Jewelry Celebration: Norse and Celtic Style for Leif Erikson Day

Tomorrow, October 9th, is a very special day for America, especially those of Scandinavian descent: Leif Erikson Day.

Leif Erikson was a Norse explorer born in Iceland, and has been credited since the 1800’s with discovering the New World. Almost 500 years prior to the voyage of Christopher Columbus, Erikson led a group of 35 men across the ocean and landed in North America near what is present day Newfoundland, Canada. The Icelandic sagas even tell of him starting a settlement on the island and calling it Leifsbudir, which roughly translates to “Leif’s Storage Houses.”

The holiday itself began in 1930, first celebrated by the state of Wisconsin. Later followed by six other states and the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, Leif Erikson Day was finally declared a national observance in 1964. Every president since Lyndon Johnson has renewed the declaration of this holiday yearly with a proclamation highlighting the achievements of Nordic Americans and rejoicing in the spirit of discovery and advancement.

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Even those who aren’t of Nordic decent can celebrate this day, as it marks the beginnings of our national history, and a perfect way to celebrate is by wearing Norse and Celtic Style Jewelry.

Intricate knot designs, antiqued metals, and jewelry that incorporates Viking elements such as axes and horns are great examples of stand-out celebratory pieces.

Leif Erikson may have discovered America, but it’s never to late for modern man to discover the beauty of Scandinavian jewelry and art.