Quick Take: All about Eyebrows

eyebrow piercings

The actual piercing itself is done in a variety of ways depending on exactly where along the brow you’re getting pierced, what size needle is being used, and the general preferences of your piercer. Some modification artists will use forceps for the eyebrow and others will prefer to pierce freehand, sometimes using a hollow needle receiving tube or cork. Aftercare is much like that of other piercings, with sea salt soaks, gentle cleansings, and avoidance of makeup or lotions all being common recommendations.

Eyebrow Jewelry

Most standard eyebrow piercings will be worn with a small curved barbell which may have decorative ends, but some will choose to use circular jewelry or even straight barbells instead. Horseshoes, ball captive rings, and short straight barbells with dangles, while less common than the curved barbell, can all provide interesting styling options.

curved barbell eyebrow jewelry

Eyebrow Piercing Variations

Aside from standard eyebrow piercings, there are piercings performed closer to the nose or closer to the outside of the eye than normal. Double or triple eyebrow piercings, eyebrow dermals, and horizontal brow surface piercings can all be seen as well. Horizontal brow piercings done directly through the brow with curved barbell jewelry have been attempted, but are very rare due to their high tendency to reject.

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