Hamsa Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The significance of such a bold hamsa tattoo comes down to commitment.

155+ Hamsa Tattoo Ideas That Pop! (with Meaning and Placements)

Over a couple of decades, body art has become quite popular among Americans. No doubt, the unique depiction and diverse illustration of tattoos have made many people adorn it on their skin. They are marking their skin with incredibly amazing, mind-blowing tags. If you are one of them, you must be looking for ‘out of this world’ tattoo ideas.

No matter whether you want to demonstrate the hidden traits or the inspirations for something, tattoo art is an amazing way to show your inner-self. The impressive designs, coupled with deep meanings, have made tattoos a popular choice for many people around the world.

While there are a plethora of tattoo designs available all over the internet, what matters most is choosing the best one for you. If you are searching for something that will blow your mind, then you should consider getting a hamsa tattoo.

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The Symbolism of Hamsa Amulet

There is no doubt that hamsa is one of the best options for tattoo buffs. You would be wondering what a hamsa symbolizes. Well, some people believe that they represent pagan fertility. Besides this, numerous religious scholars have elucidated hamsa as Jewish, Christian, and Islamic lucky talisman.

However, the meanings or symbolism of hamsa is still shrouded in mystery. Therefore, this amulet can have different representations when rendered as body art; yet, all the meanings hamsa carries are typically associated with different religions. However, it is imperative to bear in mind that today; this unique hamsa hand has become a ubiquitous sign with a universal meaning of ‘protection from the evil eye.’

hamsa tattoos 43

A Brief History of Hamsa Talisman

In addition to its symbolism, some scholars debate on its origin; some say it emerged from Mesopotamia (the modern day Iraq) while others believe that it originated from Jerusalem. Most of the present evidence revealed that hamsa originally emerged from Iraq.

The historical research unveiled that in ancient Mesopotamia, female goddesses used to adorn themselves with hamsa amulet as a sign of dignity. Over the years, this attractive talisman spread to different countries with different meanings. For instance, Egyptians wear hamsa talisman to represent their respect for Osiris and Isis, who are the famous god and goddess in their religion.

Hamsa is a Hebrew word that means ‘five.’ In Islam, believers say that hamsa represents the five pillar of Islam. However, some Muslims believe that it represents ‘the hand of Fatima,’ the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Jewish believe that these five fingers represent the five books of their religious book Torah- Leviticus, Numbers, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Genesis. Some Jewish called a hamsa ‘the Hand of Miriam.’ It is important to mention here that Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron.

Some scholars of Judaism and Islam believe that hamsa predates the completely non-religious meanings. Even they say the emergence of hamsa is all mysterious, and it does not go back to the Mesopotamia; instead, the story of this amazing talisman is all fabricated. Other than religion context, the earliest appearance of hamsa had seen on the gate of Alhambra. Not to mention, it is a 14th-century Islamic fortress located in Spain.

One of the most famous art historians, Walter Leo Hildburgh, thinks that hamsa emergence is associated with Christianity. Nevertheless, a popular professor of the University of Chicago, Ahmed Achrati confirmed that hamsa amulet did not emerge in any religious context.

While considering all the historical times that this talisman was popular in, it has revealed that hamsa has used to represent interesting meanings. As mentioned earlier, this single beautiful talisman carries different meanings in different religions.

hamsa tattoos 47

Hamsa Hand: An Incredibly Stunning Amulet

It is no secret that hamsa has become a common talisman that many people around the world love to wear. Due to its universal meanings of protection from an evil eye, a large number of people carry it in the shape of keychain, pendant, bracelet, and even as a décor. It indicates the extreme popularity of the Hamsa hand. This is not the end; you can find a wide variety of objects shaped in or couple with hamsa talisman.

Therefore, when it comes to tattoo, Hamsa is one of the best options to wear in 2019. No doubt, there are many designs for tattoos in the present times. Today, you will see a wide variety of tattoos that ranges from Neo-traditional emblems to modern artistic designs.

However, if you are looking for a detailed tattoo this time, then hamsa tattoo can be a good option. In the context of the tattoo, the illustration of this eye-catching talisman represents ‘the hand of God.’ Moreover, tattoo fanatics believe that adorning their skin with hamsa hand illustrations will bring success, luck, and health to them.

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Stunning Hamsa Tattoo Ideas

It is no wonder that a hamsa tattoo brings artistic flair into your looks along with the strong meanings it carries. When it comes to hamsa talisman tattoo, artists usually render it in two main styles. One depicts two symmetrical thumbs, whereas another represent the original illustration of hamsa, that is with a single thumb.

If you are wondering which one is the most famous, then tattoo enthusiasts who go for hamsa talisman mostly embrace the hamsa hand with two symmetrical thumbs. For some people, this amazing amulet tattoo brings harmony and protects the tattoo wearer from the veiled eye, which is also called as Ayin Ha’ra in some societies.

There is no doubt that hamsa is one of the best tattoos today due to its strong visuals and deep meanings. The typical hamsa tattoo includes a symbol of an eye in the center of the hand, which holds strong meanings to the wearer.

hamsa tattoos 77

Ink your Skin with a Startling Asymmetrical Hamsa Amulet

Do you love intricate details? If that is the case, then you will love this tattoo idea the most. It entails asymmetrical designs and patterns that will surely make you stand out among the people. Not only this, the stunning illustration of this asymmetrical hamsa will enhance the symbolism of your body art.

Whether you want to fill it with colors or ink with only black and white shades, it is all your choice. However, you will agree that this hamsa asymmetrical tag will appear amazing and captivate the people around you.

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hamsa tattoos 76

Engrave a Captivating Om Hamsa Hand Art

Well, if you want something unique and you are fond of Sanskrit, then this idea will perfectly suit your requirements. The Om hamsa tattoo will contain the word ‘Om’ inked in the Sanskrit language. Your tattooist will make it in the center of your hamsa hand tag.

Whether you add in some colors or leave the whole tattoo empty, it will look incredibly attractive. When it comes to the meanings of this tattoo, keep in mind the word Om depicts harmony and balance.

Opt for Incredible Hamsa Hand Vines Symbol

Most tattoo fanatics who adore hamsa hand, usually go for the one that carries vines. No doubt, this breathtaking hamsa vine tattoo will bring astounding flair to your personality. Since this tattoo, in particular, will require a large area of your skin, you should make sure to wear it on your chest or back.

If you are pondering over the ideas to make it more artistic, you can fill in different color hues and outline with bold black ink. However, it is important to mention here that you should choose the best tattoo artist in your town for this design.

hamsa-tattoos hamsa tattoos 81 hamsa tattoos 82 hamsa tattoos 83 hamsa tattoos 84 hamsa tattoos 85 hamsa tattoos 86 hamsa tattoos 88 hamsa tattoos 89 hamsa tattoos 90 hamsa tattoos 91 hamsa tattoos 92 hamsa tattoos 93 hamsa tattoos 94 hamsa tattoos 95 hamsa tattoos 96 hamsa tattoos 97 hamsa tattoos 98 hamsa tattoos 99 hamsa tattoos 100 hamsa tattoos 101 hamsa tattoos 102 hamsa tattoos 103 hamsa tattoos 105 hamsa tattoos 106 hamsa tattoos 107 hamsa tattoos 108 hamsa tattoos 109 hamsa tattoos 110

Sport an Eye-Catching Geometrical Hamsa Amulet Design

Are you looking for something that will mesmerize everyone around you? In that case, this eye-capturing geometrical hamsa will be a perfect idea to go for. However, keep in mind that it entails intricate details. You should have enough tolerance to bear the pain during the process. Leave your geometrical hamsa tattoo uncolored; it will make it stand out.

hamsa tattoos 112

Adorn your Skin with a Breathtaking Hamsa-Eye Mark

If you love to embrace something more meaningful, then this tattoo is just for you. While the universal meanings of hamsa tag represent the protection from an evil eye, you can wear it to keep the evil eye from you.

Hamsa eye tattoo appears stunningly beautiful, as it is encrusted with impressive details. Furthermore, wearing this tattoo will watch over the wearer. You can place this amazing tattoo at any spot of your skin. However, it is better to wear it on the visible part.

hamsa tattoos 111

Go for Stunning Universe Hamsa Hand Emblems

Are you searching for something more amazing and captures the attention of people around you at a glance? Then, you should go for this stunning universe hamsa hand emblem. Entailing a basic illustration of hamsa, this one has a large eye at the palm of hamsa hand. The unique thing in this is it carries a distinctive pattern with a fish.

hamsa tattoos 104

Get an Astonishing Hamsa Mark

No doubt choosing a tattoo is a tough challenge. Of course, the ink used is permanent. So, you need to choose your tattoo design very carefully. Interestingly, you will never regret choosing a Hamsa amulet as your tattoo. Be it your shoulder or back, no matter where you place hamsa tattoo, it will look perfectly beautiful.

However, you will be surprised to know that its meanings enhance when you ink it on your wrist. It will remind you of the importance of your life. Especially in hard times; this tattoo will give you courage for not to give up.

hamsa-tattoos hamsa tattoos 130 hamsa tattoos 131 hamsa tattoos 132 hamsa tattoos 133 hamsa tattoos 134 hamsa tattoos 135 hamsa tattoos 136 hamsa tattoos 137 hamsa tattoos 138 hamsa tattoos 139 hamsa tattoos 140 hamsa tattoos 141 hamsa tattoos 142 hamsa tattoos 143 hamsa tattoos 144 hamsa tattoos 145 hamsa tattoos 146 hamsa tattoos 147 hamsa tattoos 148 hamsa tattoos 149 hamsa tattoos 150 hamsa tattoos 151 hamsa tattoos 152 hamsa tattoos 153 hamsa tattoos 155 hamsa tattoos 156 hamsa tattoos 157 hamsa tattoos 159hamsa tattoos 160

Choose a Distinctive Fish Hamsa Amulet Sign

How do you think of adding an illustration of fish in your hamsa tattoo? While there are plenty of options for your hamsa tattoo, this one will certainly make you stand out. Depicting a fish in the center of the hamsa palm portrays unique yet strong meanings and symbolism.

hamsa tattoos 158

Feature a Celestial Star Hamsa Talisman Emblem

Well, this hamsa tattoo carries a symbol of a star in the center and is engulfed in dark color shadings. When it comes to the symbolism of this incredible hamsa star tattoo, it portrays deep spiritual meanings. Be it filled with light shadings or inked with bold colors; this hamsa tag will not only look enchanting but also enhance the meanings of your tattoo.

hamsa tattoos 154

Sport a Beautiful Flower Hamsa Amulet Mark

Do you want something more closed to nature? Well, if you do not like adding a star, eye, or heart in the palm of hamsa tattoo, and then sport this flower hamsa hand tag that typically contains a lotus in the center. In case you don’t want to add lotus, you can incorporate a four-leaf clover. No matter what flower you add in your tattoo, it will represent the meanings of peace and balance.

hamsa tattoos 241 hamsa tattoos 210 hamsa tattoos 211 hamsa tattoos 212 hamsa tattoos 213 hamsa tattoos 214 hamsa tattoos 215 hamsa tattoos 216 hamsa tattoos 217 hamsa tattoos 218 hamsa tattoos 219 hamsa tattoos 220 hamsa tattoos 221 hamsa tattoos 222 hamsa tattoos 223 hamsa tattoos 224 hamsa tattoos 225 hamsa tattoos 226 hamsa tattoos 227 hamsa tattoos 228 hamsa tattoos 229 hamsa tattoos 230 hamsa tattoos 231 hamsa tattoos 232 hamsa tattoos 233 hamsa tattoos 234 hamsa tattoos 235 hamsa tattoos 236 hamsa tattoos 237 hamsa tattoos 238 hamsa tattoos 239hamsa tattoos 240

Embrace an Incredible Hamsa Heart Tattoo

Although you have ten amazing hamsa designs we have just mentioned, this one will surely blow your mind. How you think of adding a symbol of love in the center of hamsa hand? This hamsa tattoo will represent deep meanings along with showing off your love for your special one.

If you want to show your eternal love for your beloved or family member, you can adorn this tattoo by incorporating a text showing their name. Some people believe that the hamsa heart tattoo depicts the protection of your loved ones.

The Final Verdict

Whether it is a meaningful art or a decorative adornment, you cannot deny that hamsa will take your tattoo experience to the next level. It will not only mesmerize everyone around but also bring strong meanings to your personality.

The best thing about hamsa tattoo is you can incorporate different symbols in the center of the hand. It will enhance the meanings of your tattoo, along with protecting and guiding you in life. Now that you have plenty of options to choose from make sure to opt for the hamsa tattoo with a symbol that suits you the best.

Hamsa Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Hamsa Tattoo

The hamsa sometimes referred to as the hand of Fatima, Tanit, Miriam, or Mary, is a popular symbol.

You may not know it by name, but you’ve likely seen it.

The main features of a hamsa tattoo are the symmetrical hand shape and two outstretched thumbs.

Sometimes an eye – called the eye of hamsa – is included in the center of the hand.

You may have seen hamsa necklaces, t-shirts, and tapestry designs.

The Hamsa is also a very popular tattoo design.

As a tattoo, it is a versatile symbol.

The hamsa design has been claimed by many religions and cultures since its inception.

People will often infuse this tattoo design with ornate imagery from their belief system.

It’s a beautiful tattoo with positive connotations.

According to its ancient meaning, Hamsa tattoos represent spiritual protection against evil, wrongdoing, and bad luck.

Over the years this traditional meaning has been synthesized, updated, and expanded with several modern takes on this ancient classic.

Today, we’ll be going over the meanings behind some of these modern, hamsa tattoo designs and giving you some tips on where to place the tattoo!

Can Anyone Get a Hamsa Tattoo?

The hamsa has found a home in Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths.

But the symbol itself pre-dates all those traditions.

It is a symbol of protection that can be worn by anyone, in theory.

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That said, it is a symbol that shouldn’t be used flippantly.

If you are going to adorn yourself with a hamsa tattoo, be sure to read the following information.

Give it some careful consideration! Is this the right protective symbol for you?

It’s going to be on your body forever after all.

Many of the faith systems that claim the hamsa are Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian.

You should have respect for those faith systems if you’re going to wear a symbol associated with them.

Mass clothing and jewelry designers will capitalize on hamsa as a trendy item.

When this happens, people end up wearing it with only a shallow understanding of the symbol.

Sometimes people will buy a t-shirt with no understanding at all.

You may want to start with a hamsa amulet before committing to a tattoo.

If so, choose your sources carefully.

There are plenty of jewelers and designers making hamsa symbols with love.

Hamsa Tattoo Meanings

The hamsa tattoo is a symbol that’s popular among people of many different cultures and religions.

The hamsa tattoo represents protection and good luck and is often worn as a sign of spiritual devotion.

Other meanings associated with hamsa tattoos are maternal love, spiritual beliefs, and a commitment to purity.

Hamsa Tattoo Meaning Up or Down

The hamsa is a symbol of both protection and good luck.

But you should choose which one you want to focus on before getting your tattoo.

Upright: the hamsa acts primarily as a protection symbol.

Facing Down: the hamsa is open to receive blessings from the universe.

Hamsa Tattoo Designs

Before we get into the variety of hamsa tattoo designs out there it’s important to go over the styles that work best with hamsa tattoos.

Luckily for you, hamsa tattoos are extremely adaptable and look great with a wide range of artistic styles.

Black-work hamsa tattoos take the traditional look of a hamsa tattoo and modernize it with bold, black lines and contrasting shapes.

Blackwork tattoos are not subtle, and that’s why many people love them!

They stand out on the body and represent a focal point whether they’re surrounded by other tattoos or are all alone.

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

In contrast to the in-your-face nature of black-work hamsa tattoos, watercolor hamsa tattoos take a more delicate approach to get their meaning across.

They use faint – almost imperceptible – lines and washed color palettes to capture the essence of the hamsa tattoo.

Despite their subtle appearance, watercolor hamsa tattoos tend to stand out on the body due to the simple fact that watercolor tattoos are relatively uncommon.

However, this uniqueness makes them appealing to many people who are looking for a beautiful tattoo with a deeper meaning.

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo

  • Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoos

If you’re looking for a modern take on the traditional beauty of the hamsa tattoo, a neotraditional hamsa tattoo might be a perfect choice!

Neotraditional tattoos feature strong lines, bold colors, illustrative styling, and shading that gives the illusion of depth.

All of these traits make them perfect for hamsa tattoos!

A neotraditional hamsa tattoo is perfect for anyone hoping to create a piece that stands out on their body without looking cartoony or overly stylized.

Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoo

Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoo

Geometric tattoo styles mesh perfectly with the intricacy of hamsa tattoos and lead to pieces that are complex, striking, and unique.

Geometric hamsa tattoos use repeating patterns of shapes and lines to capture the shapes typically found in hamsa tattoos – the hand and two thumbs.

The tattoo style can also be used to add additional features, like the ones discussed below.

Geometric Hamsa Tattoo

Geometric Hamsa Tattoo

  • Stick and Poke Hamsa Tattoos

Stick and poke hamsa tattoos are a wonderful way to add a DIY flair to the hamsa tattoo design.

Typically, stick and poke hamsa tattoos are use simple outlines and minimal detailing to create pieces that look like they were tattooed thousands of years ago.

Today, stick and poke tattoos don’t need to be done using primitive tools and techniques.

Talented tattoo artists can replicate the style using modern-day tools, so you can benefit from improved safety, artistry, and precision.

Stick and Poke Hamsa Tattoo

Stick and Poke Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo Ideas

Depending on your faith, you can get the hamsa tattoo with other imagery to enhance its effects.

As we mentioned above, the most general meaning of a hamsa tattoo is protection against evil.

Obviously, there is a ton of room for personal interpretations and variation here.

As we’ll see below, contemporary hamsa tattoos come in all kinds of styles – each with its own meaning and significance.

Check out our hamsa tattoo ideas for some divine guidance!

A simple hamsa tattoo is one that sticks to traditional design characteristics – a hand with two thumbs.

By forgoing modern styles and touches, simple hamsa tattoos retain a lot of their ancient meaning and significance.

They serve as a reminder that there are people, things, and beliefs in your life that will be there to protect you when you need them most.

They also symbolize the inner strength to protect yourself!

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

Small hamsa tattoos are a great option for anyone looking for a tattoo imbued with deep meaning that can be concealed easily or kept personal.

Given the skill of modern tattoo artists, small hamsa tattoos don’t need to be simple, either.

You’re free to individualize your small tattoo with patterns, symbols, and colors just like you would a larger tattoo.

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Elephant hamsa tattoos are a popular variation that features – you guessed it – an elephant!

On top of the protection and good fortune symbolized by the hamsa itself, the elephant tattoo symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and compassion.

In its entirety, the elephant hamsa tattoo can take on several individualized meanings.

Maybe it symbolizes your spiritual commitment to overcoming the darkness inside yourself.

Maybe it symbolizes your willingness to protect those you love.

The possibilities are almost endless!

Elephant and Hamsa Tattoo

Elephant Hamsa Tattoo

Like the elephant hamsa tattoo, the owl hamsa tattoo combines the symbolism of both of its features into something bigger than the sum of its parts.

In many cultures, owls symbolize wisdom, independence, and unflinching justice.

For example, in ancient Greek mythology, the owl was the animal symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war.

When the owl is combined with the hamsa design it creates a tattoo imbued with its own distinct meaning.

Owl hamsa tattoos symbolize a person’s commitment to relying on wisdom and good judgment in times of struggle or bad fortune.

In addition, they symbolize a willingness to fight as a force for good in the universe.

Eye of hamsa tattoos is an ancient variation with a deeply meaningful symbolism attached.

The eye located in the center of the hand represents the ‘evil eye’ – an ancient curse believed to be cast by a malicious glance when a person is unaware.

This hamsa tattoo is believed to provide spiritual protection from these glances.

Whether or not you believe in curses, the eye of hamsa tattoo is a great reminder that you carry the inner strength to overcome to judgment and ill-will of others within you.

It can provide strength in times of struggle and

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa sleeve tattoos are truly a statement piece.

Whether you’re adding a hamsa tattoo to an existing sleeve canvas or are working to create a hamsa design that forms the entirety of the sleeve it is sure to stand out.

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The significance of such a bold hamsa tattoo comes down to commitment.

People who get hamsa sleeve tattoos are generally making the statement that positivity and spiritual protection play a central role in their lives.

Hamsa Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa tattoos are perfect for anyone hoping to create a piece that stands out and turns heads.

The intricacy of the patterns typically featured in hamsa tattoos makes them ideal for bright color schemes and palettes.

In contrast to white ink hamsa tattoos, colorful hamsa tattoos don’t hide on the body – they stand out and share their meaning with the world!

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Lotus hamsa tattoos are a wonderful combination of two ancient tattoo traditions.

Lotus tattoos date back to ancient Hindu beliefs in the flower’s symbolism of purity, beauty, and awakening.

When combined with the spiritual protection of the hamsa design, the tattoo takes on a meaning of its own.

A lotus hamsa tattoo symbolizes optimism by reminding the wearer that the counter to evil and negativity is inner virtue and positivity.

If you work on making yourself into the best that you can be, inside and out, the negativity in your life will begin to flee.

Hamsa Lotus Tattoo

Hamsa Lotus Tattoo

White ink hamsa tattoos are incredibly unique.

Not many people choose to get them, and because they stand out.

Their faint lines and patterns make them difficult to see from a distance, and that makes for an intimate tattoo that keeps its personal meaning between you and those closest to you.

White Ink Hamsa Tattoo

White Ink Hamsa Tattoo

In modern interpretations, the hamsa tattoo is sometimes perceived as a ‘feminine tattoo’.

This shouldn’t be the case.

For starters, this belief represents an outdated approach to tattooing that genders designs based on subjective interpretations.

In reality, tattoos designs like the hamsa are blank canvases that are neither masculine nor feminine.

In addition, hamsa tattoos have a long history of being worn by both men and women who are hoping to protect themselves from the negativity in their lives.

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Tattoo Placement

As we mentioned above, hamsa tattoos are incredibly flexible as pieces of body art.

That means they work on almost any area of the body.

There is no ‘correct’ place to get a hamsa tattoo, it all comes down to personal preference and intention!

With that being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing where to place your hamsa tattoo that we’ll go over below.

Hamsa wrist tattoos are extremely popular due to the fact that the wrist is a perfect size and shape for the design.

The wrist provides a relatively wide, flat surface that allows you and the tattoo artist you choose to get creative when it comes to designs, patterns, and shapes.

In addition, the wrist allows for an added layer of meaning.

Traditionally, when a hamsa design is facing upwards it symbolizes protection – as we discussed above.

However, when the hamsa tattoo is facing downwards it symbolizes openness to the blessings and gifts of the universe.

Hamsa tattoos on the wrist are frequently in both orientations as you go about your daily life and this makes them doubly powerful.

Hamsa Wrist Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist

Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist

Hamsa forearm tattoos are similar to hamsa wrist tattoos and share many of the same characteristics.

One of these is the tattoo’s double meaning as it shifts between the upwards and downwards orientation.

However, the forearm hamsa tattoo allows for easy concealment when you wear a long-sleeved shirt or sweater.

When unconcealed, forearm hamsa tattoos are striking pieces that draw attention and spark conversations.

They are perfect for anyone who is proud to tell the world about their commitment to positivity and universal openness.

Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

Of all the places to get a hamsa tattoo, the back provides the most room to experiment with size.

The back is a very large canvas for the hamsa tattoo and this allows you to put as much detail into the piece as you could possibly want.

Generally, back tattoos are striking due to their size.

However, they offer an additional layer of privacy due to the fact that they can easily be concealed under a shirt or top.

In other words, hamsa back tattoos stand out, but only when you want them to!

Hamsa Tattoo on Back

Hamsa Back Tattoo

Hamsa foot tattoos are an incredibly popular variety of hamsa tattoos.

It’s easy to see why!

Placing a hamsa tattoo on the foot allows you to choose a deeply personal meaning that you don’t necessarily want the world to see – just you and those closest to you!

The size and flatness of the foot make it a great canvas as well, so it’s the perfect location to choose if you want to get creative with patterns or shapes.

Hamsa Tattoo on Foot

Hamsa Tattoo on Foot

Like hamsa foot tattoos, hamsa ankle tattoos are fantastic for anyone looking for a subtle place to get a hamsa design.

Simply wearing long pants or socks is usually enough to conceal the tattoo if you’re planning on having hidden for long periods of time.

While the ankle isn’t as flat as other regions of the body, there is still plenty of room to fit a design that you love!

Hamsa Ankle Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo on Ankle

Hamsa Tattoo on Ankle


The great power of the hamsa tattoo is not only in the gesture of hope and protection that it embraces.

These powerful amulets are invested with mystical energy that symbolizes defense against evil, an appeal to divine assistance in times of danger, and a visual reminder of God’s protection.

Hopefully, this article inspired you to start thinking about the huge variety of hamsa tattoos out there.

This ancient tattoo is extremely versatile, deeply meaningful, and best of all, stunningly beautiful!

It’s a wonderful choice for anyone who’s looking for a little bit of spiritual guidance or protection.

Hamsa Tattoo FAQ

What does a Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

The hamsa tattoo represents protection and good luck and is often worn as a sign of spiritual devotion. Other meanings associated with hamsa tattoos are maternal love, spiritual beliefs, and a commitment to purity.

Hamsa Tattoo Meaning Up or Down?

The hamsa is a symbol of both protection and good luck. But you should choose which one you want to focus on before getting your tattoo.
Hamsa Facing Upright: the hamsa acts primarily as a protection symbol.
Hamsa Facing Down: the hamsa is open to receive blessings from the universe.

What does an elephant and Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

On top of the protection and good fortune symbolized by the hamsa itself, the elephant tattoo symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and compassion. In its entirety, the elephant hamsa tattoo can take on several individualized meanings: Your spiritual commitment to overcoming the darkness inside yourself and your willingness to protect those you love.

What does a lotus and Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

A lotus hamsa tattoo symbolizes optimism by reminding the wearer that the counter to evil and negativity is inner virtue and positivity.

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