International Body Piercing Day: Modern Celebration

Today, June 28th, has once again been declared international body piercing day, a fairly young event celebrated in piercing and modification communities worldwide.

The first official day was declared just last year, but already there are countless body piercers and tattooists who celebrate with client events, special promotions, and for some even free or severely discounted services. So why is the 28th of June our chosen moment? Because today is also special for another reason: it’s Jim Ward’s birthday.

As you may remember from former listings of his past achievements, Jim Ward is the father of modern piercing as we know it. Not only did he open Gauntlet, the very first piercing parlor in the United States, but he also pioneered several styles of piercing technique and body jewelry that are still in use today. The holiday itself was reportedly begun by a friend of the great Mr. Ward to continue his legacy of piercing education and promote safety standards within the industry.

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Among Jim’s other credits: design and popularization of ball captive rings, publication of the most widespread modification magazine in America, PFIQ (Piercing Fans International Quarterly), and formation along with a few others of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers).