J-Pop Jewels: Sugar and Spikes Make Everything Nice

Japanese and Korean pop music groups and their fun and upbeat fashion style are becoming a major influence in Japanese and American fashion. With a mix of cute, crazy, and adorably edgy, the J-pop neon fashion craze is ready to explode.

This style takes the lucite and acrylic jewelry from the eighties, blends it with a little vintage nineties punk, and throws in a splash of Lolita for a unique look that’s youthful, bright, and oh so bubblegum. Neon hues are a major foundation, along with electric anime-inspired prints, and little touches of hard rock.

The funnest slice of the fashion pie is unarguably the jewelry, as spiked leather, stacks of vivid bangles, and piles of acrylic earrings, belly jewelry, and cocktail rings give the signature touch to every outfit. Gentle hints of satire common to youth street culture penetrate while being soften by girlie material like pink plastics and rainbow gems. And all jewelry is used in a fresh and neo-eclectic way.

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Earrings hanging from necklaces? Rings stacked above the knuckle? Pendants in the hair? As long as the result screams, “girl culture,” yes please.