50 Popular Star Tattoo Designs and Meaning

The main tattoo for Vor V Zakone is a star with 4 large arms, 4 medium ones, and 8 small ones, in what looks like 3 layers. Each arm is half-black, half-white (or unfilled), in a pattern resembling the nautical star.

150 Dazzling Star Tattoo Designs and Meanings

palm star tattoo

Looking for some star tattoo ideas? We shortlist our absolute favorites and explain the meanings behind them.

star tattoo

Stars are one of the most popular symbols to appear across all eras and cultures. It’s not surprising, therefore, that they have such an important place in tattoo design and are such a common choice. What do star tattoos mean? Well, there’s no simple answer to this question, just as there’s no simple answer to what the symbol of a star means in the first place.

Star Tattoos

Stars can appear in tattoos purely for aesthetic effect, or they can hold specific meaning. In this article, we’ll look at the symbolism of differently shaped stars and their significance in tattoo designs. Don’t forget to check out our massive gallery of awesome star tattoos!

Stars as symbols of excellence

pentagram star tattoo

In general, in modern Western culture stars are mostly associated with exceptional excellence. A celebrity can be referred to as a ‘star’, hotels are rated based on a star system, and kids get gold stars for performing particularly well at school. ‘Aiming for the stars’ means to attempt to achieve something incredible. Military ranks are often indicated by symbols involving stars… You get the idea, we could go on like this forever!

  • Single star tattoo – a tattoo with a solitary star refers to being unique and exceptional.
  • Three stars tattoo – a tattoo with three stars in a sequence symbolizes the journey towards success. In this design, it’s common to have the stars go from small to large (small star followed by a larger one followed by the largest one). This underlines the idea of small beginnings and gradual path towards great achievement.
  • Multiple stars tattoo – you’ll see many tattoos out there composed of many small stars, arranged in different shapes and designs. Many people choose this design in order to add another star each time they achieve something or complete an important step or milestone. Then again, this design can be a purely aesthetic choice or have other personal meanings (such as one’s place in the galaxy or an affinity for astronomy).



Stars as symbols of hope and reassurance

Another broad meaning associated with stars is that of hope. It’s closely associated with the idea of achievement – hope and aspirations go hand in hand.

The notion of stars as symbols of hope comes from the fact that they offer bright points of light among the blackness of the night sky. Before the appropriate technology was developed, stars were used for navigation.

star tattoo on foot

They’re therefore also associated with the hope of finding your way and reassurance of never being lost, even during the darkest night.

As far as the idea of navigation goes, both spiritually and literally, the most direct symbolic representation is the nautical star. We’ll discuss this design in more detail below.

star tattoo on chest

Stars as religious and spiritual symbols

Stars appear in the symbolism and emblems of many religions, most notably Judaism. The six-point Star of David is considered to be a symbol of Judaism and when featured in tattoos, it usually represents the person’s religious belief and belonging to the faith.

Another example is the pentagram – used as a symbol of the Wicca religious movement. The symbol of the pentagram has a whole range of meanings in different contexts (more on that below).

star tattoo on hand

For Wiccans, the top point of the star represents Spirit. The other points stand for the four Spiritual Elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire (clockwise from the top point). The circle around the star represents the universe which contains and connects them all.

The pentagram used to be associated with early Christianity to some extent, where it represented Christ’s five wounds. Nowadays, though, this connection has largely disappeared.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a popular misconception that the crescent moon and star symbol represents Islam. As a matter of fact, it’s an emblem deriving from the Ottoman Empire and although it appears on the flags of several Islamic countries, it is not officially accepted as symbolic of the religion.

Star Tattoos


Five point star tattoo meanings

A star with five points is by far the most popular choice for tattoos, so let’s start with those. As tattoo elements, they can be purely decorative or hold personal meaning to the person. At the same time, though, some 5 point star tattoo designs have universal symbolic meaning.

The pentagram

The pentagram is one of the most complex symbols with a long history and a range of associations. We won’t go into all of them here – entire books have been written on the pentagram – but here are some of the main meanings and uses of a pentagram:

  • Wiccan – as we’ve already seen, Wiccans have adopted the pentagram as their main symbol.
  • Spiritual – also outside the Wiccan movement, the pentagram is often seen as a symbol of the elements and the interconnected nature of the universe. A pentagram tattoo in a spiritual context can therefore mean that you feel a close connection to the elements and the world around you. In spiritual and occultist contexts, the pentagram has also been associated with protection – since the five spiked arms seem to ‘protect’ the center of the star.
  • Mathematical – because of its construction, the pentagram as a mathematical figure is a representation of the golden ratio.

The pentagram can be drawn with the point up, or point down. Point-down pentagram, also known as inverted pentagram, is commonly associated with the occult and with Satanism, though this is not true in every instance.

The Church of Satan has adopted the inverted pentagram (with the head of a goat drawn within) as one of its main symbols. However, this doesn’t mean that every use of an inverted pentagram should be associated with the dark side of the occult or with ‘evil’.

If you’re considering getting a pentagram tattoo, you may want to do some further research on the symbol to get to know all of its history and meanings. The most popular tattoo designs include a simple, line-drawn pentagram in all black and a 3D pentagram resembling a metal pendant.

The nautical star

The nautical star is a staple of tattoo art, partly due to its pleasing design and partly due to the meaning. The origins of the symbol are, as the name suggests, connected to sailing and navigation. It represents the North Star – the main reference point for navigation – and the rose of the compass.

This is an important symbol in the emblems of naval units of many countries, including the U.S. Navy and the Marines. Sailors would get nautical star tattoos as good luck charms to ensure they would always get home safely.

A nautical star tattoo can mean staying on course, finding your way, and an eternal connection to something or someone that you find ‘guides’ you through life. It can also be a symbol of good luck and safety.

Nautical star tattoo designs usually involve just the one star, often with the use of black and/or red ink. The star is often combined with other elements to underline its connection to navigation – commonly a piece of rope or an anchor.

The nautical star as a symbol is also associated with Ireland and Irish people, as well as the punk rock subculture. For a time, this design also held a connection to the LGBT community.

Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos

Other star tattoo meanings

Though the five point star is the most popular variation, there are other star shapes, each with their own meaning and history. The most popular and culturally significant stars are described below.

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Hexagram (The Star of David)

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This star takes the shape of two overlaid triangles forming a perfectly symmetrical six point star. It’s particularly significant in the Jewish faith – in the 17th century, it became the official seal of many Jewish communities.

Throughout history, there have been many other meanings and uses for the hexagram, including in mathematics, the occult, and various faiths. Still, nowadays the hexagram is primarily associated with Judaism and Israel.

Unicursal hexagram

This is another six point star, though it looks entirely different than the standard hexagram. ‘Unicursal’ means that (unlike the Star of David), it can be drawn without lifting the pen off the paper.

It has been popularized by the infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley – the symbol features heavily in Thelema. Thelema is a spiritual philosophy devised by Crowley. Within it, the unicursal hexagram is said to represent the interweaving of the microcosmic forces (the 5 earthly elements) with the macrocosmic forces (planetary and cosmic).

As a tattoo, this symbol will hold the most acute meaning to those familiar with the occult and with Thelema. Bearers of this tattoo report that to them it represents things such as the balance of opposites, alchemical principles, and invoking the planets or drawing on planetary forces.

Star of Lakshmi

The Star of Lakshmi is an octagram, meaning it has eight points. It’s a symbol used particularly in Hinduism, where it represents the eight forms of wealth represented by the goddess Lakshmi. These include prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny, and power.

Native American Hope Symbol (eight point star)

Hope Symbol

In some Native American tribes, an eight point star encased in a circle and with a smaller circle in the middle was considered a symbol of hope.

The outer circle symbolizes protection, while the four points in the inner star (in the front) stand for the four directions – North, South, East, and West. The outer star (the points in the back) refer to the solstice and equinox points of the Sun.

Russian Thieves’ Star Tattoo

Related image

Elite members of organized crime in Russia, known as ‘Vor V Zakone’ (‘thief by law’) have a system of tattoos indicating things such as rank, types of criminal activity, and time done in prison.

The main tattoo for Vor V Zakone is a star with 4 large arms, 4 medium ones, and 8 small ones, in what looks like 3 layers. Each arm is half-black, half-white (or unfilled), in a pattern resembling the nautical star.

It’s said that a Vor V Zakone star on each shoulder indicates a position of high authority. Stars on each leg or knee mean that the person won’t kneel before anybody.

Shooting star tattoo meaning

As you’re probably already aware, shooting stars are considered to be symbols of good luck in just about every Western culture. The saying goes that if you see a shooting star, you should make a wish – it will eventually come true.

From a spiritual perspective, seeing a shooting star means that there is going to be a big change in your life. Since it’s universally seen as a positive symbol, presumably the change will be positive, too.

A shooting star tattoo, then, can be a good luck charm. Some people see it as a reminder to never stop dreaming and keep making wishes. To others, it could symbolize having the courage to make decisions and changes in their lives, with faith that it will all work out for the best.


Star Tattoos

Design ideas

We’ve already touched on plenty of star-related tattoo designs and their meanings, such as the three-star design, the nautical star with anchors or ropes, or the shooting star. Here are a few more designs to consider:

  • Star with a name – it’s not uncommon to see tattoo designs combining the image of a star and a person’s name, usually that of a loved one. This can mean that the person is a source of guidance and hope for the tattoo bearer. Sometimes, people opt for this design to commemorate the loss of a loved one.
  • 3D star tattoo – these designs tend to involve a hyper-realistic symbolic star, resembling a pendant or a metal emblem. Another 3D option for star tattoos is a design that looks as if the skin is ‘missing’ in a star shape, with writing or an image within.

Star Tattoos With Meaning

  • Matching star tattoos – stars make for excellent matching tattoos for couples, friends, or family members. They can be small and discrete, look identical, and are infused with positive meanings. The process for tattooing a simple star or set of stars is very quick, too, meaning this is a good choice for tattoo first-timers.


Final words

Star tattoos are meaningful, versatile, and easy to personalize. They work great both as purely decorative elements and as expressions of values or personal meaning.

Given that the most basic star shape is very simple, the tattoo can be scaled down to a truly minuscule size. Other star designs can cover the entire back or make the perfect sleeve – it’s entirely up to you!

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the right star tattoo for you. The gallery below will provide you with lots of popular examples of star designs – but don’t be afraid to experiment and make your tattoo truly your own!

50 Popular Star Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are popular choices for men and women to get inked because they are versatile and rich in symbolism. Stars are associated with many things, including dreams and ambition, guidance, hope, mystery, and desire. One of the most well-known and easily recognizable stars, the North Star, has been used for centuries for navigational purposes, keeping travelers and wanders safe. It represents good luck, direction, and guidance. Or you can opt for a shooting star, which is connected with destiny and prosperity. The simplicity of the shape means you can get a small inking or add other images to make beautiful and detailed artwork. Stars can be inked anywhere, whether you want a discreet behind-the-ear tat or something bold that makes a statement like a hand or a face tattoo.

1. Moon and Stars Tattoo

A star and moon tattoo has a powerful meaning associated with it. The pairing often represents family, with the stars being children. This is a fantastic choice for someone who values their loved ones above all, and you can tailor your design to reflect how many children or siblings you have by the number of stars. In addition, the moon and stars can also represent direction and hope, serving as a reminder that there are good things to come from life and that there is a light to be found in the darkness. The phase of the moon you choose is also important. For example, a full moon is linked with mystery and magic, while a crescent symbolizes growth and fertility.

Moon And Stars Tattoo

Moon And Star Tattoo

2. Heart and Star Tattoo

If you are looking for a design representing hope and love, look no further than a heart and star tattoo. The combination of these images makes for a simple yet meaningful tattoo that is great for someone who wants to remind themself to look on the bright side of life or celebrate the people they are closest to. A heart tattoo is a popular choice because it is a universal symbol of love, passion, and dedication, but pairing it with a star makes your design unique and adds to its overall meaning. Stars are associated with many things, including guidance, hope, mystery, and desire; it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to this piece. On a more somber note, this inking could also be a memorial piece, tattooed to honor someone who has died but who watches over you from above.

Heart And Star Tattoo

3. Shooting Star Tattoo

If you look up at the night sky and happen to see a shooting star, you will probably feel lucky and excited, and this is what a shooting star tattoo symbolizes. It is also linked to achieving your dreams, striving to be better, and destiny and prosperity. This is a beautiful, positive piece that you may want to ink somewhere you can look at every day to remind yourself of the importance behind your ink. Most designs tend to be quite simple and small, and while this is a great option, you can work with your tattoo artist to make your artwork unique and best reflect your personal taste.

Shooting Star Tattoo

Shooting Star Tattoo

4. Nautical Star Tattoo

Sailors were lovers of tattoos, which were much more to them than just images etched onto their skin. The symbolism associated with nautical designs is powerful and could give the wearer hope and courage ahead of his long and hard voyage at sea. The nautical star tattoo is undoubtedly one of the most popular options because it represents the North Star. It is associated with direction, good fortune, and protection. It was inked to help guide the sailor and bring him back home safely. You do not have to have set sail to find the symbolism of this design appealing, though, and anyone who values these qualities or is looking for something that represents keeping their life on course will be drawn to this inking.

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Nautical Star Tattoo

Nautical Star Tattoo

5. Tribal Star Tattoo

A tribal star tattoo has a very distinct appearance and, depending on which culture inspired you, can have a wide range of meanings. The placement of tribal artwork is also significant, as it can indicate social hierarchy, achievements, and power. Some individuals are inspired by the generic tribal style featuring intricate patterns created using thick lines and black ink. However, before getting anything done, it is important to consider whether your design could be seen as cultural misappropriation and fully understand the importance of it and the meaning associated with it.

Tribal Star Tattoo

Tribal Star Tattoo

6. Butterflies and Star Tattoo

One of the prettiest designs you can get inked would involve butterflies and a star. On their own, butterfly tattoos are exceptionally popular among men and women because they are symbolic and beautiful. The winged insect represents change and freedom. Designs involving them are versatile as there are many forms and colors to choose from, and butterflies look great when paired with other images such as a flower or a skull. That said, adding a star to your body art is a fantastic choice if you want to make your ink feel hopeful and joyous. It also creates a dreamy appearance.

Butterflies And Star Tattoo Women

Butterflies And Star Tattoo

7. Sun Moon and Star Tattoo

A sun, moon, and star tattoo will inspire you. It is rich in symbolism, representing the universe. The combination can also make you think of magic and mystery and would be an excellent choice for a dreamer or thinker. Your inking can represent night and day, of opposites coming together or achieving a balance in life; the meaning you wish to associate with this is open to interpretation. When deciding where to get it tattooed, consider a few factors; how big will your design be, what level of discomfort will you experience, and do you want to look at it every day? The forearm and thigh are fantastic, versatile placements considered low to moderate on the pain scale.

Sun Moon And Star Tattoo

Sun Moon And Star Tattoo Women

8. Clouds and Stars Tattoo

If you’re looking for body art that can remind you to dream big or not give up on your goals, then a cloud and star tattoo is a perfect choice. The combination is thought-provoking and powerful; stars represent guidance, growth, and direction, while clouds can be a forewarning of danger or darkness. They can also be linked to change. The pairing makes you think of how you need to overcome struggles or obstacles to achieve greatness and never give up. When designing your ink, you can include an image of the sun or moon to add to the overall meaning, or you may want to add your favorite quote or lyrics. There are so many variations and ways to make this piece your own.

Clouds And Stars Tattoo

Clouds And Stars Tattoo Women

9. North Star Tattoo

The North Star is one of the most easily recognizable and well-known stars. For this reason, it is often used for navigational purposes and thus represents good luck, direction and guidance. In modern times, there are many tools at our disposal to help us find our way when traveling, but it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to the idea of a North Star tattoo because of its symbolism. Its brightness can also be associated with hope for the future. This is a very positive piece that is perfect for a man or woman to get inked. Get it tattooed on your finger, behind your ear, or on your wrist, the choice is yours, and because of the simplicity of most designs, it is a versatile piece.

North Star Tattoo

North Star Tattoo

10. Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

Star tattoos are popular choices for men and women to get inked because there are many different designs and interpretations. A crescent moon and star design is an excellent choice for someone who wants to celebrate feminine power and strength. This particular phase of the moon is often associated with growth, fertility, and motherhood. It can be a celebration of women or indicate that you’re going through a transitional period in your life. There is also a romantic association, with the two symbols representing love. You could, for example, get a matching piece with your partner to show your commitment to the relationship or view your inking as a declaration of love.

Moon And Stars Tattoo

Moon And Stars Tattoo Women

11. Southern Star Tattoo

A southern star tattoo can symbolize your patriotism for your country or celebrate travel and adventure. What makes this star unique is that you cannot see it in the northern hemisphere. For this reason, many people in the southern hemisphere are drawn to this star and see it as special. The constellation has become an incredibly popular image to ink for Australians. Although it can be a way to celebrate your homeland, it also has a less desirable association because of the Cronulla Riots. It is important to do your research before deciding whether you want to get inked with this symbol.

Southern Star Tattoo

Southern Star Tattoo Men

12. Small Star Tattoo

You don’t need a big design to make a statement, and a small star tattoo is a great choice. Thanks to the simplicity of star shape, it is effortless to get inked and is the perfect piece for something little and simple. Stars are associated with dreams and ambition, and this is a great way to remind yourself of these things. You can opt for the outline of a regular star or get more creative inking the North Star. Depending on how detailed you want your piece, you can also combine other images, such as butterflies, a sun, and a moon. The appeal of small tattoos is that they can be inked anywhere, and you are not restricted with placement options; behind your ear, at the nape of your neck, or on your finger are all great spots.

Small Star Tattoo

Small Star Tattoo

13. Death Star Tattoo

Star Wars fans can show their appreciation for the franchise by getting inked with a Death Star tattoo. The ship was dedicated to the 77th Task Force and later formed part of the Rogue Fleet. When designing your piece, you may want to include other popular images from Star Wars to accompany your battleship. This could show the light and dark forces, including Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, the Rebel Alliance, or the Millennial Falcon. There are so many options, so you can find the one that best reflects you.

Death Star Tattoo

Death Star Tattoo Men

14. Star of Life Tattoo

A star of life is a particularly meaningful idea for body art. It is a symbol created by NHTSA and associated with the emergency medical services team. The artwork features six points in the star to symbolize the main emergency medical services rescuers. It is blue and has the Rod of Asclepius in the center; it is inspired by Greek mythology and is associated with healing and medicine. This is an excellent piece for someone who works in the medical field and is passionate about their job. It can also be inked to honor those first responders who save lives every day.

Star F Life Tattoo Angle Wings

Star Of Life Tattoo Tatto

15. Five Point Star Tattoo

In general, stars mean several different things, from guidance and protection to dreams and ambitions. That said, some have less desirable associations, and it is important to be aware of these when deciding on your design. A five-point star tattoo has gang affiliations, often used as a symbol for the notorious Bloods. The members ink this star to show their dedication. It has also been used by sailors and featured in the American flag. It is a symbol of American patriotism; others see it as a sign of protection, hope, and guidance.

Five Point Star Tattoo

Five Point Star Tattoo

16. Star Tattoo Behind the Ear

The placement of your body art is often just as important as the design, and opting for a star behind the ear tattoo is a cool and discreet choice. The location is excellent for someone who doesn’t want the world to see their ink at first glance and lends itself well to small inkings. The fantastic thing about the star is the simplicity of its shape, allowing you to choose a tiny and simple tattoo or something bigger and more detailed. It is also a symbolic choice, often tattooed by people who have overcome a struggle and are looking to the future. Still, it is also associated with direction, guidance, dreams, and ambition. There will be some pain experienced when getting a tat in this area because of the bone and lack of thick skin and muscle. The sound of the tattoo machine could also cause discomfort.

Star Tattoo Behind The Ear

Star Tattoo Behind The Ear Men

17. Star Tattoo on the Hand

Deciding to get a hand tattoo is a rebellious decision. It is a location favored by those who do not care what society thinks of them, it makes a statement, and it is a fantastic place to be able to look at every day; this makes it perfect for a design that really means something to you. Body art here looks cool, but there are some definite downsides. For starters, the pain associated with this inking; the skin is thin, and there is a lot of bone and nerve-endings in hand, making this a particularly painful area to get tattooed. Unfortunately, tattoos still have a stigma attached to them, although that idea is shifting, and some corporate environments may be reluctant to hire you with visible body art.

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Star Tattoo On The Hand

Star Tattoo On The Hand 1

18. Star Tattoo on the Shoulder

If you’re looking for a great placement for your next inking, then consider a shoulder tattoo. The fantastic thing about a star tattoo on the shoulder is that the area is incredibly versatile. It is large enough to allow for a detailed piece, or you can opt for something simple and small. It is also easy to cover up, letting you only show off your tat when you want to. This is sexy and incredibly appealing for individuals who work in a corporate environment or prefer their body art to be hidden. Another pro of this location is that it is not considered high on the pain scale, although the closer to bone you ink, like the shoulder blade, will cause more discomfort.

Star Tattoo On The Shoulder

Shoulder Star Tattoo Men

19. Star Tattoo on the Wrist

Wrist tattoos are one of the most popular locations for body art because of their visibility. It is an excellent spot to get inked if you want to be able to look at your piece every day. Many people reserve this placement for tattoos with special meaning; a star is great because it is rich in symbolism. The simplicity of the shape also makes it perfect for a smaller design, and because the wrist has limited space, it will work well tattooed here. A downside would be the pain; the thin skin and lack of muscle will increase your discomfort.

Star Wrist Tattoo

Star Wrist Tattoo

20. Star Elbow Tattoo

If you’re not afraid of some serious pain, then a star elbow tattoo is for you. The location is considered one of the most painful spots to get inked because of the thin skin and proximity to bone. Sitting through an inking on your elbow will not be fun, but many people find that it is worth it as any design, regardless of what it is, will make a statement when tattooed here. It has a very rebellious feel, and the shape of a star can work well in this area. That said, elbow tats are a popular spot among prisoners and criminals.

Star Elbow Tattoo Men

Star Elbo Tattoo Women

21. Star Face Tattoo

One of the most controversial locations for body art is the face. A star face tattoo will make a statement because it is impossible not to notice. You have to be an incredibly confident individual to wear a star face tattoo, and you should think long and hard about your design to ensure it’s not something you will regret since you have to look at it every day. This should probably not be your go-to location for your first tattoo, either. Ink here was once reserved for prisoners and gang members but has become popular with models, influencers, and rappers. It can be intimidating but also has a coolness to it and is surprisingly versatile. That said, it is best to keep your tat as small as possible. A tiny star on the side of your hairline or next to your eye, for example.

Star Face Tattoo

Star Face Tattoo Men

22. Star Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are a popular location for both men and women to get inked because they are easy to see and can make a statement. This is a great location for something that means a lot to you, and a star tattoo is filled with symbolism. You can look at it every day as a reminder of your goals. or view it as a positive symbol for how the future holds better and brighter things. Many star designs lend themselves well to small ink, making this a fantastic spot for your piece. You can also make your tat more discreet by inking the inside of your finger. Regardless of where on the finger you choose, it is going to hurt. The lack of muscle, high concentration of nerve endings, and proximity to bone make it high on the pain scale.

Star Finger Tattoo

Star Finger Tattoo

23. Underboob Star Tattoo

If you are looking for a versatile placement, then the sternum is an excellent choice. You can keep it hidden when you want and show it off when at the beach or to those closest to you. This adds sensuality to the location and can be masculine or feminine, drawing attention to one of the most attractive parts of your body. The fantastic thing about star designs is that they can be inked big or small, although, if you are opting for an underboob tattoo, you may want to keep it on the smaller scale because ink here hurts. The pain can be intense because you are inking over the bone. Women should also remember that they will probably not be able to wear a bra for several days due to the discomfort, and anything tight can irritate the area.

Sternum Star Tattoo

Underboob Star And Moon Tattoo

24. Star Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are sensual and a fantastic place to get inked, whether your first or tenth piece. The back is versatile and large enough to allow for a big and detailed piece, but small and simple tattoos work just as well here. It is also easy to cover up, which is great if you want to keep your design hidden or work in a corporate environment. Plus, it is considered low to moderate on the pain scale. It is worth noting that the closer you go towards the spine and hip, the more discomfort you can expect to experience. When deciding on your star artwork, you can make a series of stars running down your back. Opt for a shooting star in the center, or add butterflies, a sun, or a moon for even more meaning. There are so many choices, allowing you to make your tattoo unique.

Star Tattoo Back Women

Star Back Tattoo Men

25. Russian Star Tattoo

A Russian star tattoo is an interesting choice, often associated with strength, determination, and authority. When inked on the shoulders or knees, it indicates that the individual will bow to no man. This could mean they consider themselves above the law or are filled with pride and refuse to bend their will. This inking also has prison affiliations, and the design can indicate prison hierarchy and show defiance. It is important to consider the possible negative connotations linked with this piece before getting it inked.

Russian Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo Meaning

There are many meanings associated with a star tattoo. These include ambition, destiny, hope, and guidance. It is a great piece for someone who wants to remind themselves to follow their dreams or that a brighter tomorrow is possible. Star body art is also incredibly versatile, so you can add multiple images which can alter the symbolism. For example, a sun, moon, and star piece are linked to family, and clouds and stars can serve as a reminder not to give up on your goals, no matter what life throws in your way.

Star Tattoos FAQs

What is the meaning of a 5 point star tattoo?

The five-point star is a common shape and a popular tattoo choice with a variety of meanings. For some, it is a symbol of American patriotism; others see it as a symbol of protection, hope, and guidance. It has been inked by sailors and the general public and is meaningful. However, there is also a less desirable association with this shape because of its gang affiliation. Members of the notorious Bloods gang are believed to use images of the five-point star.

What do two star tattoos on the chest mean?

The chest makes a fantastic place for body art because it is large enough to allow for detailing, can easily be covered up, and is not the most painful location for body art. However, getting two star tattoos on your chest has a significant meaning. It is a nautical tattoo that is often inked by someone who has survived a traumatic or dangerous experience at sea. It can also serve as a memorial piece, keeping the individual close to your heart.

What does a star tattoo by the eye mean?

Face tattoos are incredibly controversial and have a stigma attached to them because criminals and gang members often ink them. In recent years, this is changing, with musicians and influencers opting for facial designs. A star by the eye can be a way to make a statement and represent many things, including ambition and direction. Unlike the small teardrop inking connected to the gang and prison culture, the star doesn’t have particularly negative affiliations.


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