Plugs and Pinstripes: Classic Style in the Modern World of Body Modification

Of all the throwback styles, each time period offers their own unique style (in the case of the 70s we won’t judge) and what I’m writing about today is how that of the 40s and 50s appeals so strongly to our current day body modification culture. Many people, myself included, find something incredibly enticing about the pairing of the classic idea of a man in a 3 piece suit or greaser fashion with the addition of modern day piercings and tattoo style.

It’s easy to pair the crisp and usually very neat style of the 50s with piercings and tattoos as they allow the overall look to not feel cluttered and messy. Wearing something simple such as a plain or black lip ring or a pair of simple plugs to work with such a clean look allows each to speak for themselves. Mixing something that has an inherent wild or punk feel to it’s presence with something that looks and feels formal and clean, you get a new look that hasn’t come up much before.

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This fashion style as a whole is as much of a statement as anything said. Combining expectations with personal expression, mixing a very formal and gentlemanly style with your own way of showing who you are and what makes you an individual, creates a fit that allows both a classic and a modern look at the same time.

An excellent example of the blending of styles (beyond the numerous individuals who live it in form) is the band The Gaslight Anthem, with their cd The ’59 Sound they offer a throwback rock style mixed with modern influences. Seeing their combination of slicked back hair and button-ups with lip piercings and tattoo sleeves helps convey their classic sound as well as its modern day meanings and heart.

With the few simple steps of putting on a nice button up shirt, a crisp clean vest and a pair of working pants you can pull yourself right into a clean and dressy, yet down to business style that’ll take you to a new level of presentation. Someone think you can’t look formal and fantastic with a pair of plugs in or a few tattoos showing? Now’s the time to prove them wrong.

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