Pride of Gypsies” tattoo is a powerful and empowering statement that showcases Momoa’s unique personality and spirit.

7. Etre toujours ivre

“Etre toujours ivre,” a French phrase that translates to “always be drunk” in English. The tattoo is written in a bold, cursive script font and is placed prominently on Momoa’s forearm. The phrase is believed to have been inspired by a poem by Charles Baudelaire, which speaks of the intoxicating nature of life and the need to remain in a state of constant wonder and amazement.

Etre toujours ivre

This Jason Momoa tattoo may represent his desire to live fully and constantly seek new experiences and adventures. The “etre toujours ivre” tattoo is a bold and unique piece of body art that showcases Momoa’s artistic and creative side.

8. A small skull tattoo

Jason Momoa has a small skull tattoo just below his right thumb, which is a testament to his love for skull imagery. The skull is a common symbol in tattoo art and can represent a range of meanings, such as mortality, strength, and rebellion. For Momoa, the skull tattoo may express his fascination with death and the afterlife and his love for dark and edgy aesthetics.

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A small skull tattoo

Additionally, the tattoo may symbolize Momoa’s rebellious spirit and denial to coordinate with societal standards. The Jason Momoa tattoo is a small yet striking piece of body art that adds to his overall rugged and charismatic appearance.

9. Min Engel

Jason Momoa has a tattoo on his left forearm that reads “Min Engel,” which is Norwegian for “My Angel.” The tattoo is accompanied by a five-pointed star and crescent moon, commonly used symbols in pagan and occult traditions.

Min Engel

The star and crescent moon may represent Momoa’s interest in esoteric and mystical beliefs and his connection to his ancestral roots. The phrase “Min Engel” is a term of endearment, which may have personal significance to Momoa, such as a tribute to a loved one or a reflection of his spiritual beliefs. The Jason Momoa tattoo is a striking and individual piece of body art that adds to Momoa’s unique and enigmatic persona.

10. Jason’s Momoa’s head tattoo

Jason Momoa’s head tattoo is not a series of interconnected lines and symbols but a shark tooth pattern representing his family crest. The tattoo features a series of small black triangles that mimic the shape of shark teeth, which is a nod to Momoa’s Hawaiian heritage and his family lineage.

Jason Momoa head tattoo

The shark is a powerful and revered symbol in Hawaiian culture, often associated with strength, courage, and protection. The tattoo’s placement on Momoa’s scalp adds to its significance and uniqueness, as it is not common for body art. The shark tooth pattern is a bold and personal body art showcasing Momoa’s pride in his cultural heritage and family history.


Jason Momoa’s tattoos are a striking and personal aspect of his overall persona. Each of his tattoos has its unique meaning and significance, reflecting Momoa’s interests, beliefs, and personal experiences. Momoa’s body art reflects his rugged and enigmatic personality, from his family crest to his skull tattoo.

Additionally, Momoa’s willingness to experiment with unusual placements, such as his scalp and hand, demonstrates his daring and unconventional spirit. Momoa’s tattoos add to his overall physical appearance and provide insight into his personal journey and cultural background. We hope this article on Jason Momoa’s tattoos is useful to the readers.