Quick Take: Getting a Little Closure

necklace closures

Buying necklaces is super fun, but when it comes down to the specs, sometimes it’s difficult to decipher the lingo, like with necklace closure types. So we’re here to make sure that you’re never left guessing again. Here we go!

There are literally dozens of closure styles for necklaces and bracelets, but as long as you know the basic few that are used the most, chances are you won’t have to worry. The common necklace clasps are: the spring ring, the lobster claw, the magnetic clasp, the toggle closure, the fold over clasp, and the ball chain closure (sometimes also referred to as a butterfly).

different style necklace clasps

Most necklaces will have either a spring ring or a lobster claw, but many everyday situations necessitate the use of other styles. For example, those who have arthritis will often find spring hoops or claws too difficult, so a magnetic closure can be the perfect solution. Likewise heavier, multi-layered necklaces may require a more durable, heavy-duty closure, like a toggle.

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So now that your brain is swimming with necklace knowledge, it’s the perfect time to test out what we’ve learned… by going shopping!