For example, match a scarlet tie with a light-blue shirt and a blue suit, and you’re sure to make an impact.

Blue Suit Color Combinations with Shirt and Tie

Blue suits color combinations guide with shirt and tie

The blue suit gained popularity recently, offering a contemporary and fashion-forward look without sacrificing elegance or panache.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to master this color. I’ll also introduce you to the best shirts to wear with your blue suit and delve into the appropriate accessories.

Anyone can carry off the vibrant blue look like a real gentleman without appearing attention-seeking or loud. No matter what the occasion!

Table of Contents

The Color Wheel

The color wheel tool helps us establish the basis of all color combos. Understanding the wheel allows you to explore different combinations, concepts, and styles.

The Color Wheel

The color wheel is divided into two color sections: warm and cool. The first is vibrant and rich; the latter is calm and cold.

Keep in mind, however, that this is only a basic guideline. Mastering the color combinations will come from experience.

blue suit color combinations with shirt and tie

But by following the color wheel, you can learn more quickly and feel more confident and ready to express your unique style.

Single Color Scheme

Blue Suit with a light blue shirt and a blue tie

suitsupply traveler slim fit light blue dress shirt.png
brown derby shoes by Bruno Marc

The single color scheme leads to the same color combination for your suit, shirt, and tie. This is the most straightforward scheme to achieve and is a great place to start for every outfit.

All you need is to match darker and lighter shades of the same color. A mid-blue suit with a light blue shirt and a navy blue tie is a great example.

Analog Color Scheme

Blue suit with a purple shirt and slightly darker purple tie

With the analog scheme, you match similar colors adjacent on the color wheel. This means you can wear a warm tie with a slightly cooler suit and shirt and vice versa.

In addition, analog color schemes can be very pleasing to the human eye.

You can match a blue suit with a light purple shirt and a slightly darker purple tie as an example of this color scheme. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Triad Color Scheme

Blue suit matched with a red tie

Kenneth Cole slim fit shirt in white color
Brown monk strap shoes by Kenneth Cole

Here you can match colors three slots apart from each other on the color wheel.

The contrast combo brings harmony to your look, but it can be difficult to visualize. Blue and red, for example, are opposite sides of the wheel.

So, they should clash. The trick here is to pair the darker tones of each component.

For example, match a scarlet tie with a light-blue shirt and a blue suit, and you’re sure to make an impact.

Complementary Color Scheme

Blue Suit matched with an orange tie

These colors lie on opposing sides of the wheel, making the complementary scheme one of the hardest to pull off.

Experience helps here, but one rule of thumb states your tie should be a darker shade than your shirt.

One perfect complementary color scheme example will be matching a blue suit, a light-blue shirt, and an orange tie. This combination is a real trendsetter nowadays.

Want to explore deeper? Let’s say you wear your dark blue suit with a pale orange shirt. The ideal tie color could be either dark green or dark red.

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Sounds a bit wild? Not according to the color chart. Try it and see.

Choose the Blue Suit by Fit

Blue displays confidence, but so does the man in the suit. We’ve talked about how a suit should fit and its importance many times by now.

how to fit your suit

Believe it or not, fitting your suit defines you. Thus, getting the correct measurements is crucially important as well.

Classic Fit Blue Suits

Classic fit suits are often chosen for work and business occasions or any other formal events. As a matter of fact, they can be a marvelous choice for weddings, too.

Best Choices

Slim Fit Blue Suits

Blue slim-fit suits are the trendsetters at the moment and are excellent for any occasion.

The slim-fit suit will make you appear sharp, calm, and luxurious. So if your body type is slimmer, boost it with extra confidence.

Best Choices

Blue Suit and White Shirt Color Combinations

You can never go wrong with a crisp and clean white shirt and a blue suit. Period.

Blue suit and white shirt color combination

However, it’s equally important to consider the various aspects of the shirt when choosing a shirt for your suit, not just the color, to make sure they match in formality.

Here, a tie adds the final flourish to your look. And again, your blue suit is the perfect canvas, just waiting for the right tie to make a real statement.

Best Choices

Slim fit white shirt by Amazon Essentials

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Red Tie

The warm red tie against the cool white shirt backdrop really pops. Your blue suit adds an attractive frame to the ensemble.

Go for a patterned or thin woolen tie and brown loafers for less formal events.

A wider, solid-color silk tie with black dress shoes is perfect for more exceptional moments.

The red shades can vary from light to burgundy, depending on the shade of your suit.

Kissties men

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Pink Tie

Pink goes remarkably well with blue. It pops against the white shirt but adds a more subtle note than a powerful red.

In my opinion, the color works better in summer. Combine the blue, white, and pink look with black dress shoes with thin leather soles.

Avoid shoes with thick rubber soles that remind us of winter.

Gingham tie: Pink color with blue pattern by SecdtieSolid tie in pink color by QBSM

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Black Tie

Pairing a blue suit with a black tie is a great look for those tough business meetings and other occasions where you need to be in control.

Thinner black ties of cashmere or silk work best. The rule of thumb says a black tie always pairs with black leather shoes and a black leather belt.

Solid black tie by QBSM

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Blue Tie

A blue tie with a blue suit and white shirt adds an interesting monochromatic effect to your outfit.

Of course, you need to vary the shades of blue. For example, if you wear a dark blue suit, choose a light, powder blue tie. On the other hand, a light blue suit will call for a darker blue tie.

If the two shades are closely related, it’s perfectly okay to go for a patterned or striped tie.

Solid sky blue tie by WITZROYSStriped tie: blue color with red stripes by CPH

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Navy Tie

Navy is always a safe choice. The combination works well with wider, high-quality silk or satin ties.

Also, you can go for patterned ties or ties with thin white stripes to compliment the white shirt backdrop.

You can pick brown loafers with this look for summer. But a brown leather Oxford is the best option during winter.

Blue Suit with a White Shirt and a Brown Tie

At first glance, brown is not an obvious choice to go with blue suits. But you can consider brown as basically a very dark version of orange.

So as orange is a complementary color to blue, the combination starts to make a lot of sense.

Brown shoes are an obvious choice here, as is the belt, which should always be leather.

Blue Suit and Pink Shirt Color Combinations

A pink shirt contrasts with your blue suit in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Also, the color works far more subtly than a white shirt.

Blue suit with pink shirt color combination

However, it’s best to stick with softer pink tones. For example, a powder pink shirt will go with just about any shade of blue suit.

The softness of the pink works best in warmer seasons and climates.

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Add a specific color tie to your pink and blue outfit to create an eye-catching en vogue statement.

Best Choices

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Pink ShirtMetal Cufflink Regular Fit Pink Shirt by J.VerTailored fit light-pink shirt by Buttoned Down

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Red Tie

Pair a powerful red tie of finest silk with a pale pink shirt.

If your shirt is cotton, a thinner wool or cotton tie works too. Keep the tie knot mid to small.

The combo of blue, red, and pink simply cries for brown shoes and a matching belt.

Kissties men

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Pink Tie

Any same-color combo can be tough to execute. But it will make a real impression if you do pull it off.

The trick here is to mix things up. A patterned suit with a plain shirt and a patterned tie. Or vice versa.

If you must go with a plain shirt and solid color tie, a darker tie on a lighter shirt is probably the best option. Pair black or brown shoes and belts with this look, according to the occasion.

Solid tie in pink color by QBSM

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Purple Tie

A purple tie can be problematic with a blue suit, but the pink shirt serves well to facilitate the transition from one color to another.

The royal color deserves the finest material, so a tie made from high-quality silk is recommended. Also, go for the full Windsor knot to top off the regal look.

Black or brown leather shoes and belts, according to the mood and formality of the event.

Solid purple tie by Kissties Solid purple tie by QBSM

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Blue Tie

Different shades of a blue suit and tie matched with a powder pink shirt can create an elegant, well-thought-through impact.

A mid-width cashmere tie and brown non-scuffed loafers work well here.

Alternatively, a thin striped silk tie can be paired with black leather shoes. Of course, your belt should always match your shoes.

Striped tie: blue color with red stripes by CPH

Blue Suit with a Pink Shirt and a Navy Tie

The navy tie helps to ground your outfit and leans to the formal side rather than relaxed.

This is one of the combinations where you could even pull off a pink shirt of a more powerful tone.

Navy lends itself naturally to patterns and stripes. But please don’t go overboard. Subtlety is key.

Both black and brown shoes, highly polished and in good condition, can complete the look.

Striped Navy tie with pink stripes by Luther Pike SeattlePolka dot navy tie with pink dots by Kissties

Blue Suit and Blue Shirt Color Combinations

Wearing a blue shirt with your blue suit creates a smooth blend of shade and texture that can be very easy on the eye. It’s a great look at any event, both formal and informal.

blue suit, blue shirt, green tie and brown oxford dress boots

Shades is the operative word here. A dark blue suit, coupled with a light blue shirt (or vice versa), can still create a high contrast level.

In both cases, the choice of tie color is relatively simple. The tie will build a bridge between the two blues.

If you match the blue tones close on the color wheel, the tie will have to work a lot harder to add balance and harmony to the look.

Best Choices

Classic Fit Blue Shirt by Buttoned Down

Blue Suit with a Blue Shirt and a Red Tie

A powerful red tie will automatically attract attention because the color is embedded in our DNA.

Here, the red tie works well when your suit and shirt are of a similar shade. Patterns or stripes are allowed as well, adding a sense of adventure to your outfit.

Black or brown patent leather shoes, coupled with a matching belt, complete the look.

Kissties men Solid burgundy tie by Kissties

Blue Suit with a Blue Shirt and a Blue Tie

If you stick to the color wheel, you can work with the three shades of blue next to each other. When done properly, this can create a harmonious, balanced look.

Go for a tie with thin white stripes or patterns to add a minor but noticeable contrast. They can help break up the subtle monotony of the blue-on-blue look.

Pierre Cardin solid navy blue tie

Blue Suit with a Blue Shirt and a Navy Tie

Again, you’re working with similar shades, so the same tips apply.

A wide, white polka dot navy tie will draw admiring glances. But a thin, striped woolen tie will work too.

Keep your suit and shirt shades of blue tight, and wear black leather shoes and a belt.

Blue Suit and Black Shirt Color Combinations

Black is a grounding color, and it’s related to blue on the color wheel. So, even though it might not be an obvious choice, the pairing does make sense.

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blue suit and black shirt color combination

In my opinion, a black shirt works best with mid to dark-blue suits. Also, the right tie can make a positive impact here, carrying off one of two jobs.

Wearing your suit tieless is also a stylish way to portray style and character.

Best Choices

Regular fit black shirt by Van Heusen

Blue Suit with a Black Shirt and a Black Tie

The black tie creates a solid color effect that nicely offsets your blue suit. Shirt and tie become one here, so match the textures and shirt fabrics.

Width doesn’t play a huge role, so go for whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re aiming for a less strict look, choose a tie with bold stripes or patterns.

And, of course, black shoes and a belt.

Solid black tie by Kissties

Blue Suit with a Black Shirt and a Blue Tie

The blue tie in this combination works as a bridge. It is one of those ensembles where you can match your tie extremely close to your suit’s color.

The black shirt acts as an almost invisible backdrop for the tie, giving your outfit a balanced look. Keep the tie’s texture in line with the material of your suit.

Solid blue tie by KisstiesPierre Cardin solid navy blue tie

How to Match Shoes with a Blue Suit

Your blue suit has already created a contemporary look and a bold statement. But what shoe color would work best with the blue suit?

Suits and shoes complete occasion and formality color guide match

Lighter shades of blue are less versatile, which means that they pair best with light brown shoes.

As the shade of blue darkens, so does the brown. Therefore, dark brown shoes work best with darker shades of blue suits.

Loafers and monk straps work best here. Tan brogues and derbies are also preferable dress shoe choices.

Don’t forget to wear a belt that has the same color and shade as your shoes.

Black patent shoes and a black belt is usually reserved for navy blue. Opt for Oxford or Derby shoes if you want extra formality to your appearance.

Why Choose a Blue Suit

Blue can be a challenging choice, and it takes a level of courage to pull it off.

elegant blue suit with a white shirt and a blue tie displays confidence

While black suits have always epitomized the ultimate look for men in the past, the trend changed.

Nowadays, it’s the blue suit that is synonymous with versatility and projects confidence.

Another reason why blue suits are famous is that they can easily be dressed down or up according to the season and time of day.

And I’m not talking about the navy suit, but true blue as a clear sky. In fact, a navy suit is almost as safe a bet as classic black and is a reliable option at any event.

Blue Suits are Playful and Luxurious

Well-tailored blue suits work well with a plethora of combinations, and it slims the figure too.

Blue suits are both serious and luxury

Your blue suit-based combo creates an elegant and sophisticated look for weddings and first dates to everyday office wear, especially when accompanied by the right dress shirt, shoes, and tie.

And most men out there working their way into blue suit combinations are having a lot of fun doing it, too.

High Selection of Accessories

Details matter. And there are a lot of matching accessories to choose from. The list stretches from shoes and pocket squares up to shirts and ties.

Perfect blue suit with a shirt and tie color combination

It is where your blue suit excels from other suit colors. Think of it as the canvas to which you, as the artist, can add sweeping strokes with the combo and accessories brush.

Add a contrasting tie and brown or black shoes with a matching belt, and you’re guaranteed to be turning heads at your next event.

how to wear a belt with a blue suit

To be clear, I’m not condoning wild, free-for-all color choices here.

True, the real beauty of blue suits is that it’s so darn versatile. But colors need to fit together, or they should create an impact through measured contrast.

how to pair navy blue suit and tie with red pocket square

Texture matters too. A thin wool tie on a silk dress shirt just won’t work, regardless of whether the colors match.

Finally, add some style to your look by choosing the right watch that will match your suit. And away you go!

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’ve studied and specialized in styling in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.