Stretched: the Magic of Mix and Match

mixing it up with plug pairs

Classes have started again, and with a hectic schedule, unseasonable weather, and some major first day fashion scrutiny, you’re looking for something new and fresh. Maybe something fun to wear in your stretched lobes? Then look no further.

This season it’s all about fashion that’s fun, and one of the coolest ways to change it up is by mixing and matching what goes in your ears. All of these wooden plugs are organic, available in sizes up to one inch, and sold separately for easy interchangeability. You can even mix rich sawo wood with soft crocodile wood for a funky two-tone style effect. Here are just a few of the sweet pairings you can put together:

cool mixable crocodile wood plugscool mixable sawo wood plugs

So regardless of what else is going on during the Fall/Winter season, at least you know your ears are taken care of. One task down, 27million436thousand812 to go. Isn’t higher learning fun?

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