Quick Take: Knowing Your Shapes

plug and tunnel shaping

It may be about shapes, but this anything but preschool; what we’re talking about is the shape of your plugs. So pull up a chair, because if you haven’t already heard, there are some awesome new plug styles out there that will leave your ears feeling extra appreciated.

You’ve probably seen plenty of standard plugs and tunnels like these:

standard large gauge plug body jewelry

There are also some slightly altered shapings like the teardrops, “pears,” and ovals shown here, most of which are easily utilized by anyone with stretched lobes with minimal fuss.

slightly skewed plug and tunnel shapes

Now here’s where it starts to get a bit more interesting. We’ve also got items that are more interestingly shaped, like these fun triangles and squares. These guys might require a little extra fitness, and are most easily worn by persons with slightly larger stretched lobes, like those about 10 millimeter and above.

geometric shaped plugs and tunnels

And finally, there’s the truly amazing items, like these beautiful heart shaped plugs. How well these fit can depend on a lot factors, including the individual anatomy of the lobe, but most of these types of items can be worn by anybody. It’s really a matter of personal preference and how you like your plugs to look. A heart shape, of course, will generally reveal a small gap between the ear and the item, as the indent at the heart’s top is difficult for the ear to conform to. Some even stretch their ears strategically with weights or scalpel them in a particular pattern to allow the lobe to accommodate different shapes more easily. Teardrops and hearts are among the more popular shapes.

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