Top 115 Tattoo Cover Up Ideas 2022 Inspiration Guide

The length of time that your back tattoo will take to complete depends on several factors. This includes the size and detail you opt for. A complete back design could take around 30 hours or more if it requires a lot of shading. A smaller piece may only take an hour or two. Your tattoo session will also influence the price.

25 Coolest Back Tattoos for Women

Back Tattoos For Women

Body art is a way to express yourself, share what is important to you, and make a statement, and what better place for it than with a back tattoo? This placement is so popular because of its versatility; it is large enough to allow for big and detailed pieces, but small and simple inkings look just as good. It is also considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain scale and is easy to cover up. You may wonder why you’d want to get inked somewhere you can’t see every day, but you don’t need to see your tattoo for it to have meaning. Instead, wear it like a badge of honor and a reminder of why you chose to get it in the first place.

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1. Back and Neck Tattoo

The back is one of the most popular options for body art for several reasons. For starters, a back tattoo is an excellent spot for ink because it is easy to cover up and considered low on the tattoo pain chart scale, especially the further you get from the bones of your spine and hip. That said, for those who are daring and have a rebellious nature, a large piece covering the back and neck is a fantastic option. The neck is one of the most controversial places to get inked because of its visibility. This makes it hard to hide and can affect your job prospects. Although the attitude towards ink changes, a neck tattoo represents strength and indicates a desire not to conform.

Back And Neck Tattoo

2. Full Back Tattoo

Do you have a design that you love that is large and detailed? Then opt for a full back tattoo. There is no better placement because the area is big enough to allow for ink that requires a lot of detail. The spot offers versatility because there are very few limits to what you can get done, and it won’t be as painful as in some other places. Pick from various options, including mandalas and unique geometric patterns or body art that tells a story. For example, a snake wrapped around a rose. You can show off your ink when you want and cover it up, making this the perfect spot.

Full Back Tattoo

3. Back and Shoulder Tattoo

Deciding on the placement of your body art is just as important as the design. For example, a back and shoulder tattoo is a gorgeous place for a woman to get inked. The outer shoulder has thick skin and fewer nerve endings, meaning it won’t cause you extreme discomfort, and the skin does not stretch the way other places will. This means your ink will look great for longer. It is also easy to cover up, which makes this location versatile. When it comes to your chosen piece, your creativity is your limit. Perhaps you want a stunning floral or bird design that spreads over the shoulder and down the back. Or you can pick something unique with symbolic importance to you.

Back And Shoulder Tattoo

4. Upper Back Tattoo

The upper back is usually one of the widest areas on the body, making it a fantastic location for a large and detailed inking. Deciding on an upper back tattoo is smart because wearing off-the-shoulder or open-back tops is easy to show off when you want. Another reason people are drawn to this spot is because it is considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale. The area typically has thick skin and fewer nerve endings. Remember, the closer you ink toward the bone or your spine, the more painful your piece will be.

Upper Back Tattoo

5. Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoos have gotten a bad reputation with people who got something done that they later regretted. It earned itself an unflattering nickname in the 90s when it was shown off with low-cut jeans and crop tops. But the attitude towards body art has changed a lot over the years, and this is not a trashy placement for your body art. Of course, your chosen design and how you show it off will affect the public’s attitude toward your artwork, but you’re getting it for you, no one else. The area is also considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale and can be a sensual and feminine location.

Lower Back Tattoo

6. Spine Tattoo

Many individuals are drawn to the back for their body art because of its size, versatility, and relatively low pain level. That said, the spine is more painful because of the nerve endings in the area. How detailed your design is will also play a part in the discomfort; for example, something that requires a lot of shading and for you to sit for a longer session will hurt more. There are so many fantastic options for a spine tattoo, though. This includes the different phases in the lunar cycle or a quote piece created using an interesting font. Before deciding on a spine tattoo, weighing the pros and cons is important. Some caution against spine inking if you need an epidural during childbirth or spinal surgery. This could increase the risk of infection.

Spine Tattoo

7. Small Back Tattoo

For those who love getting a back piece but don’t want something large or overly detailed, a small tattoo is the best option. Tiny ink is great because it doesn’t cost as much, requires a shorter tattoo session, and will cause minor discomfort. Plus, they are discreet. There is no limit to what you can or cannot ink, whether it’s a cute animal that you love, a little symbol that means something to you, or a single word that moves you. It is often best to keep small tattoos simple and without too much detail because they do not age well.

Small Back Tattoo

8. Cross Back Tattoo

If your faith plays an important role in your life, then a cross tattoo on the back is a beautiful choice. The cross symbolizes many things, including representing Jesus’ undying love, sacrifice, and selflessness. It can also be inked as a memorial piece for someone who has passed. The cross is a simple symbol, but if you want a more detailed artwork, this can include other images, depending on the meaning you wish to convey. For example, some may choose to incorporate Jesus and a crown of thorns; others may want to add the name of a loved one or an important date.

Cross Back Tattoo

9. Tribal Back Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are rich in symbolism. Although there are many different styles to choose from, each with its unique meaning and interpretation of images, tribal tattoos celebrate cultural heritage and show hierarchy and personal achievements. They can represent strength, bring the wearer good luck, or offer protection. The meaning changes from culture to culture, but there is no denying that the option for a piece like this on your back makes an important statement. Maybe you feel closer to your ancestors, or perhaps you want to honor them in some way. However, it is essential to remember that using a tribal tattoo for decorative purposes when you have no ties to that culture could be offensive and misappropriated. For this reason, it is always important to do your research beforehand.

Tribal Back Tattoo

10. Japanese Back Tattoo

Japanese tattoos, or the art of Irezumi, have a distinct style, often distinguished by their bold appearance, vibrant colors, and identifiable and meaningful subject matter. The designs are expressive and rich in symbolism. There are usually several images that are favored, which have cultural significance. These include koi fish, geishas, the lotus flower and cherry blossom, and mythical creatures like a dragon or phoenix. As stunning as this technique is, it is also shrouded in controversy as the infamous Yakuza gang was known for inking their bodies, and body art does carry a stigma in Japan.

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Japanese Back Tattoo

11. Chinese Back Tattoo

The fantastic thing about back tattoos is that they lend themselves well to various designs, styles, and sizes. Chinese-inspired body art is symbolic and a celebration of Chinese culture. These can be mythical creatures like the Chinese dragon, which represents good luck and power, or a Chinese symbol, a very popular choice among individuals without Chinese heritage. If you choose to write in a language you do not understand, it is important to do your research and ensure that you do not end up with a piece with an entirely different meaning than you intended.

Chinese Back Tattoo

12. Floral Back Tattoo

Covering your back with floral designs will create a striking and feminine look. Flower tattoos represent so many things, including life, beauty, and love. There are also different blooms to choose from, each with its unique symbolism. The rose is one of the most popular options for body art and represents the balance between beauty and pain. It is a reminder that love can hurt. The lily is associated with purity and modesty, while a sunflower tattoo symbolizes direction, warmth, and joy. Whether you choose a single flower or combine multiple, there is no denying this will make for a stunning piece.

Floral Back Tattoo

13. Sexy Back Tattoo

The back is undoubtedly one of the sexiest places for a tattoo because it draws attention to an area that is considered an especially attractive body part. It could also be that this location is often covered up with clothes, so exposing the back and showing off your artwork makes it a sensual and striking choice. There are so many designs to choose from, from delicate and pretty, to bold and attention-grabbing.

Sexy Back Tattoo

14. Wings Back Tattoo

Individuals who are drawn to the concept of freedom and the idea of freeing themselves from physical or emotional constraints placed upon them by society will love a wings tattoo. They are also associated with the ability to fly, faith, and protection. The back is an excellent spot for this inking because it can look as though you have your very own wings, whether that is a replica of angel wings or birds. This is undoubtedly one of the most symbolic choices for body art and a wonderful way to express yourself.

Wings Back Tattoo

15. Angel Back Tattoo

Angel tattoos are deeply symbolic, and although there is a wide range of different options to get inked, from tiny cherubs to archangels, the back provides an excellent spot for your ink because it allows for enough detail and is low on the tattoo pain chart scale. Angels are messengers of God and a symbol of faith and devotion. They can also represent purity, goodness, hope, and guidance. These are fantastic qualities to celebrate. You may also be drawn to an angel as a memorial piece for someone who has passed, and this could include the name of your loved ones. Body art can provide comfort and solace to those who are hurting or be a way to express thoughts and desires. It is an exceptionally meaningful tattoo design regardless of your reason for choosing an angel inking.

Angel Back Tattoo

16. Eagle Back Tattoo

If you look up at the sky and see an eagle soaring through it, you will probably be filled with feelings of respect and awe. These mighty birds represent courage, wisdom, power, and spirituality. For some, the eagle is also associated with freedom, as it can spread its wings and fly away. There are many reasons why getting an eagle tattoo is a good idea; your back provides the perfect location for it, especially if you’d like the wings to be spread out and show the creature in motion.

Eagle Back Tattoo

17. Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are popular choices because they are associated with strength and power. That said, they typically mean different things to various cultures. They are respected and feared, admired and hated. In the West, they are seen as greedy and evil, while they bring good luck in the East. There are also certain styles and techniques that suit this design, from hyper-realistic to Japanese-inspired artwork. The mythical creatures are interesting to look at, making for a fantastic statement tattoo in black ink or colors.

Dragon Back Tattoo

18. Classic Back Tattoo

We refer to a classic tattoo as the American traditional tattoo technique. Its bold outlines, bright yet limited color palette, and almost cartoonish images define this style. Several themes, including nautical and animal designs, can easily be combined to create a story. Depending on your chosen image, its meaning can change slightly. However, there is no denying that these pieces make a statement. Although those on the fringes of society once only inked them, the style is now enjoying mainstream popularity and recognition. You can honor the art form by opting for this technique. Pick something that will make you want to show off your back constantly.

Classic Back Tattoo

19. Phoenix Back Tattoo

There are few creatures as beautiful and symbolic as the phoenix, and it is not surprising that a phoenix tattoo has become a popular choice to ink for both men and women. The bird is associated with death and rebirth, eternity, strength, and renewal. Legend states that the phoenix bursts into flames and then rises from the ashes of its predecessor. This signifies a journey and a powerful statement about overcoming anything and being stronger for it. The back is a fantastic location because you can include all the detail you want; perhaps this is the bird rising from the ashes or its brilliant wings spread out.

Phoenix Back Tattoo

20. Quote Back Tattoo

Words can move us. Perhaps there is a saying from your favorite film that has stuck with you for years or an excerpt from a poem that resonates with you. If this is the case, then a quote tattoo is a great decision. These pieces can be incredibly meaningful and can be open to interpretation. They can take you back to memories of your childhood or happier times or remind you that you are strong and resilient. In addition, the back provides the perfect location because you can easily cover it up or show it off, and it is large enough to allow for a decent-sized quote.

Quote Back Tattoo

21. Star Back Tattoo

Star tattoos are simple but also symbolic. The star has many meanings associated with it. It is a symbol of protection and honor; for others, it represents freedom and the ability to dream, and it can also offer direction and guidance. If you decide to get a star and want your piece to be a bit more complex and detailed, you can add various other images. For example, if you love nautical themes, then an anchor or a swallow could accompany it. Or perhaps you want to honor a fallen comrade or recreate the night sky. There are so many options to choose from, allowing you to make your piece unique to you.

Star Back Tattoo

22. Skull Back Tattoo

You may not be able to look at your back piece daily, but it is not always about that when you have a meaningful design. Just knowing that you have inked something symbolic onto your skin is often enough; a skull tattoo is undoubtedly filled with symbolism. The human skull represents many things but is most commonly associated with death. This is not always a negative thing. Sometimes, it can show that you are not afraid of death or a reminder to live each day to its fullest. Skulls also look great when accompanied by other images, such as flowers, a butterfly, or a serpent, each of which can alter the meaning slightly.

Skull Back Tattoo

23. Geometric Back Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are stunning to look at, often formed using a series of patterns and shapes. They can create an abstract design or something recognizable, like an animal or a flower. The result is mesmerizing but also evokes feelings of calmness. They represent balance, mystery, and symmetry and can be a way to remind yourself to slow down and take in the beauty of the world. When choosing a geometric design, the back is a wonderful spot because it is big enough to allow for derailing, which these pieces often require. So, if you’re looking for a modern approach to body art, this is it!

Geometric Back Tattoo

24. Wolf Back Tattoo

The wolf is an animal that is celebrated for being loyal and devoted to its family. The canines live and hunt in packs, relying on each other for strength and survival, which is why many people want to honor their own familial bond with the image of a wolf. It can be a wonderful way to remind yourself that you need other people and it’s OK to ask for help. Or that there is strength in numbers and the importance of teamwork to succeed. Regardless of the meaning that appeals to you, a wolf tattoo makes for a gorgeous inking when etched across your back.

Wolf Back Tattoo

25. Lion Back Tattoo

The lion is a mighty and fearsome beast. The king of the jungle represents bravery and courage and is a fantastic piece for someone who values these qualities. It is also an animal that is associated with royalty and grace. If you want your lion tattoo to have a more feminine energy, you can opt for a lioness instead. She will represent motherhood, fertility, and strength. It could also be a way to celebrate your female energy or the bond you share with the other women in your life.

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Lion Back Tattoo

Back Tattoos FAQs

Are back tattoos good?

The back is an excellent place for a tattoo because of its versatility and size. You can ink small and delicate pieces or extensive and detailed artwork in this spot. It also allows you to cover it up easily, which is fantastic if you do not want to show off your body art or work in a corporate environment. It is also worth noting that just because you do not see your piece daily does not remove its importance. Another positive is that ink here is not high on the pain scale. This is because of the thick skin and muscle.

How bad do back tattoos hurt?

Determining how much a tattoo will hurt depends on several factors, including the size and detail you require and your threshold for pain. That said, the back is considered one of the least painful options for body art because there is thick skin with fewer nerve endings. However, as you move close to the spine or hips, the more it will hurt.

What is a good tattoo for the back?

The back is a large and flat area, making it ideal for tattoos requiring more detail. There is no limit to what you can or cannot get done, allowing you to get creative with your artwork and find something particularly meaningful to you. Some ideas include Japanese-styled ink, intricate floral designs, and angel wings, a fantastic choice for someone drawn to the views of freedom and protection. You can play around with the placement of your body art, choosing for it to be inked along your spine, entire back, lower back, upper area, and neck.

What is a backpiece tattoo?

A back piece refers to a tattoo that has been created on your back. This usually covers much of your back and involves a detailed and meaningful design. It may include several images that tell a story or be one large and intricate artwork. Depending on the complexity of your chosen design, these pieces will take around 30 hours to complete and will be costly.

How long does a back tattoo take?

The length of time that your back tattoo will take to complete depends on several factors. This includes the size and detail you opt for. A complete back design could take around 30 hours or more if it requires a lot of shading. A smaller piece may only take an hour or two. Your tattoo session will also influence the price.


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Top 115+ Tattoo Cover Up Ideas [2022 Inspiration Guide]

Top 115+ Tattoo Cover Up Ideas [2022 Inspiration Guide]

Often mistakes can be made, the name of an ex-girlfriend, a provocative image not suitable in the workplace, or just a tattoo you outgrew are all reasons to cover up and hide your old ink.

When looking to get some new cover-up ink it is important to bear in mind that for a cover-up to truly work it usually has to be much darker than what is currently residing beneath your skin.

A small tattoo of old lovers name can easily be hidden below the countenance of a rose or lotus blossom that is fully shaded in though the larger and darker the piece, the more difficult it can be to cover.

Fading the unwanted tattoo into the background of a larger piece works rather well on dark tattoos on the arms, what was once an embarrassing reminder becomes the backdrop to a new half or full sleeve.

The use of fully shaded tattoos is especially effective at hiding old ink and allows for the artist to go darker without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. Though sometimes several sessions may be necessary to completely conceal old ink below a shaded tree-line or blacked our feather.

Sometimes the best course is just directly completely inking over the old tattoo and using negative space to create a new piece.

1. Blackout Cover Up Tattoos

Mens White Ink Over Black Skull Tattoo Cover Up Ideas Leg Sleeve

Black Ink Forearm Band Male Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

From the looks of things this was either an old barbed wire tattoo or Celtic band of some description. To cover it up, the artist used a sing needle and painstaking solid black work. After the healing and aftercare is finished this tattoo may need some touch up work to ensure no trace of the old tattoo can be found underneath.

Blackwork Flying Eagle Guys Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Quality cover ups take real skill and commitment from both the artist and subject getting funky trying to find the right fix. This tattoo now looks like a fantastic mix of realism and abstract new wave to show off a beautiful raven. Traces of the old work are gone bar for a couple of sweeps from previous shading that have been folded seamlessly into the new work.

Blackwork Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Guys

Blackwork Negative Space Geometric Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

This piece utilizes negative space in the geometric design to help create variety in the old tattoo’s cover up. The key here is being able package weird shapes of black into something new by turning lines of untattooed flesh into a more artistic shape.

Black Ink Paint Splatter Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Leg

This is the epitome of making the best of a bad situation. The old piece would have been a detailed, heavy shadowed bit of tattooing that obviously left the artist only one choice; get blacker. The cool thing is though that this one has been made into a nice ink splatter new wave concept tattoo rather than a hard to miss wall of black without any theme.

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men Blackwork Forearm Sleeve

Polar Bear Ice Caps Tattoo Cover Up Ideas Mens Leg Sleeve

2. Hand Cover Up Tattoos

Old School Blue Rose Flower Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Hands For Men

Mens Hand Glowing Blue Skull Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

3d Black And Grey Rose Flower Cover Up Hand Tattoos

White And Grey Shaded Rose Flower Cover Up Hand Tattoos For Men

male with cover up cross anchor tattoo on hand

Guys Cover Up Diving Helmet Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are tough. Many people choose to get ink on some of the most visible parts of the body without properly thinking throu gh the life changing effects they can have. Thankfully there are talented artists that are able to apply a variety of images in a number of different styles to create compelling designs that perfectly hide the existing ink.

3. Abstract and Geometric Cover Up Tattoos

Modern Blackwork Geometric Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

Geometric Half Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

In this piece the cover up is almost incidental. The geometric style of the main work is a real showstopper and done with great precision and clarity. At the very end of the work the artist opted to use some heavy kohl shading to eliminate the ugliness of the previous barbed wire tattoo. It is likely some more work will go into that section of the piece to complete it.

Geometric Star Mens Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Shoulder

This mandala style tattoo cover up idea is somewhat unusual in that part of the original tattoo’s color and shade is central to the new art. The artist uses fine black line work over the top to create the middle of the flower, then moves outward with symmetrical detail to finish it off.

mens cover up inner forearm hexagon geometric tattoos

Abstract Cover Up Upper Arm Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Geometric Forearm Cover Up Tattoos For Men

manly cover up half sleeve tattoo designs

Mens Negative Space Geometric Pattern Cover Up Shoulder Tattoos

Paint Splatter Black Ink Negative Space Letters Guys Cover Up Tattoos

Many people prefer the freedom of expression that more abstract approaches provide, and this sensibility applies to cover up work as well. This style is actually better suited to cover up work than other methods thanks to the lack of constraints that this style ha s , allowing the artist to create a design that perfectly covers the existing tattoo.

Tribal 3d Mens Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

4. Skull Cover Up Tattoos

Skull Wih Octopus Tentacles Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Mens Leg Sleeve Skull Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Mens Tribal Cover Up Tattoo On Arm With 3d Skull Design

3d Skull Half Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Arm Skulls Cover Up Manly Guys Tattoo Ideas

Arm Skull With Flower Petals Cover Up Tattoos For Men

Skull With Eye Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

Before And After Mens Cover Up Skull Arm Tattoo Ideas

Guys Skull With Us Flag And Grenade Cover Up Arm Tattoo

Unique Skull Cover Up Arm Tattoos For Guys

Tribal Dragon To Skull Before And After Mens Arm Cover Up Tattoos

Skull Over Tribal Cover Up Leg Tattoos For Men With 3d Design

One of the most common and classic design elements in tattoos, skulls are great for cover up work thanks to the variety of styles and approaches that can be applied. From photo-realistic black and gray designs to American traditional flash, skulls just work. They are also an excellent choice for cover ups thanks to the ability to incorporate other elements as well as the ability to use bold black ink in these designs.

5. Animal Cover Up Tattoos

Mens Gorilla Side Of Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Mens Shaded Black And Grey Lion Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Shoulder

Shaded Black And Grey Lion Mens Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Roaring Wolf Shoulder Blade Mens Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Guys Half Sleeve Elephant 3d Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

It seems the popularity of thick, black tribal tattoos have worn off considerably over time. The good thing is they can be replaced and transformed by a premier artist into spectacular new works such as this elephant. The old tattoo is just a memory as the skin of the elephant is created with brilliant shading technique and pattern work to create unforgettable skin. The new tattoo would spark conversations of a far different kind to the old piece.

Guys Realistic 3d Scorpion Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Chest

Can’t help but think that the owner of this piece is trying to tell us something about Jean’s nature. Gone is the simple name tattoo over his heart, replaced by a well worked scorpion. The darkness of the black ink is softened somewhat by good shading to give the reptile it’s edges and clarity across the whole shape.

Tiger Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

Bird On Tree Branch Cover Up Upper Back Tattoos For Men

Black Crow With Skull Arm Cover Up Male Tattoos

Native American Guys Cover Up Arm Tattoo

People create intense bonds with animals. Whether they are beloved pets or some wild animal that exemplifies specific personality traits, animals make for great tattoos. They are also excellent in cover up work thanks to the endless variety of creatures to choose from, and the ability to incorpor ate black as well as color ink.

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Koi Fish Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Leg For Males

Replacing a poorly drawn alien with an exceptional koi is a definite upgrade cover up tattoo. This piece goes from oh no to whoa through the artist’s beautiful use of blackwork scales. The almost shiny black is heightened in detail through exceptional placement of white ink – the armor like layers look like they’ve been drawn individually on the skin.

Male Flying Owl Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Mens Black Jaguar Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Back Shoulder Blade

Guys Wolf In Forest Tattoo Cover Up Ideas On Arm

This nicely drawn wolf in the forest tattoo more than covers for the loss of the original little weird bug type thing. The artist has down a good job in creating unique gray shading to emphasize the canine’s fur, particularly across the top of its head, and around the ears.

6. Dotwork Cover Up Tattoos

Inner Forearm Wrist Male Cover Up Geometric Solid Black Ink Tattoos

Black Ink Megative Space Star Cover Up Geometric Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Gentleman With Dotwork Cover Up Geometric Leg Tattoo

A growing trend in the tattoo world is the use of varying densities of meticulously applied dots to create different images and designs. While dot work may not be the first approach that comes to mind when thinking of cover up tattoos, they can work well depending on the design.

Stippling can be quite effective at breaking up the outlines of existing work and the fully saturated black of the densest portions is well suited for creating quality cover ups.

7. Traditional and Neo Traditional Cover Up Tattoos

Black Jaguar Traditional Cover Up Arm Tattoos For Gentlemen

leg calf anchor cross mens cover up tattoos

Cover Up Mens Japanese Koi Fish Arm Tattoo

Skull With Anvil And Hammer Cover Up Arm Tattoos For Men

mens grim reaper traditional cover up arm tattoos

Sailing Ship With Moon Cover Up Watercolor Arm Tattoos For Men

American traditional and neo-traditional designs are perfectly suited for cover up tattoos for a couple of reasons. The bold line work that is characteristic of these styles is able to create outlines that overpower existing work while the vibrant and fully saturated colors work perfectly to cover the details. There is also an endless variety of flash to choose from.

Traditional Arm Bald Eagle Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

8. Full Back Cover Up Tattoos

Gentleman With Full Back Geometric Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

This tattoo used a heroic amount of detail to cover up the previous tattoo. In this piece the geometry of the cover up is used in combination with the Asian theme to make a complete full back piece. You need to look closely on the mid left of this tattoo to see faint vestiges of the original work under the gray, or peeking out from amongst the petals.

japanese water waves with skull cover up full back tattoos

Cover Up Back Tattoos For Men Will All Seeing Eye Pyramid Design

Japanese Octopus Full Back Cover Up Tattoos For Males

Traditional Goat Church Mens Full Back Cover Up Tattoo Designs

When examining cover up tattoos, one will notice that one approach that artists take is to go big. They extend the new design well past the outline of the existing work, and the resulting cover up is often significantly bigger than the previous piece. These full-back tattoos are great examples of this tactic that leave zero trace of the work buried under the vibrant and unique designs .

9. Pop Culture Cover Up Tattoos

Star Wars Storm Trooper Cover Up Wrist Tattoos For Men

Cover Up Punisher Skull Ripped Skin Mens 3d Arm Tattoo

Darth Vader Head Cover Up Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Fallen Toy Solider Inner Forearm Cover Up Tattoos For Men

Shaded Black And Grey Mens Cover Up Inner Arm Tattoos

Humans are shaped by the cultural constructions around us, and as such, the television and movies we watched as children hold deep significance for many. From Star Wars and E.T., there are dozens of examples of pop-culture references in art, and these tattoos show how well they can be incorporated into cover up work.

Guys Star Wars Themed Inner Forearm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

The worn and faded original portrait has been completely replaced by Star Wars fandom. The artist uses a very deep red and bronze black at times to create a new wave element to the piece, while the detail put into the fighter jet is exquisite.

Mens Batman Arm Tattoo Cover Up Idea Inspiration

10. Black and Gray Cover Up Tattoos

Celtic Knot Cool Geometric Arm Cover Up Tattoos For Men

Guys Egyptian Pharoah Cover Up Tattoos On Forearms

Guy With Cover Up Shaded Sailing Ship Arm Tattoos

Guy With Statue Cover Up Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Half Sleeve Cover Up Female Portrait With Owl Tattoo For Men

Half Sleeve Medusa 3d Cover Up Tattoos For Guys

Inner Arm Bicep Cover Up Mother Mary Tattoos For Guys

Inner Forearm Mens Tank Cover Up Tattoos

Mens Samuari Shaded Cover Up Tattoo On Arm

Side Of Neck Greek God Cover Up Tattoos For Men

Black and gray tattoos carry a gravitas that color work has a difficult time achieving, and they can be used in cover ups as well. Black is often considered the best color to use for cover ups, and a talented artist can create a black and gray design that will effectively conceal any existing work.

Angel Hand Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

The most effective cover up tattoo ideas are the ones that leave no trace of the previous work, instead leaving behind a beautiful new image. This angel is one such example, the shading and detail in the piece cover up any traces that there was a tattoo that came before it.

Angel Wing Inner Arm Bicep Male Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

This inner arm bicep cover up is effective. Gone are the words and slightly faded shading of the previous piece to be replaced by a skilfully executed wing of feathers. Feathers make for popular cover ups employing black and gray. As this work demonstrates, the artist utilizes a variety of shades and patterns to make the new work look good right over the top of the piece.

Celtic Knot Ring Mens Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Always be careful getting a significant others’ tattoo on your skin, because measures need to be taken if things go poorly. This man must have had a wedding band style tiny tattoo, and then tried to scratch it off. Eventually he opted to get it covered over with a Celtic knot which works well to eliminate the previous writing.

11. Color Cover Up Tattoos

male with amazing cover up 3d shark ocean arm tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Realistic Rose Flower Mens Cover Up Tattoos

mens before and after outer space cover up bicep tattoos

mens cover up comet arm tattoo designs

Cover up tattoos are not like painting over an existing color. Below the skin the new ink mixes with the existing ink, creating new colors. That being said, color ink can be effectively utilized in cover ups , although an added layer of thought and planning is required as well as a deeper understanding of how different colors react together.

Unique Guys Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Unique Watercolor Cover Up Arm Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Celtic Knot Heart Guys Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

This Celtic cover up does a great job eliminating three tired and worn tattoos to make a deftly executed pair of new designs. The use of shading and color makes for nice pieces. Note how white ink is incorporated in the second tattoo to give it depth and shade while simultaneously lightening the image to one that first with the more colorful top tattoo.

12. Mechanical Cover Up Tattoos

Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas Arm With Realistic Turbo Design

Motorcycle Engine Forearm Cover Up Tattoos For Men

Mens Skull With Clock Gears 3d Small Cover Up Inner Forearm Tattoos

13. Innovative Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Cool Fish Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Guys

This brilliantly designed leg cover up shows that you needn’t have to go black when fixing up a worn out old tattoo. The brilliantly rendered fish in this tattoo are exquisitely inked in different shades of blue. Great cover ups don’t need to be a stop gap or last resort, they can be a complete tattoo regeneration.

Cool Pocket Watch Hands Half Sleeve Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Nobody needs to know what’s underneath this cover up. It’s a fantastic piece utilizing the combination of a timepiece with the baptismal elements to create a beautiful religious themes artwork. The lower part of the action is balanced by epic line and shade work at the top of the tattoo.

Cross Tattoo Cover Up Nautical Themed Sleeve Mens Tattoo Ideas

Go big or go home. This ambitious cover up tattoo idea navigates its way from an old Celtic cross and unrelated geographical tattoo into a fully realized map as part of a whole sleeve. Rather than get rid of the older line work of the original map, it’s refreshed and accurately updated to make it seem like a completely new piece. The mapwork is complemented by the detailed compass and sextant blended in with expert shading.

Female Portrait Mens Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Whatever the previous tattoo was has been improved upon ten-fold. This artwork is a lovely mixture of pin up portraiture combined with abstract new wave elements to create an awesome half sleeve. The use of contrasting gray inks and highlights of white ink in the girl’s hair give her real beauty.

Gas Mask Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

Say goodbye to some average tribal work. The artist here has created a gas-masked shooter worthy of a Tom Clancy 3D video game. The subtly blurred shading of the hands and weapon create an image of tremendous depth from a flat black combination of stripes. This is top drawer!

Gentleman With Half Sleeve Nautical Themed Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

The original tattoo was a poorly conceived tribal image that looks like some sort of mangled squid (maybe). Now it’s an epic half sleeve across the upper arm and shoulder depicting a beautifully worked maritime scene. The artist successfully utilized the ship’s hull in dark gray, aided by nice detail to replace the original, then built on that by skilfully crafting water, land, and sky linked together by a lighthouse. Sometimes, the cover up tattoo idea is just a jumping off point for epic expression.

Half Sleeve Green Cool Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Males

Not a bad new wave half sleeve. The garish green shades layered into the tentacles are an eye catcher, effectively covering the heavily faded black original piece.

Half Sleeve Roaring Bear Guys Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

It looks like the original Norse imagery of the top tattoo has been built on and updated to create a stylized axe head. From there, the artist has used different shade techniques to create a more balanced image that effectively contrasts with the detailed roaring bear below.

Half Sleeve Samuari Warrior Awesome Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

You will be unlikely to find tattoo artwork as good as this anywhere. You can even make the argument that this isn’t a cover up with the original big cat disappearing into the darkness of the new Samurai tatt effortlessly. It really looks like it was never there because the complexity and depth of the black work shading moves the samurai from being a great piece to an epic, with the spookily drawn skull providing a counterpoint to warrrior’s detail just below the main image. This art gets a gold star!

Guys Samuari Helmet Upper Arm Cover Up Tattoos

Jesus With Eternal Heart Guys Tattoo Cover Up Arm Ideas

In this piece Jesus and the eternal heart effectively cover up an old, awkwardly drawn hammerhead shark. These two images are quite interestingly divergent tattoo ideas. Where the new image excels is putting extra highlighting efforts into Jesus’ beard and making it a focal point for the entire tattoo.

Jet With Dinosaur Pilot Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Men

This is a funky absurdist new wave tattoo covering an old black blob of a fedora wearing cat. It’s like the owner overhauled the irony levels as well as the imagery. The use of great inks in this piece give the crazy idea of a pilot dinosaur real teeth. The clarity of the colors, particularly the gray plane complemented by the sharp black linework makes the fuselage an interesting part of the tattoo.