101 Best Knights Templar Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe

Add a bit of colour to your body with this templar knight tattoo that uses just the right amount of colour to the overall intense design in grey. The quintessential red in the cross makes the design seem complete and brings it back to life. You can place this design anywhere on your body and it will form a gaze-worthy memento in your collection.

190+ Best Knights Templar Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2023)

The Knights Templar tattoos are often associated with courage, honor, and strength. From traditional crosses to sword-wielding knights, these badass designs will make you look tough. The Knights Templar was a monastic military order during the Crusades.

They were highly feared. Though they were disbanded in the 14th century, their legacy lives on in popular culture – and the form of tattoos.

Tattoos of Knights Templar can also be seen as a way to show support for the modern-day Templars, who continue the order is tradition of helping those in need.

Who were the Knights Templars?

The Knights Templar was a powerful and influential military order during the Crusades – Known for their piety and bravery, they were also feared for their skill in battle. Today, the Templars are remembered in popular culture as fierce warriors and skilled fighters.

You will find thousands of stories about the Bravery of Knights Templars in European culture. While many men outside of Europe might not know much about them, there is no denying that the Templars are cool.

Knights Templar Tattoo Ideas

Some popular Templar tattoos include the Cross of Lorraine, the Maltese Cross, and the Order’s Seal. These designs can be used to create simple or detailed tattoos, depending on your preference.

If you want something truly unique, you can also try incorporating other elements into your Templar tattoo design. For example, adding a lion or eagle would give it a regal look, while incorporating flames would add an element of danger.

One popular design is the knight templar cross tattoo. This tattoo features a cross with two swords crossed in the middle. It is a symbol of strength and honor and is often chosen by men and women who are looking for a tattoo that represents their faith.

Another popular design is the knight templar rose tattoo. This tattoo features a rose surrounded by thorns. It is a symbol of beauty and love and is often chosen by women who want a tattoo that represents their femininity.

If you are looking for a more unique tattoo, you may want to consider a knight templar dragon tattoo. This tattoo features a dragon wrapped around a cross. It is a symbol of power and strength and is often chosen by women who are looking for a tattoo that represents their courage.

Whatever you decide, make sure you choose a design that has meaning to you and represents what the Templars stood for. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with a tattoo design that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Symbolism and Meaning of Knights Templar Tattoos

To be honest, there are hundreds of different designs of Knights Templar tattoos, and each one has its unique meaning. There is no definitive answer to this question, as the Knights Templar used a variety of different symbols depending on their specific purpose or mission at any given time.

However, some of the more commonly used symbols associated with the Templars include the Cross of Lorraine, the Red Cross, and the Seal of the Templars. Each of these symbols had its specific meaning and purpose and helped to identify the knights as members of this prestigious order.

The cross is a symbol of faith, and it represents the knight’s commitment to Christianity. The skull is a symbol of death, and it represents the knight’s willingness to die for his beliefs. The sword is a symbol of power, and it represents the knight’s ability to defend his beliefs.

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Each design has its special meaning, and each knight templar has his reason for choosing a particular design. When you choose a tattoo design, make sure that you understand the meaning of the design before you get it permanently inked onto your body.

Which Cross Should I Choose with Knights Templar Tattoo?

There is three most commonly chosen cross design as a motif in Knights Templar tattoo.

The Cross of Lorraine was one of the most commonly used symbols of the Knights Templar. This cross is also known as the “double-barred cross,” and consists of two horizontal bars intersecting at a vertical bar in the middle. The upper bar is longer than the lower bar, and both bars are equal in width. The Cross of Lorraine was often used as a symbol of defiance or resistance, as it was associated with the French Resistance during World War II.

The Red Cross is another common symbol associated with the Knights Templar. This cross is similar to the Cross of Lorraine, but instead of having two horizontal bars, it has only one. The Red Cross is also sometimes referred to as the ” Hospitaller’s Cross,” as it was often used by the Order of Hospitallers, another religious order with similar aims to the Templars.

The Seal of the Templars is perhaps the most iconic and well-known symbol associated with this order. The seal consists of two knights on horseback, facing each other with their swords crossed in front of them. Above the knights is a banner bearing the words “Sigillum Militaris Templi,” which translates to “seal of the military temple.” This seal was used on all official documents and correspondence from the Templars and helped to identify them as a distinct and powerful force during the Crusades.

As you can see it gets confusing to choose the best tattoo of the Knights Templar. That is why we have put together this list of awesome Knights Templar tattoos for men So if you are looking for some ink that shows off your manly side, then check out these cool Knights Templar tattoos.

Knights Templar Tattoo Stencil Art

Knights Templar Tattoos 1 Knights Templar Tattoos 1Knights Templar Tattoos 2

Knights Templar Tattoos 2 Knights Templar Tattoos 3Knights Templar Tattoos 3

Crusader Knight Tattoo Ideas

Knights Templar Tattoos 4 Knights Templar Tattoos 4Knights Templar Tattoos 5

Knights Templar Tattoos 5 Knights Templar Tattoos 6Knights Templar Tattoos 6

Knights Templar Tattoos 7 Knights Templar Tattoos 7Knights Templar Tattoos 8

Knights Templar Tattoos 8 Knights Templar Tattoos 9Knights Templar Tattoos 10

Knights Templar Tattoos 11 Knights Templar Tattoos 12Knights Templar Tattoos 13

Knights Templar Tattoos 14 Knights Templar Tattoos 15Knights Templar Tattoos 16

Knights Templar Tattoos 17 Knights Templar Tattoos 18Knights Templar Tattoos 19

Knights Templar Tattoos 20 Medieval Knight With Sword And Shield Against Stone WallKnights Templar Tattoos 22

Knights Templar Tattoos 23 Knights Templar Tattoos 24Knights Templar Tattoos 25

Knights Templar Tattoos 26 Knights Templar Tattoos 27Knights Templar Tattoos 28

Knights Templar Tattoos 29 Knights Templar Tattoos 30Knights Templar Tattoos 31

Knights Templar Tattoos 32 Knights Templar Tattoos 33Knights Templar Tattoos 34

Knights Templar Tattoos 35 Knights Templar Tattoos 36Knights Templar Tattoos 37

Knights Templar Tattoos 38 Knights Templar Tattoos 39Knights Templar Tattoos 40

Knights Templar Tattoos 41 Knights Templar Tattoos 42Knights Templar Tattoos 43

Knights Templar Tattoos 44 Knights Templar Tattoos 45Knights Templar Tattoos 46

Knights Templar Tattoos 47 Knights Templar Tattoos 48Knights Templar Tattoos 49

Knights Templar Tattoos 50

Knights Templar Tattoos For Guys

Knights Templar Tattoos 51Knights Templar Tattoos 52

Knights Templar Tattoos 53 Knights Templar Tattoos 54Knights Templar Tattoos 55

Knights Templar Tattoos 56 Knights Templar Tattoos 57Knights Templar Tattoos 58

Knights Templar Tattoos 59 Knights Templar Tattoos 60Knights Templar Tattoos 61

Knights Templar Tattoos 62 Knights Templar Tattoos 63Knights Templar Tattoos 64

Knights Templar Tattoos 65 Knights Templar Tattoos 66Knights Templar Tattoos 67

Knights Templar Tattoos 68 Knights Templar Tattoos 69Knights Templar Tattoos 70

Knights Templar Tattoos 71 Knights Templar Tattoos 72Knights Templar Tattoos 73

Knights Templar Tattoos 74 Knights Templar Tattoos 75Knights Templar Tattoos 76

Knights Templar Tattoos 77 Knights Templar Tattoos 78Knights Templar Tattoos 79

Knights Templar Tattoos 80 Knights Templar Tattoos 81Knights Templar Tattoos 82

Knights Templar Tattoos 83 Knights Templar Tattoos 84Knights Templar Tattoos 85

Knights Templar Tattoos For Women

Knights Templar Tattoos 86 Knights Templar Tattoos 87Knights Templar Tattoos 88

Knights Templar Tattoos 89 Knights Templar Tattoos 90Knights Templar Tattoos 91

Knights Templar Tattoos 92 Knights Templar Tattoos 93Knights Templar Tattoos 94

Knights Templar Tattoos 95 Knights Templar Tattoos 96Knights Templar Tattoos 97

Knights Templar Tattoos 98 Knights Templar Tattoos 99Knights Templar Tattoos 100

Knights Templar Tattoos 101 Knights Templar Tattoos 102Knights Templar Tattoos 103

Knights Templar Tattoos 104 Knights Templar Tattoos 105Knights Templar Tattoos 106

Knights Templar Tattoos 107 Knights Templar Tattoos 108Knights Templar Tattoos 109

Knights Templar Tattoos 110 Knights Templar Tattoos 111Knights Templar Tattoos 112

Knights Templar Tattoos 113

Magnificent Knights Templar Tattoos

Knights Templar Tattoos 114Knights Templar Tattoos 115

Knights Templar Tattoos 116 Knights Templar Tattoos 117Knights Templar Tattoos 118

Knights Templar Tattoos 119 Knights Templar Tattoos 120Knights Templar Tattoos 121

Knights Templar Tattoos 122 Knights Templar Tattoos 123Knights Templar Tattoos 124

Knights Templar Tattoos 125 Knights Templar Tattoos 126Knights Templar Tattoos 127

Knights Templar Tattoos 128 Knights Templar Tattoos 129Knights Templar Tattoos 130

Knights Templar Tattoos 131 Knights Templar Tattoos 132Knights Templar Tattoos 133

Knights Templar Tattoos 134 Knights Templar Tattoos 135Knights Templar Tattoos 136

Knights Templar Tattoos 137 Knights Templar Tattoos 138Knights Templar Tattoos 139

Knights Templar Tattoos 140 Knights Templar Tattoos 141Knights Templar Tattoos 142

Knights Templar Tattoos 143 Knights Templar Tattoos 144Knights Templar Tattoos 145

Knights Templar Tattoos 146 Knights Templar Tattoos 147Knights Templar Tattoos 148

Knights Templar Tattoos 149 Knights Templar Tattoos 150Knights Templar Tattoos 151

Knights Templar Tattoos 152 Knights Templar Tattoos 153Knights Templar Tattoos 154

Knights Templar Tattoos 155 Knights Templar Tattoos 156Knights Templar Tattoos 157

Knights Templar Tattoos 158 Knights Templar Tattoos 159Knights Templar Tattoos 160

Knights Templar Tattoos 161 Knights Templar Tattoos 162Knights Templar Tattoos 163

Knights Templar Tattoos 164 Knights Templar Tattoos 165Knights Templar Tattoos 166

Knights Templar Tattoos 167 Knights Templar Tattoos 168Knights Templar Tattoos 169

Knights Templar Tattoos 170 Knights Templar Tattoos 171Knights Templar Tattoos 172

Knights Templar Tattoos 173 Knights Templar Tattoos 174Knights Templar Tattoos 175

Knights Templar Tattoos 176 Knights Templar Tattoos 177Knights Templar Tattoos 178

Knights Templar Tattoos 179


Make sure that you take the time to research the different designs before you make your final decision. There are many online resources that you can use to learn more about the different designs available. You can also talk to other people who have gotten these tattoos and ask them about their experiences. This will help you make an informed decision about which design is right for you.

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101 Best Knights Templar Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

Knights Templar Tattoos

Drawn towards the enigmatic medieval tattoos that radiate chivalry? Fret not! We have collected the best Templar Knights tattoo to help you get inked!

Knights Templar Tattoo

Knight tattoos stand as a sign of loyalty, nobility, bravery, and the conventional virtues associated with the stature of a knight.

Naturally, the meanings associated with a typical knight tattoo are a remnant of the middle ages when their association was with the king or the church. A knight and his services were acknowledged and surely credited as a sign of devotion for the country.

Hence with all the goodness linked to typical knight tattoos, the knight templar takes the magnificence further above. Being an integral part of the Church, the Templars held a primal role in Christendom and maintaining the finances for the authority. History accounts for their rigorous fighting for Crusades, highlighting the loyal rangers of the Church who used to carry forward such difficult operations. European men generally tend to wear these tattoos but the design has spread over time to other parts of the world and even women customize their knight tattoos with style. So, if you are a person who believes to resonate with the rage and devotion of a knight, read on to find some of the coolest designs to fashion yourself with!

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Knights Templar Crusader Knight Tattoo

Knights Templar Crusader Knight Tattoo

A knight on horseback with a sword in hand has a majestic quality that makes art enthusiasts coming back for more. Here the artist paints a picture of a knight dressed in his armour going for a battle to protect and strengthen what he stands for. What makes this black and grey piece of art spectacular is the artist’s use of fine dot work and shading. Place this on your arm and it will pop just right on your skin.

Knights Templar Cross Tattoo

Knights Templar Cross Tattoo

Add a bit of colour to your body with this templar knight tattoo that uses just the right amount of colour to the overall intense design in grey. The quintessential red in the cross makes the design seem complete and brings it back to life. You can place this design anywhere on your body and it will form a gaze-worthy memento in your collection.

Metallic Knight Templar Armour Tattoo

Metallic Knight Templar Armour Tattoo

Knight tattoos are done best when they resemble their original metallic ensemble. The shine of the seemingly metallic image develops a sense of hyperrealism and serves to honor the ones who fought for their countries and cultures. The boldness of this design will throw anyone off-guard and get you a statement sleeve tattoo.

Unique Knights Templar Tattoo

Unique Knights Templar Tattoo

If you like the sport of grey tattoos, give this piece of art some special attention. Devoid of the figure of a templar knight this design showcases a skull, the infamous Illuminati symbol, and some Latin words that are directly associated with the Church. This tattoo could be interpreted as a testimony of the dedication of a knight till he is dead. The skull motif along with several other minor intricacies make this tattoo an off-beat recreation of history that can fall anywhere on your body and serve its purpose.

Colourful Knights Templar Tattoos

Colourful Knights Templar Tattoos

This templar knight tattoo is the best example of how to develop your tattoos in colour without compromising on the essence of the motif. The artist here makes the use of a number of complementing colours to bring about a striking beauty of the knight with his sword and shield. This templar knight is a great choice for those who don’t fear experimenting with body art.

Knights Templar Logo Tattoo

This one is for the minimalists out there who keep their way out of hassles. Featuring a typical representation of the templar symbol with delicate linework, this tattoo design is appropriate if you are looking for compressed images that contain the same connotation. Owing to its size, you can site this tattoo anywhere with the scope of good exposure.

Lady Knight Templar Tattoo On Sleeve

Lady Knight Templar Tattoo On Sleeve

If breaking the stereotypes is your thing, give a sleeve tattoo some serious thought. The artist here incorporates a lady knight in shining armour, reversing the images sold by mainstream media. The use of black and grey further adds a glistening shine to the arm that doesn’t let the design become monotonous. It is fitted for both men and women and would exhibit that the wearer is a free-thinker.

Knights Templar Shield Tattoo

Knights Templar Shield Tattoo

This design is made straight out of the fundamental elements that are evident in a templar tattoo. This tattoo is sublime and simple both at the same time. The chest is a good site to ink this tattoo with its enormous wings owing to the liberty of surface area that it offers. Placing the tattoo just below your clavicle would exhibit the high sense of regard that you might have for the Templar.

Small Knights Templar Symbols

Small Knights Templar Symbols

Your forearm will be well-spent if you are looking for smaller tattoos keeping intact the dangerous element that we all like in a knight tattoo. The idea here is to project an outcry from the insides of the cross, portraying a rather ghastly design. Black ink dominates the image thereby increasing the intensity of the tattoo.

Knights Templar Tattoo On Back

Knights Templar Tattoo On Back

Capturing a knight in action is always a great idea for most men who have always carried a bold persona with pride. This tattoo envelops almost the entirety of your back with the ravishing images of a Crusader. The angels further highlight the Christian imagery and shed light on the purpose of praising the Lord.

There are a plethora of Knights Templar tattoo designs to choose from, so much so that it would wobble your mind. Many designs will seem appealing to your eyes but it is best to first consult with tattoo artists and then go on brainstorming with this majestic trope. To ease you some trouble, here are some knight tattoo ideas that you can use while ideating:

  1. Knight Templar symbol with a lion
  2. Knight Templar sleeve tattoo amidst a medieval background
  3. Realistic Knights Templar tattoo
  4. Knights of Templar tattoo
  5. Sword with feather wings tattoo
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Feature Image from Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

What is the meaning of a knights templar tattoo?

A knights templar tattoo is a symbol of honor, courage, and strength. It typically features two crossed swords or a shield with a cross on it. The design also often includes the Latin phrase “Non Nobis Domine” which translates to “Not unto us, O Lord”. This phrase is meant to emphasize the humility, piety, and dedication of the templar knights. These symbols represent the knights’ devotion to their cause, which was protecting pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem. The tattoo is also a reminder of the sacrifices these brave soldiers made in battle for what they believed in. In addition to its religious significance, a knights templar tattoo can serve as a tribute to bravery, loyalty, and service in the military. It is also an expression of faith and can be used as a reminder of the importance of living by strong values. Ultimately, this tattoo carries many different meanings depending on its wearer’s personal beliefs and understanding of the templar knight’s history.

What are the different types of knights templar tattoos?

The most common type of knights templar tattoo is the two crossed swords or shield with a cross on it. Other popular designs include the Maltese cross, which is a combination of eight arrowheads in a circle, and the Templar flag symbolizing courage, strength, and bravery. Some people choose to add additional elements to their tattoos such as traditional religious symbols, animals, and scrolls. Others opt for a more minimalist approach with just the crossed swords or shield. Color is also an important factor in knights templar tattoos as certain colors signify different meanings such as black for strength, white for purity, and red for passion or courage. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide which type of knights templar tattoo fits them best.

What is the symbolism behind a knights templar tattoo?

The knights templar tattoo symbolizes honor, courage, and strength. It is a reminder of the sacrifices these brave soldiers made in battle for what they believed in. The two crossed swords or shield with a cross on it also represents protection and loyalty to their cause, which was protecting pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem. They are symbols of faith and are meant to serve as a reminder of the importance of living by strong values. The Maltese cross is often used to represent courage, strength, and bravery while other symbols such as animals or scrolls may be added according to personal preference. Ultimately, the meaning behind a knights templar tattoo will depend on its wearer’s own understanding of their history.

How can I design my own knights templar tattoo?

Designing your own knights templar tattoo can be a fun and creative process. Start by researching images of traditional knights templar tattoos to get ideas for your design. You may also want to look at other types of religious tattoos or images of medieval shields and swords for inspiration. Once you have an idea, draw out the design on a piece of paper or create a digital sketch. When you’re happy with the design, take it to a tattoo artist who can help you refine the details and make sure the colors are right. Before getting your tattoo, remember that this is a symbol of strength and courage so choose a design that represents what is important to you.

How much will a knights templar tattoo cost?

The cost of a knights templar tattoo will depend on several factors such as the size, complexity of the design, and colors used. Generally speaking, tattoos range in price from around $50 – $200 depending on these factors. It’s important to remember that getting a tattoo is an investment so if you’re considering getting one, make sure you find a reputable artist who can work with you to create a unique design that is true to your vision.

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