The Modern Modification Lifestyle: Trending for Halloween 2013

October is my favorite month of the year. Pumpkin flavored everything, seasons changing, and Halloween season is in full gear. Halloween is my Christmas, and I always go all out. So in case you need some ideas, here are a few of this year’s most popular costumes inspired by pop culture and some more classic disguises.

Witch– I’m not talking about your ordinary wicked witch here. A more demonizing approach to the typical black hat and green face is appropriate. With the new season of American Horror Story just starting up and the recent Rob Zombie flick “The Lords of Salem” gaining popularity it’s a safe bet that there will be a lot of witchy business happening this Halloween. Gothic and pentagram jewelry is a perfect compliment to this look.

pentacle body jewelry

Zombie- It’s fun to be dead sexy. The zombie apocalypse is coming so we might as well get ready. I am a big fan of being a zombie for Halloween. It’s easy; all you have to do is add some dark makeup, rip up your outfit, drip some blood, and you are suddenly undead. Doing an alternative/undead version of pretty much any other costume is fun too. It is also a good way to reuse costumes from years past that you never thought you would use again. It could also be a fun couples costume to go as zombie and zombie hunter (every guy wants to be a bad ass for Halloween). Zombie themed body jewelry and anything that looks antique is a great add on to this costume.

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cute zombie themed body jewelry

Miley Cyrus– It’s my party and I can twerk if I want to. Miley is far beyond her Hannah Montana years. Her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards elevated this pop star to Halloween costume gold. All you’ll need is a foam finger, a plastic (flesh colored) bikini, tiny pig tails, and a willingness to stick your tongue out all night to complete this look (perfect for pierced tongues). To make it even more hilarious, accessorize with a teddy bear belly ring. This can be a good couples costume too; all he would need is a vertical striped suit (very much like Beetlejuice’s) and some aviators to be Robyn Thicke.

kitschy teddybear jewelry

Flapper– A classic standby costume for women is the flapper girl from the Roaring 20s. “The Great Gatsby” is bringing even more popularity and inspiration to it this year than ever. Fringe, feathers, long pearls, and dramatic makeup will make anyone into a Prohibition-chic girl. This is another great couples costume if your guy doesn’t mind going gangster. Pearl body jewelry, anything with fringe, alcohol and martini themed belly rings, and classic girly crystal will take your flapper costume to the next level.

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retro faux pearl earrings

Geek Chic– Inspired by the popularity of Comic conventions and television shows like “The Big Bang Theory” there are many reasons to go nerdy this Halloween. This costume is a new take on the classic nerd. Being geek chic is beyond pocket protectors, taped glasses, and suspenders. Don’t forget your bow tie and thick rimmed glasses. Superhero plugs and jewelry are just the right add for this costume.

geek chic Marvel superhero plugs

Nicki Minaj – Her daily wardrobe is more outrageous than what most people would wear as a costume. Mismatched prints, giant false eyelashes and a colorful wig will transform you into the pop icon, while colorful and outrageous neon body jewelry will put it over the top and complete your fabulous look.

hot neon body jewelry

These are just a few examples of awesome and easy to achieve costumes. Other expected popular costumes are based on memes and lesser known celebrities. To many people who are pierced and tattooed, Halloween is everyday. It’s the one time of year when even the craziest ideas and styles are celebrated. Let your true self shine and have fun! What are you being for Halloween this year?

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