60 Worthwhile Warrior Tattoos For Coping With Hardship And Struggle

A warrior forearm tattoo isn’t too different in contrast to the others when its blueprint is considered, but it typically stands out due to the visuals it leaves behind. The sketch of the warrior looks crystal clear and extremely real from afar, and is usually draped in a hue of black and grey.

150 Greatest Warrior Tattoos and Meanings

japanese warrior tattoo on back

Though warrior tattoos used to be a relatively unusual choice in the past, the last decade or so has seen a trend towards increased popularity in this niche. The word ‘warrior’ refers to a particularly brave or experienced fighter or soldier and generally appears in the context of ancient cultures such as the Romans or Celts.

Warrior tattoo meaning

  • Bravery – the discourse around the idea of a warrior often involves words like ‘fearless’ and ‘heroic’. The idea of a warrior is surrounded by notions of fearlessly overcoming opponents and facing battles without hesitation. Warrior designs can symbolize the value of courage and serve as a reminder to go through life without fear.

warrior tattoo on chest

  • Strength – physical and mental strength is one of the key defining characteristics of a warrior – they went into battle, after all, and strength was an attribute vital to survival. In this context, a warrior themed tattoo is a reminder of your own inner strength and the ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Discipline – thanks to both the association with military service and the demands of rigorous training, warriors are symbolic of discipline and order.

warrior tattoo on arm

  • Honor – for warriors in every culture, honor was the main guiding principle. Warrior tattoos, therefore, symbolize righteousness, integrity, standing up for your values and beliefs, and a desire to do what is morally right.

Knights – the esteemed warriors of Medieval Europe – were particularly known for their strong code of ethics, and honor was of the highest value to the Japanese samurai.

The well-known samurai practice of seppuku (or hara-kiri) was a ritual suicide by disembowelment – these soldiers would kill themselves to die with honor by their own hand rather than be killed by their enemies.

If a samurai brought shame upon himself in some way, seppuku was a way to restore his honor.

roman warrior tattoo on arm

  • Masculinity/femininity – although the image of a warrior has conventionally been associated with masculinity due to the traditional view of gender roles, these stereotypes are now shifting. Warrior style tattoos can be a symbol of feminism and gender equality. It’s good to remember that across history, there were plenty of female warriors – including famous historical figures such as Joan of Arc, the Birka female Viking warrior, and Celtic queen Boudica.

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warrior tattoo on forearm

As you can see, then, although warriors were closely connected to violence, wars, and bloodshed, the general cultural meaning is not negative at all.

Warriors stand for values, virtues, and characteristics that are considered admirable and positive.

In addition to the general cultural meanings behind warrior style tattoos, many people opt for these kinds of designs for personal reasons – for example, as symbolic of a difficult time they’ve had in their life, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the metaphorical battles they’ve won.

knight tattoo

Warrior tattoo designs

‘Warrior’ is a generic term, referring to fighters from many cultures with various appearances and defining characteristics. For your warrior design, consider the following options:

  • Roman warrior design – the classic image of an ancient warrior in Western culture is that of a Roman soldier. Ancient Rome was famed for its immense and virtually unbeatable military and the numerous battles and wars. Recognizable by their distinctive helmets, iron, and leather armor and bare legs, Romans are among the most popular choices for warrior tattoos. They are often depicted armed with a sword and shield or a spear.

knight on horse tattoo

  • Samurai warrior design – a warrior class native to ancient and feudal Japan, the Samurai are characterized by their highly elaborate costumes, helmets covering the whole face, and being armed with a katana – a traditional Japanese sword.

Samurai were the upper class of warrior in Japan – an elite caste of martial arts masters. They placed great importance upon mental and spiritual strength as well as physical ability, practiced meditations, and were deeply influenced by Buddhist and Zen philosophies.

As mentioned above, honor was of utmost significance to the Samurai – death was preferable to dishonor to these ancient warriors. Check out our dedicated article on Japanese tattoos for more information on the tattoo style and techniques.

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samurai warrior tattoo

  • Celtic warrior design – Celtic warriors are characterized by their minimal use of armor – they are often depicted bare-chested – ritual tattoos, and savage appearance. Typical weapons include large swords, axes, javelins, and slings. To further accentuate the Celtic theme of the tattoo, many people opt for adding other Celtic symbols such as the Celtic knot to the design.
  • Viking warrior design –Viking warriors are distinguished by their characteristic style of armor and, in the case of male warriors, long beards. Often depicted with a sword and shield or an ax and shield, Vikings are most commonly associated with power, protection, and magic.
  • Native American warrior design – with bare chests, long hair, and a distinctive feathered headdress, Native American warriors are usually depicted on horseback, armed with a bow.
  • Popular culture and fictional characters – in recent years, using images of characters from games and movies as tattoo designs has become particularly popular. Examples of common choices include the Spartans from the movie ‘300’ and characters from medieval fantasy-themed games such as Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, God of War, or Assassins Creed.

The technique and style of warrior themed tattoos vary depending on the design and personal preference. 3D tattoos, done in a realistic style either in all black or in color, are among the top choices.

colorful warrior tattoo

Warrior symbol tattoos

Warrior tattoos don’t necessarily need to feature a complete image of a warrior – symbolic elements can be used to convey the same meaning. There are several distinctive elements that can be used alone in design to symbolically signify a warrior, for instance:

  • Helmets and other armor pieces – the most common choice among this type of design is the Roman helmet, likely because it’s one of the most popularly recognizable options and its aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical shape.
  • Weapons – swords, axes, maces, spears, bows, shields… Whatever your metaphorical weapon of choice may be, it can be used in a tattoo to express the same values and meanings as an image of a warrior, in a more subtle way and as a simpler, often smaller tattoo. The specific type and style of the weapon can even define the class of warrior – for instance, a katana clearly stands for a samurai. Check out our gang tattoo article for similar tattoos.
  • Arrows – arrows are rich in symbolism – so much so that we have a whole article about the meaning of arrow tattoos – among other things, they can symbolize the warrior.

Symbolic tattoos, rather than full-blown images of warriors, can be a good choice for those looking for more discrete designs. Warrior designs will usually be intricate and relatively large, often appearing as a sleeve or covering the person’s entire back. The above symbols, meanwhile, will fit in a much smaller design.

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Final words

Some of these types of tattoos are chosen purely for their aesthetic values – they look awesome, it’s as simple as that – while others are imbued with personal meaning or depend on the cultural symbolism of the warrior for metaphorical depth.

With a range of positive associations and plenty of scope for coming up with a unique design, warrior tattoos are an excellent choice for small and large projects alike.

60 Worthwhile Warrior Tattoos For Coping With Hardship And Struggle

Warrior tattoo

The world of tattoos is full of diversity, containing a variety of patterns with unique inner meanings. Each tattoo contains distinct components in its design to set them apart from the other, conveying different layers of meanings to cater to the needs of tattoo enthusiasts. While there are tattoos that focus on the beauty of life and the prominence of existence, nothing matches the energy of warrior tattoos during dark times.

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Warrior tattoos are designs that are often implemented in honour of battalions who shed blood, sweat, and tears for their country, culture, and people. They are also quite popular in the spiritual world, having the ability to heal those with damaged souls in a drastic period of time.

Warrior tattoos comprise visuals like none other, but also convey messages that are just as compelling. Furthermore, warrior tattoos contain tons of variants, each of which can be used to enhance the appearance of any individual. To learn about how popular warrior tattoos are and gain a visual perception of how flexible they can be as a tattoo, buckle up and stay with us until the end!

    • Warrior Tattoos And Their Symbolism In Pop Culture
      • Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Archangel Michael Tattoo
      • Angel Warrior Tattoo
      • Viking Warrior Tattoo
      • African Warrior Tattoo
      • Female Warrior Tattoo
      • Japanese Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Tribal Armband Tattoo
      • Celtic Warrior Tattoo
      • Spartan Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Symbol Tattoo
      • Warrior Sleeve Tattoo
      • Warrior Script Tattoo
      • Mayan Warrior Tattoo
      • Indian Warrior Tattoo
      • Samurai Warrior Tattoo
      • Geisha Warrior Tattoo
      • Greek Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Princess Tattoo
      • Roman Warrior Tattoo
      • Irish Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior of God Tattoo
      • Jaguar Warrior Tattoo
      • Chinese Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Elephant Tattoo
      • Filipino Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Knight Tattoo
      • Norse Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Forearm Tattoo
      • Warrior Semicolon Tattoo
      • Hawaiian Warrior Tattoo
      • Korean Warrior Tattoo
      • Christian Warrior Tattoo
      • Lion Warrior Tattoo
      • Germanic Warrior Tattoo
      • Egyptian Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Chest Tattoo
      • Zulu Warrior Tattoo
      • Warrior Helmet Tattoo
      • Eagle Warrior Tattoo
      • Traditional Warrior Tattoo
      • Bear Warrior Tattoo
      • Dragon Warrior Tattoo

      Warrior Tattoos And Their Symbolism In Pop Culture

      Warrior tattoo meaning

      Many often focus on the physical appearance of warrior tattoos, as multiple aesthetic means are compiled into the artwork. The symbolism is also something to behold, however, as it can move minds and mountains in the blink of an eye.

      Associated with strength, power, and courage, warrior tattoos are quite impactful. Their symbolism can be used in times of despair, but it can also be utilized to make better decisions in life.

      Common wearers of warrior tattoos often find tons of aspects to look forward to. The details incorporated into the design are surely nice to look at, but the sentimental messages they convey can assist one’s mental and spiritual health, allowing each wearer to live happier and healthier lives!

      Warrior Tattoo Ideas That Will Forever Remain Immortal

      The flexibility of warrior tattoos is directly aligned with the characteristics of the creatures, as it is never-ending. The visuals can be converted into any size in accordance with the placement area, catering to both minimalists and maximalists overall.

      A warrior tattoo contains tons of options, mainly when the design revolves around the cultural background of the warriors. Since each culture offered different outfits for protection and provided a unique set of weapons for fighting against their opponents, each warrior tattoo seems to look aesthetic in its own way. Skim through the list below to find our recommended list of warrior tattoos that can be sufficient as your next body modification!

      Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo

      Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo 1

      Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo 2

      Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo 3

      Aztec x Mexican Warrior Tattoo 4

      Aztec warriors were probably at the top of the food chain when they were founded, playing a crucial role in the discovery of Mexico. The gang comprised a mix of Jaguar warriors and Eagle warriors, both of which belonged to Mexican ancestry.

      Also known as Mexican warriors, the members were often hard to distinguish and pick out in a room full of people without their gear, mainly due to the similarity in their mannerisms, tactics, weapons and builds. However, to stand out from the crowd, Mexican warriors often wore helmets that looked like an eagle, the national bird of Mexico.

      Although the visuals won’t seem any different when compared to most entries on this list, adding the Mexican eagle to the helmet or the armour can be a great way to make your warrior tattoo’s nationality more apparent.

      Warrior Archangel Michael Tattoo

      Warrior Archangel Michael Tattoo 1

      Warrior Archangel Michael Tattoo 2

      Warrior Archangel Michael Tattoo 3

      The next entry on the list of tattoos revolves around Saint Micheal, the Archangel, which can be a good way to hop on the bandwagon of Warrior tattoos. Although the pattern of this tattoo often leads the way, its symbolism could be perceived as an equally compelling incentive.

      The Archangel Michael tattoo tends to protect the wearer from evil. It is associated with healing, protection, and guidance powers, all of which can enable and encourage the wearer to change their lives for the better.

      On most occasions, an Archangel Michael tattoo is drawn with the sketch of the figure and the array of weapons that he would rely on. However, if you’d like to stand out from that crowd, replace that variant with a portrait tattoo!

      Angel Warrior Tattoo

      Angel Warrior Tattoo 1

      Angel Warrior Tattoo 2

      Angel Warrior Tattoo 3

      Due to its connection with strength and guidance, a warrior tattoo is often perceived as a guardian angel in the eyes of many. A handful of its variants, especially an angel warrior tattoo, is a fan favorite for those who are healing from unresolved feelings of trauma, and trying to get rid of bad habits in order to make their lives better.

      While the graphic of this tattoo is no different than that used in the former entry, an angel warrior tattoo is often the better option if you’d like your tattoo to look more neutral and universal.

      Viking Warrior Tattoo

      Viking Warrior Tattoo 1

      Viking Warrior Tattoo 2

      With top knots, long strides, and an immovable mindset to come out the winner, Vikings, also known as berserkers, were a group to be reckoned with. They would often rely on heavy weaponry to defeat their opponents and always maintained a phalanx formation to avoid being outnumbered.

      A Viking warrior tattoo has similar components as most warrior tattoos, containing a black and grey portrait tattoo on most occasions. However, to rise above the rest, you may also add the design of a falcon, the bird that Vikings always had affiliations with.

      African Warrior Tattoo

      African Warrior Tattoo 1

      African Warrior Tattoo 2

      African warriors were on another level as soldiers. Most were often assigned to training camps at the age of six, which explains why most of their opponents were intimidated by their presence.

      In addition to wearing helmets made of animal skin, African warriors were also prominent for the face paint they wore, which can be demonstrated effortlessly using an African warrior tattoo!

      Female Warrior Tattoo

      Female Warrior Tattoo 1

      Female Warrior Tattoo 2

      Female Warrior Tattoo 3

      To pay homage to popular female figures in ancient history, obtaining a female warrior tattoo should be sufficient. While you can build a groundwork on your own by looking it up on the web, you may also jot down highlights from the female warrior tattoos that we used in this article.

      Although a female warrior tattoo doesn’t lack variety, the most favorable face among this variant is Athena, a goddess in Greek mythology who is glorified for her enthusiasm and wisdom as a leader.

      Japanese Warrior Tattoo

      Japanese Warrior Tattoo 1

      Japanese Warrior Tattoo 2

      When working with a sword was in the mix, Japanese warriors couldn’t be dismissed. They often wore hats made of bamboo and were covered in a three-piece kimono, which represented their lateral quickness during a fight.

      A katana is a common find in Japanese warrior tattoos. However, if you’d like yours to be a tad bit different, consider adding other pieces like tantos, double-edged knives that Japanese warriors were notorious for relying on.

      Warrior Tribal Armband Tattoo

      Warrior Tribal Armband Tattoo 1

      Warrior Tribal Armband Tattoo 2

      To represent their tribes and avenge the loss of a loved one, warriors would often put their best foot forward during every fight. The same representatives would also obtain armband tattoos, preferably this tribal warrior armband tattoo, to motivate themselves during desperate times.

      Although going to war isn’t as relevant in this day and age, mourning the loss of a loved one still applies. And if you’re currently coping with grief and loss, consider obtaining this warrior tribal armband tattoo in honor of the deceased.

      Celtic Warrior Tattoo

      Celtic Warrior Tattoo

      Celtic warriors were known for being vile and barbaric, often going to war without any clothing items to establish a sense of fear. They were often covered in tattoos, had outgrown hair, and wore scruffy beards, which can easily be incorporated into a Celtic warrior tattoo.

      To make this tattoo more meaningful, consider adding a four-leaf clover, a symbol that many battalions wore for protection.

      Spartan Warrior Tattoo

      Spartan Warrior Tattoo 1

      Spartan Warrior Tattoo 2

      Spartan Warrior Tattoo 3

      If you’ve watched the movie “300,” you’ve probably heard of Spartans, also known as Spartan warriors, which can easily be the highlight of your warrior tattoo if you put enough thought into the draft.

      Consider featuring a highly detailed graphic of their shields, helmets, ankle guards and wooden spears to obtain the best possible version of a Spartan warrior tattoo!

      Warrior Symbol Tattoo

      Warrior Symbol Tattoo

      A warrior tattoo doesn’t always have to contain the physical aspects of a warrior itself, but it can also be showcased using the emblem of a warrior, which can be perfect for minimalist minds.

      A warrior symbol tattoo doesn’t contain intricate details but just a shield, a winged helmet, and the silhouettes of a male or female figure. The design isn’t just easy to create but can also be a great notion to consider for a first tattoo.

      Warrior Sleeve Tattoo

      Warrior Sleeve Tattoo

      If you’d like to showcase your storytelling qualities with your warrior tattoo, try incorporating the pattern into a sleeve tattoo.

      A warrior sleeve tattoo won’t just speak to visually-oriented minds with its accessible components but will also sweep away spiritual minds with its inner meaning.

      Due to the amount of space the sleeve offers, a warrior sleeve tattoo can also be revamped with new elements when necessary.

      Warrior Script Tattoo

      Warrior Script Tattoo

      You don’t always have to draw attention from people with your body modifications, especially with a tattoo. In fact, if you don’t want your warrior tattoo to grab the attention of anyone at all, consider taking inspiration from this warrior script tattoo.

      The tattoo may only feature the phrase from the outside, but it is just as impactful and sentimental on the inside. The design can be placed anywhere, is easy to create, and takes a short duration to replicate, making it a win-win scenario for many.

      Mayan Warrior Tattoo

      Mayan Warrior Tattoo

      Prior to the establishment of Aztec warriors, Mayan warriors were at the frontline of Southern Mexico. While they didn’t have much to prepare themselves for coming out victorious in a fight, Mayan warriors often draped themselves in body paint to make their opponents fearful. The experienced members were also easy to distinguish from the tribe, as they usually wore uniforms with a jet-black color scheme.

      Indian Warrior Tattoo

      Indian Warrior Tattoo 1

      Indian Warrior Tattoo 2

      Warriors in India, also known as Kshatriyas, were known for being ferocious and high-functioning people at war. Although they eventually carried shields and wore armours to protect themselves from their foes, Kshatriyas would often leave with nothing but their sheer will to come out victorious, and a spear to showcase their warrior spirits. Indian warriors are usually discussed in history books and ancient Indian culture, but their memories can also be held highly with an Indian warrior tattoo!

      Samurai Warrior Tattoo

      Samurai Warrior Tattoo

      Samurais aren’t just great warriors to look up to if you’d like to make better moves in your life and excel in your craft, but they can also be incorporated into the stencil of a warrior tattoo without a hassle. On top of being beyond skilled with a sword, Samurais are typically added to warrior tattoos due to their loyalty, honor, and power, all of which pair well with the symbolism of a warrior tattoo.

      Geisha Warrior Tattoo

      Geisha Warrior Tattoo

      Geishas weren’t just popular due to the way they presented themselves with makeup, a neatly tucked-in high bun, and their kimonos, but also glorified for having hearts of warriors. In order to protect their family and household, most of them learned how to defend themselves using weapons, ride horses for going to war, and how to combat using mixed martial arts.

      Greek Warrior Tattoo

      Greek Warrior Tattoo

      Greek warriors were often underprepared and heavily outshone due to the weapons they lacked, but they often put up a good fight due to their habit of never backing down. Each soldier used a different set of equipment, mainly because they didn’t have enough means to provide for the whole crew. They had zero gear for protection, but were a tough crew to mess with regardless.

      Warrior Princess Tattoo

      Warrior Princess Tattoo

      Warrior tattoos are open to everyone, regardless of gender orientation. However, if you’d like to obtain a warrior tattoo that strictly caters to femininity, a warrior princess tattoo will never let you down.

      If your main incentive is to obtain the facial structure of a warrior princess, you may find contentment quite easily, as any area can display the visuals remarkably. However, for larger artwork, consider using spacious areas like the chest and the back as your canvas.

      Roman Warrior Tattoo

      Roman Warrior Tattoo

      Another warrior tattoo that enthusiasts are quite fond of caters to the Roman army, known as the Roman warrior tattoo.

      The tattoo mainly focuses on the iconic winged helmet, the bulked-up physique, and the resilient equipment used by the Roman Empire soldiers. Focusing on the structure of the helmet can also be a sublime alternative for this tattoo!

      Irish Warrior Tattoo

      Irish Warrior Tattoo

      The Irish were also known as warriors in the Middle ages. Irish men often wore lengthy beards and had the strength of grizzly bears, while Irish women were fearless, agile, and brutal when preparing for war. Though an Irish warrior tattoo can pair well with your persona if you happen to be from the land of Eire, the artwork that this tattoo carries can also be utilized to cater to your artistic preferences.

      Warrior of God Tattoo

      Warrior of God Tattoo

      When push comes to shove, we can all be perceived as warriors of God, which is a narrative that can be utilized in a warrior tattoo.

      Although the symbolism of this tattoo will remain consistent, the creativity behind the design is completely subjective and open to adjustments. While you can always try implementing your vivid imagination to come up with a presentable stencil for this tattoo, try jotting down crucial components from the rest of the entries if you’d like to play it safe.

      Jaguar Warrior Tattoo

      Jaguar Warrior Tattoo

      Jaguars and warriors don’t have much in common from the outside, but they typically live their lives with similar principles. Just like warriors, jaguars make vows to protect and serve their own prowl until eternity.

      Associated with courage, strength and protection, a jaguar and a warrior are the perfect duo to implement into a tattoo, which explains why a jaguar warrior tattoo is so desirable in the world of tattoos!

      Chinese Warrior Tattoo

      Chinese Warrior Tattoo

      Chinese warriors had long strides and double-coated shields with turtle shells and other animal parts for security. They would often tie their hair into top knots and seal it off with a winged helmet, both of which can be showcased marvellously through a warrior tattoo.

      The best area for a Chinese warrior tattoo is definitely the bicep or forearm if you’d like to make the design as open as possible to the public eye and the chest or back for keeping things light!

      Warrior Elephant Tattoo

      Warrior Elephant Tattoo

      If you’d like to refrain from obtaining sketches of human figures, a great design that you can experiment with is the warrior elephant tattoo, which contains everything and more in contrast to the other variants.

      Similar to a warrior tattoo, the emblem of a warrior elephant is associated with courage, strength, and resilience, making it the perfect alternative to original warrior tattoos. Although the design usually comprises a black-and-white tattoo of an elephant, you may also convert it into a colour tattoo for a realistic feel!

      Filipino Warrior Tattoo

      Filipino Warrior Tattoo

      Filipino warriors were known for having the hearts like lions and inhuman amounts of strength. Although they barely wore anything for protection, the way they worked with their weapons was effective and efficient enough for them to emerge victorious during most battles.

      Including the patterns of their uniform could be a great move to make a Filipino warrior tattoo look exceptional. However, try adding quotes from ancient Filipino history to give your tattoo more meaning.

      Warrior Knight Tattoo

      Warrior Knight Tattoo

      No one could overpower the abilities of a knight in the Middle ages. With exceptional skills under their belt and effective gear to shield them from their opponents, knights were often seen as the primary defendants of kings.

      While their mindset is still preached in this day and age to those in the military, the way they would dress is still acknowledged as top-notch aesthetic means for a warrior knight tattoo!

      Norse Warrior Tattoo

      Norse Warrior Tattoo

      Comprising the mentality of Vikings, Norse warriors were feared figures in ancient history. They weren’t just gifted physically but also outsmarted each of their opponents during every battle.

      Since most Norse warriors looked up to Odin, the God of war and death in Norse mythology, obtaining a portrait of Odin can be a good way to pay homage to Norse warriors.

      Warrior Forearm Tattoo

      Warrior Forearm Tattoo

      The torso and facial structure of a warrior can be drawn anywhere on the body with enough precision. However, when it comes to the best possible area, the forearm is our preferred pick.

      A warrior forearm tattoo isn’t too different in contrast to the others when its blueprint is considered, but it typically stands out due to the visuals it leaves behind. The sketch of the warrior looks crystal clear and extremely real from afar, and is usually draped in a hue of black and grey.

      Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

      Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

      Despite being worth living, life comes with a fair share of lows. It can propel you to cloud nine, but can also take a couple of seconds to drag you down a dark path. While dealing with adversity is crucial for character development in life, those with the spirits of warriors come out unscathed and better than ever. If you’re looking for a variant with an eerily similar mantra, consider resorting to this warrior semicolon tattoo!

      Hawaiian Warrior Tattoo

      Hawaiian Warrior Tattoo

      Hawaii is a great country to visit if all you’re seeking is peace and serenity. Hawaiian warriors, however, were on the other end of the spectrum.

      Hawaiian warriors often contained chiselled physiques and had long strides, both of which can be incorporated into a Hawaiian warrior tattoo. They were also known for being brutal and would often slash or slaughter their opponents with melee weapons, and spears to defeat their rivals.

      Korean Warrior Tattoo

      Korean Warrior Tattoo

      In the pool of warriors, Korean warriors, also known as Hawarang warriors, were perceived as different breeds. They weren’t just great at archery, sword-fighting and defending themselves, but were also exceptionally well in mixed martial arts. To go to war, they would often use horses, which also gave them the upperhand over their enemies.

      If you’d like to obtain a Korean warrior tattoo on your body to honor their existence and legacy, a portrait tattoo of one of the notable members should be sufficient.

      Christian Warrior Tattoo

      Christian Warrior Tattoo

      If you’d like to find more faith in your religion using a warrior tattoo, consider mixing the emblems of both designs to form one unit. For instance, if you’re Christian, try adding emblems related to Christianity to your warrior tattoo.

      Adding a cross symbol in between the helmet could be a great way to demonstrate a Christian warrior tattoo if you’d like to play it safe. However, you can also add the mark to the shield or the armour to obtain the same impression.

      Lion Warrior Tattoo

      Lion Warrior Tattoo

      Another animal that fits like a glove with the inner meaning of warrior tattoos and generates an admirable illustration when merged with it is a lion, which can be a variant for you to replicate if you’re seeking a unique entry on this list.

      To pull it off correctly, the first thing you have to do is create enough space for this large tattoo, which can be found in the chest region, around the biceps, and the upper thigh. While you may add each component separately, you can also merge the sketch of a lion with tribal elements to make a fusion of both tattoos.

      Germanic Warrior Tattoo

      Germanic Warrior Tattoo

      Germanic warriors were fierce, like any group of warriors in ancient history. However, in addition to finding hope in their craft and skillset, they would often use their religious beliefs to unite with one another before each war. To this day, many believe that the reason behind their success on the battlefield was due to the faith they had, as it was indestructible and consistent, even during the darkest hours.

      Egyptian Warrior Tattoo

      Egyptian Warrior Tattoo

      Egyptians are known for being approachable and friendly in this day and age. Egyptian warriors, on the other hand, were known for being aggressive and adept at their jobs. Often, prior to leaving for a battle, Egyptian warriors would arm themselves with spears, shields, knives, and axes. They were also known for being professionals in archery, shooting arrows from a couple of hundred feet to dismiss their foes.

      Warrior Chest Tattoo

      Warrior Chest Tattoo

      Just like most tattoos, warrior tattoos need space if you’d like to obtain a variant with a rich and lucid appearance. While making use of the back could be one way to meet your needs, obtaining the warrior tattoo as a chest tattoo can also be a painless way to get the job done.

      Most warrior chest tattoos are curated as blackwork tattoos for presentability, but can also be displayed in the form of a colour tattoo with the right shades.

      Zulu Warrior Tattoo

      Zulu Warrior Tattoo

      Zulu warriors may look like any other warrior on paper, but they were admired due to their courage and fearlessness back in the day. They often went to war with shields and used spears only used spears when in battle. Despite being underprepared, they still came out victorious on most occasions, which can be demonstrated perfectly through the visual components of this tattoo!

      Warrior Helmet Tattoo

      Warrior Helmet Tattoo

      Although warriors gradually started wearing helmets made of stainless steel and iron to protect themselves during the war, they were known for wearing helmets made of skin when the former option was unavailable. This piece of information could seem redundant in general, but it can be a great component that you can showcase using your warrior helmet tattoo.

      When creating the design, try playing with colours, especially if you want the tattoo to look vibrant. On the contrary, consider installing the darkest shade of black and grey for a vintage vibe.

      Eagle Warrior Tattoo

      Eagle Warrior Tattoo

      If you have a knack for birds, a great symbol that you can pair with your warrior tattoo is that of an eagle, which checks the same boxes and carries the same metaphoric value. In short, an eagle is known for being associated with courage, honesty, truth, strength, freedom, and power, all of which add to or shed light on the symbolism of a warrior tattoo.

      In addition, if you’re seeking presentable visuals with multiple eye-grabbing components, this tattoo can very well be the perfect match!

      Traditional Warrior Tattoo

      Traditional Warrior Tattoo

      A great option for visually oriented minds is a traditional warrior tattoo, which comes in bright colours and thick borders. The tattoo carries the same meaning as most warrior tattoos, but has the edge when it comes to the design, making it a great option for beginners.

      Since the tattoo contains multiple components, an area like the chest could be beneficial. If you’re looking for an alternative option, though, try trusting the circumference of your forearm.

      Bear Warrior Tattoo

      Bear Warrior Tattoo

      Despite being the polar opposite in real life, bears are perceived as intimidating creatures in the tattoo world. They are associated with strength, power, and courage, all of which can be found in the symbolism of a warrior tattoo.

      When sketched alongside a warrior tattoo, a bear warrior tattoo can look marvellous on the outside. The portrait is usually shaded with neutral colors, but can be created using vibrant combinations to meet your needs!

      Dragon Warrior Tattoo

      Dragon Warrior Tattoo

      Even a warrior needs help sometimes to make it across the finish line. While reaching out to loved ones can be a great way to meet the needs for the previous task, merging a dragon tattoo with your warrior tattoo can also be an accessible way to unlock the same scenario.

      A dragon warrior tattoo contains everything that a remarkable tattoo needs; detailed components, a sharp paint job, and crystal-clear visuals. To ensure positive results, however, be sure to pick a location with an enormous canvas and very few nerve endings.

      Warrior Tattoos: What To Expect From Your Ideation

      Although the entries mentioned above will surely give unveil every feature that makes a warrior tattoo so desirable and sought after in the current age, watching the following clip will give you a preview of the results that you might obtain if each element is created successfully!

      Bottom Line

      Warrior tattoos come in different shapes and sizes, but can also be a good companion to rely on during dark times. Since most warrior tattoos are tied to feelings of strength, courage, and power, the artwork of a warrior tattoo is seen as an iconic figure in the world of tattoos.

      A warrior tattoo is a must-have for those seeking a spiritual awakening, but it can also be a good component for creative minds. Since most warrior tattoos are crafted with unique components and are open to adjustments, a warrior tattoo can be changed accordingly to meet the preferences of everyone.

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