Independencia Méxicana: Patriotic Jewelry for Mexican Independence Day

Today marks an amazingly special day for the residents of Mexico, and anyone of Mexican nationality or ancestry: the Día de la Independencia de México, or “Mexican Independence Day.” Every September, the residents of Mexico celebrate the anniversary of their independence from Spain, beginning at 11pm on the evening of the 15th, and winding to a close the following night.

The 11pm celebratory begins with the President of Mexico ceremoniously echoing the “Cry of Dolores,” a patriotic shout originated during the revolt against Spanish colonial rule in the early 1800’s. This symbolic proclamation from the balcony of the presidential palace echoes out across one of the most immense open air plazas in the world (called the Zócalo) and culminates in threefold repetition of the patriotic cry, “Viva México,” or “Long Live Mexico.” Before and after the speech a bell is rung, and following in the morning, a military parade begins in the same public plaza. Other celebrations during the day on the 16th generally include musical concerts, smaller local street parades, outdoor marching band competitions, and patriotic television programming.

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So how can we celebrate without fireworks and confetti? Simple. By showing Mexican national pride through what we wear! Patriotic accessories featuring the Mexican flag are the perfect accompaniment to any Mexican National Holiday, and even those who don’t claim Mexican ancestry can take part in the celebrations for Independence. So grab your favorite earrings, belly rings, and belt buckles, and join in the fun. ¡Viva México!