Pregnancy Belly Button Rings!

Do you have your belly button pierced and want a cute new charm during those 9 months? Are you worried about a finding a belly button ring that fits so that you can keep your piercing intact? Well don’t worry! We have a huge variety of fashionable pregnancy belly button rings! These rings have a flexible P.T.F.E barbell that is safe, convenient and appealing. It will bend with your body unlike any other metal jewelry. The P.T.F.E shaft comes in a 14 gauge and is very safe. P.T.F.E is hypo-allergenic, which is a material used in medical industries for heart valves and other surgical implants. Also, the entire belly button ring is completely nickel and lead free!

The fully adjustable barbell will allow you to adjust your piercing to your exact size. It is initially cut at 2 inches but you can cut it to the length that’s best for you by simply using a razor blade. In addition our belly button rings are self-threading. This means that the P.T.F.E bar will fit all threaded accessories, including charms from us or any that you might have at home. All you do is screw it on the flexible barbell and it holds strong! We have various stainless steel charms, custom dichroic glass charms, lucite charms, mood charms, animal charms, holiday charms, charms with text and more! We are also the only company to hand craft their own custom charms! You can always reuse your charms as well. Lastly, our P.T.F.E band comes in black, pink, clear and blue. There are so many options to spice up your pregnancy! Our #1 pregnancy belly button rings are safe, trendy and fun!

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