Real Body Jewelry: How to Look Like a Million Bucks

looking good with real jewelry

Wanna look like a million bucks? Then it’s time that you tried the best kept secret of chic and polished femme fatales around the globe: real jewelry.

Of course when we say “real” jewelry, we’re talking about jewelry made with precious metals, high quality crystal, and precious or semi-precious stones. In general, jewelry that cannot be defined as imitation or “costume.” This means pieces clad in 14kt gold, sterling silver, or platinum, with secure and durable settings, and high-shine facetted gems or crystal elements.

quality real gold jewelry

But would you like to hear the best part about quality real jewelry? You don’t have to burn a whole in your bank account to get your hands on some, particularly when it comes to body jewelry. Pierced earrings, artisan crafted nose rings, and even necklaces, finger rings, and belly jewelry can all have a look of superior character without being super expensive. Here’s how:

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For items like stud earrings and nose rings, less material is required than you might think, and because some items are often made to order to ensure a high quality and a secure fit, the associated storage costs are relatively low. A good diamond nose ring for example, can cost as little as $39.99, and that’s with genuine diamond and real solid 14kt gold. Pretty good, right?

real gold artisan nose jewelry

And a pair of sterling silver stud earrings with beautiful cubic zirconia or synthetic opal in a prong setting can run at less than half that price. Did we mention that opal is really in for Summer?

sterling silver opal studs

Even larger items like belly rings can have an astoundingly miniscule price point if you know where to look. These gorgeous pieces are plated in 24kt gold, giving them a rich and classic look, but also the higher durability and longer product life associated with the much stronger core metal. The perfect combination of form and function.

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belly jewelry with 24kt gold plating

So next time you’re looking for a come-up, why not go for the real thing? You’ll be surprised at the notice your new accessories incur.