17 Tattoo Ideas That Show Love For Your Family

There are many ways, design-wise, that these dolls can be represented.

101 Best Family Tattoos

Family Tattoo Ideas

  • Ana Roberts
  • March 4, 2023

The family tattoo has become one of the most popular ideas in recent years. Family tattoos are about showing love and honoring relationships through meaningful artwork. These tattoo designs offer symbols of our love, commitment and loyalty to family with a promise to support and protect these important people in our life.

Whether you want a heart to show love and affection or a bear that demonstrates protection, there are several great family tattoo ideas to consider. Some men might want a name tattoo on the back or across the chest for a bold and edgy look, while some women might prefer a family tree on the forearm or wrist for a feminine vibe.

With so many tattoos that symbolize family, it can be a challenge choosing the perfect design.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best family tattoos. From small and simple to matching ideas, explore these family tattoo designs to find special artwork.

Family Tattoos

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    • 1.1 Meaningful Family Tattoo
    • 1.2 Family Tattoo For Men
    • 1.3 Family Tattoo For Women
    • 1.4 Family Tree Tattoo
    • 1.5 Family Symbol Tattoo
    • 1.6 Matching Family Tattoo
    • 1.7 Family Over Everything Tattoo
    • 1.8 Family Tattoo with Quotes
    • 1.9 Family Forever Tattoo
    • 1.10 Lion Family Tattoo
    • 1.11 Wolf Family Tattoo
    • 1.12 Bear Family Tattoo
    • 1.13 Small Family Tattoo
    • 1.14 Simple Family Tattoo
    • 1.15 Family in Japanese Tattoo
    • 1.16 Family in Greek Tattoo
    • 1.17 Tribal Family Tattoo
    • 1.18 Family Anchor Tattoo
    • 1.19 Family Names Tattoo
    • 1.20 Family Heart Tattoo
    • 1.21 Family Script Tattoo
    • 1.22 Celtic Family Tattoo
    • 1.23 Family Portrait Tattoo
    • 1.24 Family Silhouette Tattoo
    • 1.25 Family Chest Tattoo
    • 1.26 Family Back Tattoo
    • 1.27 Family Forearm Tattoo
    • 1.28 Family Sleeve Tattoo
    • 1.29 Family Hand Tattoo
    • 1.30 Family Leg Tattoo

    Family Tattoo Ideas

    Meaningful Family Tattoo

    A meaningful family tattoo is a great way to represent a close bond or commemorate a loved one who has passed. Meaningful designs can be tattoos that symbolize family for a sweet and sentimental tribute or translate to creative signs that indicate your everlasting deep connection. Those wanting a cool design can choose an infinity symbol placed on the back or wrist but can also branch out with small footsteps to portray a growing family, a short memorable quote or a constellation of stars with initials. For a powerful and simple approach, a Celtic knot or family tree with names can help you honor the special people in your life. Meaningful ink doesn’t have to be intricate or large, but you should discuss any design with a skilled artist to perfectly capture your unique family bond.

    Meaningful Family Tattoo

    Special Family Tattoo

    Meaningful Family Tattoos

    Meaningful Family Tattoo Designs

    Meaningful Family Tattoo Ideas

    Family Tattoo For Men

    Family tattoos for men are masculine designs that represent love, commitment, sacrifice and strength. Guys are generally seen as protectors, working to provide for and defend the family against the world. Some family tattoo ideas will highlight your alpha instincts with edgy artwork. If you like American traditional styling, the bold lines, vibrant colors and spiritual meaning behind these tattoos make them great for strong father figures. Animals like lions and bears are popular choices for guys who may want to feature cubs, swallows or anchors to represent individual family members.

    Family Tattoo For Men

    Family Tattoo Designs For Men

    Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

    Family Tattoo For Women

    A family tattoo for women can be an amazing way to represent a transition into motherhood. Women are considered the more nurturing sex and there’s nothing a mother won’t do to protect her kids. To showcase your maternal side, choose a cute and feminine design that subtly represents your growing brood. You can get subtle body art inked along your ankle or choose a bolder design across the back or shoulder that incorporates roses, stars and pastel colors. If you expect your family tree to keep expanding, leave plenty of room to build on your piece over time.

    Family Tattoo For Women

    Family Tattoo Ideas For Women

    Family Tattoo Designs For Women

    Meaningful Tattoo Symbolizes Family

    Family Tree Tattoo

    A family tree tattoo is an amazing way to represent your closest relatives and works well on any body part. This design symbolizes longevity, connection and the ability to thrive in the most adverse conditions. The most popular version of this tattoo involves branches for each family member with names subtly woven into the ink. You can get creative with your artwork by choosing a photorealistic style or keeping things cute and cartoon-like for a more abstract piece. Several trees have special meanings, and it’s worth getting a Fir to represent fortitude, a Willow to symbolize wisdom and hope or a Birch tree to signal the birth of a new baby.

    Family Tree Tattoo

    Family Tree Tattoo Ideas

    Family Tree Tattoo Designs

    Family Symbol Tattoo

    A family symbol tattoo is a cool and attractive option for anyone with a unique heritage. Those of Māori descent can get impressive tribal ink that symbolizes protection. Alternatively, Chinese or Japanese families can proudly showcase their language with symbolic characters. If you don’t have a strong connection to your cultural roots, ground yourself with an infinity symbol or sturdy anchor to subtly represent a strong and unbreakable bond.

    Family Symbol Tattoo

    Family Symbol Tattoo Ideas

    Meaningful Family Symbol Tattoo Designs

    Matching Family Tattoo

    Matching family tattoos are a special way to show love and loyalty between a tight-knit group. A meaningful matching tattoo can be a great idea for husband and wife, mother and daughter or siblings who want a symbol to represent their relationship. A couple may want to symbolize their growing family with a family tree, while loving siblings can choose a unique piece that demonstrates their unity and commitment. Sisters may want a matching feminine design like a butterfly or stars, while brothers can get something masculine and edgy like an arrow or the words “My Brother’s Keeper” inked on their chest. Everyone will need to think about this family tattoo since it needs to be something that each person loves equally.

    Matching Family Tattoo

    Cute Matching Family Symbol Tattoo Designs

    Meaningful Matching Family Tattoo Designs

    Family Over Everything Tattoo

    A family over everything tattoo is a meaningful design that will remind you about the most important things in life. This design can be as complex or straightforward as you like, but the most popular version involves the word “family” above a straight line with the word “everything” directly below it. If you want something more subtle, replace the text with doodles or unique symbols. To dial things up, play around with fonts or the size of your artwork to make a bolder statement.

    Family Over Everything Tattoo

    Family Over Everything Tattoo Design

    Family Over Everything Tattoo Designs

    Family Tattoo with Quotes

    A family tattoo with quotes is an excellent way to immortalize words and phrases with special meaning. The possibilities for this design are endless and you can use a quote from your favorite holiday movie, words of wisdom from your folks or a standout line from a song that resonates with you. If you’re getting a tattoo to represent a new marriage, a quote from your first dance is bound to stand the test of time. Although choosing ink that directly relates to your family experiences can be meaningful, you may prefer ink that talks about the power of an eternal bond.

    Family Tattoo with Quotes

    Family Quote Tattoo Design

    Family Quote Tattoo

    Family Forever Tattoo

    A family forever tattoo is a beautiful choice that will prove your loyalty and connection. As a timeless and sentimental message, a forever design can be a classic written approach that spells out how much you value family. When getting tattooed, you can ink the words “family” and “forever” across your forearms, join the word “family” with the infinity symbol or translate the words into your native language for a cool and subtle tribute to your heritage. Whatever option you choose, don’t be afraid to stylize your body art with images or bold colors that match your personality.

    Family Forever Tattoo

    Family Forever Tattoo Ideas

    Family Forever Tattoo Designs

    Lion Family Tattoo

    The lion family tattoo has become one of the most popular design trends. A lion tattoo can symbolize family, strength, courage and the power of the pride. This sweet design allows you to represent your brood without getting realistic portraits of your family members. Some women may prefer to get a lioness and several cubs in an intricate piece across the back for a bold statement, while guys might want a roaring lion with his family surrounding him, representing the pride.

    Lion Family Tattoo

    Lion Family Tattoo Designs

    Lion Family Tattoo Ideas

    Wolf Family Tattoo

    A wolf family tattoo is an edgy and spiritual design that beautifully symbolizes pack culture, loyalty and protection. This artwork can be inked among family members in an identical style, but you can also switch things up with unique details that make each tattoo personal. You can get a hyper-realistic design, but you can also incorporate dark colors, Americana elements and bold shading for a more rugged and badass look. If you want to convey your family’s fierce strength, add bared teeth and glowing yellow eyes to your ink.

    Wolf Family Tattoo

    Wolf Family Tattoo Designs

    Wolf Family Tattoo Ideas

    Bear Family Tattoo

    A bear family tattoo is an edgy and sentimental design that instantly commands respect. The bear traditionally symbolizes strength and protection, making this family tattoo a meaningful choice. Since mother bears are endlessly protective, this tattoo alludes to strong maternal instincts. For men, this powerful design can be used to show respect for your mother or wife as the foundation of the family unit. You can also get a fierce bear on your chest, back, shoulder or arm that demonstrates your willingness to defend your loved ones.

    Bear Family Tattoo

    Bear Family Tattoo Ideas

    Bear Family Tattoo Designs

    Small Family Tattoo

    A small family tattoo is an attractive choice for anyone who wants to keep their ink subtle and minimalist. Meaningful small tattoo designs are cheaper and less painful, making this artwork a great choice for families on a budget or anyone with a low pain threshold. Since smaller artwork can be easy to cover up, don’t be afraid to get creative with bold lines, shading and symbols. For best results, stick to single images or words for a clean finish that can be added to later.

    Small Family Tattoo

    Small Family Tattoo Ideas

    Small Family Tattoo Designs

    Simple Family Tattoo

    A simple family tattoo allows you to symbolize a strong connection while keeping your artwork aesthetically pleasing. Simple designs work well with bold monochrome lines as your artist can focus on the message behind your ink. If you’re looking for ideas, try a cute elephant that represents the herd mentality, wisdom and an eternal bond, or go for symbols like hearts and flowers that look classically elegant.

    Simple Family Tattoo

    Simple Family Tattoo Designs

    Meaningful Simple Family Tattoo

    Family in Japanese Tattoo

    A family in Japanese tattoo can help you showcase your roots, offering a cool cultural design on the skin. When getting the Japanese symbol for family, kanji lettering will look beautiful behind the ear, on the neck or down the forearm for a bold look. If you want your artwork to stand out, consider a traditional Japanese tattoo style that uses expressive lines and deep colors.

    Family in Japanese Tattoo

    Family in Japanese Tattoo Designs

    Family in Greek Tattoo

    A family in Greek tattoo is an excellent way to represent and honor family members who are close to your heart. Greek families are traditionally large and hospitable, so it probably won’t be difficult to convince your siblings or parents to get in on the action. To make your design unique, switch up the font, ask a family member to handwrite a phrase or surround the words with animal images, hearts and stars for an eye-catching finish.

    Family in Greek Tattoo

    Family in Greek Tattoo Designs

    Tribal Family Tattoo

    A tribal family tattoo is a cool and trendy way to reflect your roots with a stylish design. If you have a Native American background, discuss traditional artwork with your tattooist that represents strength, protection and wisdom. Fearsome lions and bears are popular choices to symbolize family, but you can also choose compasses, arrows or other symbols that hint at staying true to yourself. For those of Māori and Polynesian descent, intricate Ta Moko body art is a great way to express yourself.

    Tribal Family Tattoo

    Tribal Family Tattoo Designs

    Tribal Family Tattoo Ideas

    Family Anchor Tattoo

    The family anchor tattoo is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to symbolize loyalty and stability. These heavy objects are traditionally used to ground ships, but they’ve also become one of the most powerful global symbols of steadfastness and endurance. There are several variations of this style, and you can choose a bold American traditional tattoo with the word “family” displayed on it, a simple monochrome design or intricate art that incorporates ropes and other nautical imagery.

    Family Anchor Tattoo

    Family Anchor Tattoo Designs

    Family Anchor Tattoo Ideas

    Family Names Tattoo

    A family name tattoo is a classic design that requires little time in the chair while still allowing you to get creative with your artwork. You can keep things basic with a simple list of names and initials or choose a meaningful image and coil a series of names around it. Since having someone’s name on your skin can be a huge commitment, you’ll want to think about this decision before booking an appointment.

    Famiy Names Tattoo

    Family Names Tattoo Ideas

    Family Names Tattoo Designs

    Family Tree Names Tattoo

    Family Heart Tattoo

    A family heart tattoo is a simple and beautiful design that looks great all over the body. The family heart offers a creative and cute piece that symbolizes love, devotion and loyalty. You can take things to the next level with bold colors and intricate linework, but this artwork is beautiful when kept small and delicate. As a well-known symbol of eternal love and passion, the heart can be a sweet idea for couples and new parents. You can get a small heart in black ink or jazz up your artwork with vibrant colors, imagery or special quotes.

    Family Heart Tattoo

    Family Heart Tattoo Designs

    Family Heart Tattoo Ideas

    Meaningful Family Heart Tattoo Designs

    Family Script Tattoo

    A family script tattoo is an artistic way to symbolize a deep connection with cool and cursive text. The forearm is a great placement for this design as the shape of the arm beautifully complements the aesthetic cursive text. You can keep your artwork simple with the word itself or adorn your design with roses, photorealistic pack animals or hearts. Whatever you choose, ensure that all linework is kept clean and precise to prevent your tattoo from looking trashy or muddy.

    Family Script Tattoo

    Family Script Tattoo Designs

    Family Script Tattoo Ideas

    Celtic Family Tattoo

    A Celtic family tattoo is one of the most popular designs, symbolizing powerful love and solid bonds. While often reserved for people of Celtic heritage, the Trinity symbol and knot look beautiful on just about anyone. With no start or end, the Celtic knot is the perfect symbol of the eternal commitment between husband and wife or a deep connection between siblings. If you need something easy to conceal, get a small knot on your lower back or ankle. For a bold statement piece, consider artwork on the chest, upper back or arm.

    Celtic Family Tattoo

    Celtic Family Tattoo Designs

    Stylish Celtic Family Tattoo

    Family Portrait Tattoo

    A family portrait tattoo is a stunning design that will take your loved ones with you everywhere you go. This photorealistic artwork can look amazing if you choose a skilled artist. Getting a half or full sleeve along the arm allows you to add to your ink as your family tree grows, but the back, leg and chest are also solid options for portrait tattoos. It’s best to choose an area with a large canvas to give your artist flexibility, as smaller areas don’t give you the chance to add much detail. If you’re looking for an abstract design, pick out key features for each member of your family and work these into a unique collage.

    Family Portrait Tattoo Ideas

    Family Portrait Tattoo

    Family Portrait Tattoo Designs

    Family Silhouette Tattoo

    The family silhouette tattoo can be a unique and touching piece that captures meaningful moments. A silhouette design has been a cool choice for couples with young children, often featuring sunset imagery to represent moving forward, the inevitability of growing up and new beginnings. To keep things simple, stick to a silhouette tattoo that shows you holding hands with your family, playing in the park or engaging in your favorite activity. If you plan to grow your family tree, leave extra room for new arrivals.

    Family Silhouette Tattoo

    Family Silhouette Tattoo Designs

    Family Silhouette Tattoo Ideas

    Meaningful Family Silhouette Tattoo Ideas

    Family Chest Tattoo

    A family chest tattoo can be the perfect opportunity to create a daring design that instantly catches the eye. This part of the body is large enough for detailed or photorealistic ink but can be easily covered up if you work in a professional setting. This placement is also a popular choice for meaningful artwork as the left side of the chest is located directly above the heart. You can keep things simple but bold with the word “family” emblazoned across your entire chest or choose a small and subtle heart that covers one side to represent your eternal love.

    Family Chest Tattoo

    Family Chest Tattoo Designs

    Family Chest Tattoo Ideas

    Family Back Tattoo

    A family back tattoo always looks breathtaking and gives you a large canvas to work with. This area offers several placements, including the upper back, mid-back, lower back and full back. A tattoo that covers the entire back makes an incredible statement, and you can fill this space with anything from an enormous family tree to a striking portrait of your loved ones. For something more subtle, go for a small but symbolic design near the lower back that can be easily covered up. To make your piece cool and inspiring, consider adding a quote to your image.

    Family Back Tattoo

    Family Back Tattoo Designs

    Family Back Tattoo Ideas

    Family Forearm Tattoo

    A family forearm tattoo is a versatile choice that instantly draws the eye. The lower arm offers the perfect spot for bold design work such as feminine artwork adorned with roses and flowers or masculine ideas with realistic animals, thorns and thick linework. As the forearm area gives you a large canvas to work with, experiment with detail to create a design that speaks to you. Whether you choose to ink the word “family” or get a pack of wolves, grasped hands and significant dates, your artwork will certainly stand out.

    Family Forearm Tattoo

    Family Forearm Tattoo Designs

    Family Forearm Tattoo Ideas

    Family Sleeve Tattoo

    The family sleeve tattoo is a trendy choice that allows you to work on your piece over time. A sleeve should be a meaningful design that captures the essence of your family. Given the placement and space, a half or full sleeve family tattoo already demonstrates the significance of the artwork. Depending on your taste, you can go all-out with a full sleeve that incorporates quotes, images and bold colors or scale things back with a simple half sleeve that looks edgy but gives you room to build. As sleeves can get complex and may look cluttered, be careful to add detail, specific lines and shading to your piece to give it clarity.

    Family Sleeve Tattoo

    Family Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

    Family Hand Tattoo

    A family hand tattoo is a cool idea for anyone who wants a design that represents their family bond without committing to artwork on the chest, back or forearm. A meaningful hand tattoo can be a cool piece that spans across the top of the hand or a word, phrase or name featured on the side of the palm. For a unique design, get creative with vibrant colors or add artwork that stretches up the fingers.

    Family Hand Tattoo

    Family Hand Tattoo Designs

    Family Hand Tattoo Ideas

    Family Leg Tattoo

    A family leg tattoo is a popular option that offers the freedom to create detailed designs with character and cool styling. The calf and shin are the most popular spots for intricate artwork, but you can choose an upper thigh tattoo for privacy. From cute elephants to an extensive family tree, many leg tattoo designs have intimate meanings.

    Family Leg Tattoo

    Family Leg Tattoo Designs

    Family Leg Tattoo Ideas

    Tattoos To Symbolize Family

    The most popular tattoo designs that symbolize family include the Celtic knot, heart, dates, initials, portraits, the infinity sign intertwined with the word, a tree with the names of your members, elephants, wolves and lions. While many designs can represent family, the best tattoos for men and women have a special meaning that demonstrates your unique bond.

    What Is A Family Tattoo?

    A family tattoo is a symbol that honors the bond you have with the people you love. When getting tattooed, there are many meaningful designs that can show unconditional love, devotion, sacrifice and willingness to protect the special people in your life. From children to partners and parents, these tattoos can help you show appreciation for these amazing relationships.

    17 Tattoo Ideas That Show Love For Your Family

    Family Portrait Tattoo

    Do you want to get a tattoo that symbolizes your love for your family?

    Perhaps you want to prove to your family, in a permanent way, how much you care about them and how you will always be there for them.

    This can be done in a sleeve or a large chest or back tattoo, or with something as simple as the word “Family” on your forearm.

    Both men and women get tattoos in honor of their families, and we will show you a bunch of great design ideas with their meanings that you can potentially use.

    Let’s take a look at what designs can represent family:

    Elephant Tattoos

    Elephant tattoos represent unity, loyalty, love, compassion, strength, and fidelity.

    All of these meanings truly symbolize the essence of family.

    Elephant tattoo that symbolizes family

    This is a great tattoo to get in honor of the bond you have with your family and as a promise to always put them first.

    This tattoo can be received by a man or a woman and has no specific gender attached to it.

    Anyone can receive an elephant tattoo as a way of paying homage to their family.

    Butterfly Tattoos

    Butterfly tattoos can symbolize freedom, fertility, joy, immortality, and the soul.

    Three Butterfly Tattoos

    This tattoo is about the belief that you and your family will be together forever and that they bring your immense joy.

    The Simplicity of the Word, “Family”

    It may seem obvious, but having a tattoo of the word “Family” is an excellent way to prove to your family that you love and care about them.

    Some people get this word tattoo in cursive, others in different fonts, but the meaning is always the same.

    This kind of lettering tattoo means that you love your family unconditionally and will always be there for them.

    Family Lettering Tattoos

    Other than the word “Family,” there are many types of lettering tattoos possible to represent the love you have for your family.

    For example, you could receive a tattoo that says, “You Are My Life Now,” or “One Love Forever.”

    There are loads of other quotes, phrases, and words that you can get that symbolize family.

    Lettering Tattoo

    You could also receive the names of your immediate family members in a tattoo design!

    There are a lot of options here, so choose wisely and pick a lettering tattoo that is close to your heart.

    Sibling Lettering Tattoos

    If you want to specifically represent your siblings in your family tattoo, you can get a tattoo that says, “Sisters,” or “Brothers,” and wear it proudly as a way of honoring your bond with them.

    Sibling Lettering Tattoos

    This is a blatant symbol of appreciation for your brother or sister, and one that can also work well as a matching tattoo.

    Birthday Date Tattoos

    A date tattoo signifying the date of a family member’s birth or death can illustrate a remembrance of them.

    Birthday Date Tattoos

    This date is usually accompanied by another tattoo symbol representing family love, such as a heart tattoo or an infinity symbol.

    Birthday Date Tattoos

    This tattoo design is an excellent way of carrying on that person’s memory and a way of you promising never to forget them or stop loving them.

    Mom Tattoos

    People typically associate mom tattoos with the 1950s, where many American sailors would get a tattoo of a heart with the word “Mom” inside of it.

    These tattoos do not solely belong in the past.

    People still get “Mom” tattoos as a representation of how the mother of the household is often the heart of the family.

    Mom Tattoo

    Without the mom, in fact, there would be no family at all.

    This tattoo can show your recognition of your mom’s importance in holding the family together and creating you and your siblings.

    Tallest to Shortest Tattoo

    You may have seen the bumper sticker that has the tallest family member on the left, and a cascading image of each other family member ranked by height.

    This is not only a popular bumper sticker but works as a tattoo, too.

    This tattoo design is a cute way of showing you, your spouse, and your children in a tattoo that can represent each one of them and how much you care about them.

    Infinity Symbol Tattoos

    The infinity tattoo is the ultimate symbol of unity and eternity.

    These are symbolic statements that are more than appropriate to represent family.

    Infinity Tattoo

    The Infinity tattoo symbol represents the eternal love that you share with your family and how you will never give up on them.

    Family Sleeve Tattoos

    There are many designs representing family that you can incorporate into a sleeve tattoo.

    You can incorporate any of the tattoo symbols we have discussed so far with other patterns and decorative designs.

    Family Sleeve Tattoo

    Receiving a sleeve in honor of your family means that you are dedicated to them for life and it is an extremely strong symbol of your love for them.

    Rose and Anchor Tattoos

    Rose and anchor tattoos represent on the one hand love, and on the other hand loyalty and safety.

    The rose in this tattoo symbolizes the undying love that you have for your family and if part of your family involves a spouse, it also represents the romance bonding you two.

    The anchor part means that you are bound to your family like glue and that if they are going down your going down with them.

    This kind of strong loyalty is only found in the best of families and truly means that you will never let your family members down.

    Rose Tattoos

    Rose tattoos by themselves symbolize intense love shared between family members.

    Roses also can symbolize romantic love between two partners within a family.

    Rose Tattoo

    Roses are often given as gifts of love and affection.

    They can also be tattoos accompanied by other symbols that represent love or loyalty, or by lettering tattoos such as the names of your family members.

    Anchor Tattoos

    Anchor tattoos are great symbols for the meaning of loyalty.

    Anchors hold boats in place and they are relied on by people to serve their purpose– a purpose which they succeed in fulfilling.

    Anchor Tattoo

    In the same way, families anchor together and are loyal in their job of being part of a family unit.

    Therefore, anchors are an excellent tattoo symbol for families sticking together and being loyal to one another.

    Russian Doll Tattoos

    Everyone is familiar with the Russian dolls that each fit inside of one another.

    These dolls can become tattoo symbols of the different members of your immediate family.

    Russian Doll Tattoos

    This tattoo represents how they all fit together perfectly and how you each need each other to complete a whole.

    There are many ways, design-wise, that these dolls can be represented.

    Each design, however, has the same meaning: this tattoo represents unity, togetherness, and family.

    Tree Tattoos

    One can use a tree as a metaphor for the family: the branches represent each part of your immediate and distant family members, while the roots represent the bond that holds you all together and helps you all stay grounded.

    Tree Tattoos

    Tree tattoos also represent safety, which is in many cultures held as special importance to the father of the household.

    Many men do get tree tattoos, whether they know about this symbolism or not.

    Both men and women can get these tattoos, however, to symbolize the unity and importance of family.

    Bird Tattoos

    Another tattoo that you can get that represents family is a flock of birds that are flying.

    Each bird tattoo can represent one family member in your immediate family, or a general flock could represent your family in its entirety.

    Three Birds Tattoos

    Birds have great freedom, yet they choose to stay together when they travel.

    These bird tattoos can represent the fact that your family members are growing in different directions, but they still choose to stay together at the end of the day as one flock.

    Family Portrait Tattoos

    You don’t have to receive the faces of all of your family members, but many people get the faces of their children tattooed in a sleeve, back, or chest tattoo.

    Family Portrait Tattoo

    This tattoo may just be the ultimate symbol of the family because you are tattooing your family member or members onto your body to be there forever.

    Family is Forever

    No matter what, strong families are bonded together forever.

    Not only do you share the same name, but you share the same ancestors and the same spirit, too.

    A tattoo that is aimed to represent family is a small way of strengthening that bond, and of proving to your family that you will never let them down.

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