Jewelry Fashion Fix: a Taste of the Tropics

tropical jewelry fashion

Summer is all about sun and fun, including tropical and exotic beauty. Summer style should be natural, understated, and effortless, because every possible moment should be lived to the fullest while the air is warm, not spent “getting ready” or fussing over difficult ensembles. If your summer uniform is a bikini with optional denim or sarongs, a colorful tropical belly ring is the perfect pull-it-together focal point. Just pick a style that makes you feel hot, and coordinate your beach accessories accordingly.

fun beachy belly jewelry

Don’t feel like showing off your killer abs? Then opt for some ear candy that’s sure to get you noticed. Nothing compliments a messy top knot or pony like brilliant, simple neon plugs. Stick to monochrome if your outfit’s got a lot going on, or opt for some mystical fun with trendy arcane designs.

bright tropical hued plugs

And remember, the best of all your summer accessories are the two C’s: comfort and confidence. So pile on your brights and rock on, summer sweethearts. There’s still a whole of fun to be had before it’s over.

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