Tattooing Yourself Without a Gun?

How to get yourself a tattoo

Tattoos are your reflections and it expresses a world around you. It is always advisable to approach the professionals for getting a tattoo. Though, if you don’t have an access to the tattoo shop or if you want to save on your pockets you can give yourself a tattoo. However it can be a dangerous affair if proper care is not taken. And you will be left with a permanent unwanted mark. So it is very important to make up your mind thoroughly and well-equip yourself with the requirements of tattooing yourself. Take a look below before going ahead for tattooing without a gun. First of all, you need to:

  • Keep your work space hygienic and well illuminated

Tattooing Yourself

The risk of infection is the major side effect of tattooing yourself. To keep away the pain of infection, keep the surroundings extremely clean and hygienic. Apart, equipped the tattoo place with well-lighted head lamps which will help to concentrate well on the tattoo procedure in a better way.

  • It is very important to Stock-up yourself well in advance with the single use tattoo needles, tattoo ink, ink bowl (make it sure it’s a shallow one), sterilized hand gloves, paper towels, alcohol for cleaning, bandage, Ointment, non-permanent marker and a stencil if needed,
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Once you are thorough with the groundwork and have made up the mind for tattooing yourself, clean the area with gentle soap and warm water. Also shave that particular area to be tattooed if needed and sterilize it with the cleaning alcohol. After the alcohol gets evaporated, get on your sterilized hand gloves and draw the design with the non-permanent marker. Firstly outline the pattern of the tattoo poking with the dots by dipping the needle repeatedly in tattoo ink into your skin. Do not poke the needle deep into the skin. Insert the needle superficially into the skin keeping a slanting angle of 45 degree. The needle can be attached or taped to larger handy object like pencil or a stick for a better grip. Repeat the process over the tattoo with ink until the tattoo gives a desirable solid look. Once the outlining is done, continue filling in the tattoo. Generally, a larger needle is used for the filling. Remove the excess ink and seeping blood with the help of a paper towel. Use a fresh paper towel every time to avoid infection. Clean the tattoo with a gentle soap and pat dry it. Apply a thin layer of soothing ointment and cover the tattoo with the clean bandage softly.

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The Tattoo is ready. But we will strongly advocate that stick ‘n’ poke method should be only used for the simple tattoos which are smaller in size. For the larger and complex tattoos, it will be better and safe to approach professional Tattoo Artist .