60 Best Chest Tattoos For Women (2022)

A rose tattoo is every girls ‘go-to’ tattoo, especially in the sternum region. You can get the outline of a rose in black ink or detailed so that it looks similar to an actual rose. Another option is to color the rose in black ink, so it’s just an outline, like a shadow.

50 Best Chest Tattoos for Women

Tattooed Beautiful Woman In Old Spooky Interior

The chest is a great location if you’re looking to showcase your tattoo, whether it’s big or small. Yes, we usually imagine the whole chest covered in ink when we hear the words ‘chest tattoo,’ but your design can be however you want it to be. Under the chest and sternum tattoos have become an exceedingly popular area for women to get tattooed in recent times, so we’re just waiting for the chest to catch on as well. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your cleavage or simply want a small but stunning design, join us as we explore the best chest tattoo ideas for women.

1. Flower Chest Tattoo

Flower tattoos are elegant tattoo designs. If you choose a sweet and simple design, your tattoo will look nothing other than amazing, and flower designs are usually a good way to achieve that.

Flower Chest Tattoo

2. Small Chest Tattoo

Who said chest tattoos have to be big? Small and simple is the way to go, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t have much ink. Anything between the size of a ten-cent coin and the size of your palm is considered to be small. Therefore you have some room to decide exactly how you want it.

Small Chest Tattoo

3. Under Chest Tattoo

The popular under chest tattoo is a great alternative to the chest, especially if you don’t want your design to be on show all the time. It’s a great space to work with, no matter the size of your tattoo, though it looks especially fantastic if your design follows the curve of your chest with its focal point sitting right in the center.

Under Chest Tattoo

4. Rose Chest Tattoo

A rose tattoo is every girls ‘go-to’ tattoo, especially in the sternum region. You can get the outline of a rose in black ink or detailed so that it looks similar to an actual rose. Another option is to color the rose in black ink, so it’s just an outline, like a shadow.

Rose Chest Tattoo

5. Chest Quote Tattoo

Chest quote tattoos can look cute if you choose the right positioning. Usually, you’ll find that the best location is across the collarbone, heading towards the shoulder. If you use big lettering and plan to cover most of the chest, the center will look best.

Chest Quote Tattoo

6. Cute Chest Tattoo

When deciding on your tattoo, sink into a girly mindset; that’s usually the best way to come up with cute designs. Anything from a small heart, to a delicate flower will work fantastically in this spot.

Cute Chest Tattoo

7. Full Chest Tattoo

Whether it’s a piece of script you’re looking to get or a collage of flowers, it’s bound to look amazing. Full chest pieces aren’t just for men, and it’s wonderful to see women breaking those boundaries.

Full Chest Tattoo

8. Tribal Chest Tattoo

If you’re planning on getting a tribal tattoo, they generally look better when they cover the whole chest. Tribal prints are usually larger and should be kept as close to their original heritage as possible, so before getting it done, think about how it’ll sit best in this area.

Tribal Chest Tattoo

9. Star Chest Tattoo

Stars are such a diverse design. You can get throwing stars, twinkle stars, and even a whole night sky tattooed on your chest. Whichever you decide on, you can’t go wrong.

Star Chest Tattoo

10. Butterfly Chest Tattoo

When getting a butterfly tattoo, the best thing you can do is add as much detail as possible to your design. If it’s smaller, you’ll want to focus on the wings, whereas if it’s large, you can add detail to both the wings and the body.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

11. Heart Chest Tattoo

A small heart tattoo is a perfect design if you don’t want anything too extravagant. Usually, the placement for this design is under the collarbone, towards the shoulder. Think of the placement where your clothing straps will sit, and then decide whether you want them to be hidden under them or slightly to the side.

Heart Chest Tattoo

12. Henna Chest Tattoo

The Indians have used henna to create intricate designs and patterns throughout the ages. We all know how cool henna looks, so why not get it in the form of a tattoo so that it can last forever? While we usually find henna tattoos on the hands and fingers, the chest is an awesome alternative.

Henna Chest Tattoo

13. Bird Chest Tattoo

Bird tattoos are a popular chest design. Many people get two swallows, one sitting under each collarbone. There are also many other bird tattoos that look amazing on the chest. Choose your favorite bird and work from there.

Bird Chest Tattoo

14. Dragon Chest Tattoo

There are many different dragon tattoo designs that you can opt for, such as a mythical, Chinese, or tribal dragon. While dragon tattoos don’t exactly make the cut for ‘feminine designs,’ they can still look super cool on the right kind of chic; it’s all about what suits your personality.

Dragon Chest Tattoo

15. Colorful Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos don’t need to be black, so why not add some color? This will make your tattoo stand out even more. No matter the design, whether it’s a flower or dragon, some color will make it pop; in some circumstances, it can even make your tattoo look more three-dimensional and lively.

Colourful Chest Tattoo

16. Unique Chest Tattoo

If you can draw or you have a good imagination, why not try and come up with your own design that is unique to you? You can try and personalize it in some way as well if you want it to have some sentimental value. Try creating a design that can be tied to your heritage or background while remaining unique.

Unique Chest Tattoo

17. Arty Chest Tattoo

We all get tattoos because we believe they are art, so why not get an arty tattoo? You can either re-create a famous painting on your skin or create your own masterpiece. When choosing an arty tattoo, remember color is essential to the design.

Arty Chest Tattoo

18. Moon Chest Tattoo

Moon tattoos can be as simple or as intricate as you like, whether you want to get a stand-alone outline of it or bury it in the middle of a pattern or design like the one below. Be as creative as you can; you could even try to add some sentimental meaning to your tattoo if you like. Usually, you’re either a sun or moon kind of girl, never both.

Moon Chest Tattoo

19. Delicate Chest Tattoo

Think small and dainty when creating your design if you want a delicate and somewhat ‘classy’ tattoo. A delicate tattoo can take many forms; you could opt for a flower or your own unique ‘gipsy style’ design like the one below if you want a few ideas to play around with to get you started.

Delicate Chest Tattoo

20. Geometric Chest Tattoo

Geometric tattoos have become a popular design choice over the years. There are so many different styles that you can create using shapes, lines, and dots. You are free to express yourself abstractly.

Flower In A Rhombus Tattoo On The Sternum.jpg

21. Gypsy Style Chest Tattoo

Gypsy tattoo designs are popular among women. They are girly, have flowers and hanging gems, and look amazing. The chest/sternum is the most desired location for this tattoo style.

Gypsy Style Chest Tattoo

22. Vine Chest Tattoo

If you want a simple and beautiful tattoo, a vine is a great choice. The way a design turns out depends on the type of artist you choose. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to match your tattoo to the artist’s tools.

Vine Chest Tattoo

23. Theatre Chest Tattoo

If you’re an actor or theatre junkie, this is an obvious choice for you. Masks are an obvious design choice when representing the theatre, though don’t be afraid to play around with your own version of the design with your artist.

Theatre Chest Tattoo

24. Shoulder to Chest Tattoo

It can look artistic to get two symmetrical tattoos on both sides of your body that start at the shoulders and creep down onto the chest. It can be done with any design as well, from something as simple as flowers to two snakes wrapped around your shoulders with their tongues meeting in the center of your chest.

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Shoulder To Chest Tattoo

25. Chest to Stomach Tattoo

If you want a design that isn’t as visible, why not get a tattoo that starts at the chest and creeps down the stomach? The bulk of the tattoo can sit on the stomach, while the chest is simply a sneak peek. When creating your design, think henna patterns or upside-down roses; these will work best for this kind of design.

Chest To Stomach Tattoo

26. Detailed Under Chest Tattoo

Detailed tattoos look amazing in this area, but you have to be strong-willed to be able to handle it. You have to find the right artist for a design with a lot of detail, so do your research before booking your appointment.

Detailed Chest Tattoo

27. Chest to Sternum Tattoo

Tattoos that start on the chest and work their way down your sternum are generally quite long. It’s a great spot if you want a design like an arrow, a native Indian spear, or a gypsy design.

Sternum Piece.jpg

28. Simple Chest Tattoo

Simple chest tattoos can come in many forms, such as a love heart, star, or a simple gypsy design. Whatever your design of choice is, you don’t have to get anything too elaborate if you don’t want your tattoo to be too ‘showy’.

Simple Chest Tattoo

29. Script Chest Tattoo

A piece of script that’s in a delicate font can look amazing on the chest, especially if it’s sitting under the collarbone. Just one singular word with a lot of sentimental meaning to you will look simple and sweet. When you look at it in 30 years, you want to remember what it meant to you.

5c8b1617ba1839422327449336d76679 892 15021.jpg

30. Memorial Chest Tattoo

Whether you’re getting a name or date, consider the font and size of a memorial tattoo. This design is usually sentimental, so choose one that reflects your relationship.

Memorial Chest Tattoo

31. Snake Chest Tattoo

Snake tattoos can be as simple as a black, filled-in outline, though it’s more common for them to be detailed. Whatever your choice, let it show your artistic style.

Snake Chest Tattoo

32. Dandelion Chest Tattoo

Dandelion tattoos are a very sweet design that can be made as dainty or as bold as you like. The most popular placement for dandelion tattoos is under or along the collarbone or towards the shoulder, working its way across the chest.

Dandelion Chest Tattoo

33. Feather Chest Tattoo

The most popular feather design is a simple black feather that transforms into small birds. You could also opt for a peacock feather or a quill feather tattoo for something a little bit different.

Feather Chest Tattoo

34. Rose Outline Chest Tattoo

Rose outline tattoos are usually suited to different areas of the chest and different personality types. If you opt for the small rose and stem, the sternum or along the collarbone is the best placement, while a bunch of rose heads will look best on the upper chest.

Rose Outline Chest Tattoo

35. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

There are so many different designs when it comes to angel wings. Consider whether you want large, detailed angel wings that cover the whole chest or smaller ones.

Wing Chest Tattoo

36. Cross Under Chest Tattoo

There are many different cross designs to consider before getting inked. It’s a great placement choice as it’s close to your heart, making the meaning of the tattoo extra symbolic.

Cross Chest Tattoo

37. Arrow Chest Tattoo

Arrow tattoos can be small and simple or long and detailed. If you opt for long and detailed, the sternum is the best placement, while something small should sit under your collar bone.

Arrow Chest Tattoo

38. Skull Chest Tattoo

With a skull, you can cover your chest with a big, scary-looking design. Otherwise, you could also opt for a sugar skull or a realistic-looking one. Depending on the tattoo size, you could place it on the side of your upper chest or under it.

Skull Chest Tattoo

39. Hands Chest Tattoo

Hands are one of the more unique designs that you can opt for on your chest. There are different tattoo variations, such as praying hands, devil’s hands, or the karma hand symbol.

Hands Chest Tattoo

40. Collarbone Tattoo on Chest

Getting two mirrored tattoos placed along each collarbone can look sweet. When doing this, you can opt for literally any design. This could include flowers, vines, arrows, feathers, or even quotes. However, you should opt for a lengthwise design to fit nicely in this placement.

Collar Bone Tattoo On Chest

41. Animal Skull Chest Tattoo

For those of you who consider yourselves a tad gothic, why not try an animal skull tattoo? You can be as creative as you like when developing your design.

Animal Skull Tattoo

42. Lightning Bolt Chest Tattoo

If you’re looking for a small tattoo, something like a lightning bolt is a great option. Other tattoo ideas that fit this style are safety pins, the sun, and the moon.

Lightning Bolt Chest Tattoo

43. Moon Cycle Chest Tattoo

If you’re a spiritual type or simply just like the design, why not try a moon cycle tattoo? You can design this tattoo as detailed or as simple as you like, showing the different variations of a crescent moon.

Moon Cycle Chest Tattoo

44. Animal Chest Tattoo

If you feel like you have a strong connection to a spirit animal, why not get them inked on you? These tattoos can look anywhere between cute to cool, depending on what you get. Your design can be as simple as an outline of the animal or completely detailed.

Animal Chest Tattoo

45. Scorpion Chest Tattoo

A scorpion is a fierce design to get tattooed on your chest. You could put it in the center of your chest or beneath the collarbone when it comes to placement. There are so many scorpion designs, so make sure you look at your options before getting inked.

Scorpion Chest Tattoo

46. Semicolon Chest Tattoo

A semicolon itattoo is very sentimental and is used in the prevention of suicide community. To wear this tattoo on your chest means to wear it proudly, showing the world that you or someone you love is a fighter.

Comma Chest Tattoo

47. Compass Chest Tattoo

Compasses are all about direction and have their own interpretation. So before tattooing a compass on your chest, look into their meanings and see which one resonates with you.

Compass Chest Tattoo

48. Insect Under Chest Tattoo

Insect tattoos can look amazing when they’re detailed. They’re usually always done using only black ink unless you get something like a butterfly or ladybug. So before booking an appointment, find an artist that is confident with detailing.

Insect Chest Tattoo

49. Chakra Chest Tattoo

Your Chakra comprises seven circular vortexes, each with a different meaning. It’s a term that is generally used amongst the Spiritual community and resonates deeply with people who believe in it. If this is you, then why not wear your Spirituality as a tattoo? Due to the number of symbols, running from the chest to under your stomach is the best placement.

Chakra Chest Tattoo

50. Science Chest Tattoo

For all of you who are thinking about inking your skin, why not get a heart tattoo? It doesn’t have to be ironic; it can be sentimental or something you’re simply interested in. Whatever the case, it’s a cool and unique idea.

Science Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoos for Women FAQs

Do chest tattoos hurt women?

The chest is one of the more painful areas for a tattoo. There is less muscle or fat in the area, particularly along the sternum and around the ribcage, which means it’s going to hurt more. Chest tattoos on women will hurt less along the breast area, where your pec muscles lie, as there is generally more padding.

What does a chest tattoo mean?

Mostly a chest tattoo means you’re a badass who’s brave enough to sit through a painful session. However, the symbolism of the location, being so forward and visible, also means you’re bold and powerful. The design you choose may also mean something special to you, as many traditional images each have their own symbolic meaning.

What are good chest tattoos?

Good chest tattoos for women will accentuate the curves of your body and complement your style. Designs that include flowers, henna, and mandalas are incredibly popular, as they’re intricate, feminine, and can easily follow the lines of your body for perfect placement. Quotes, geometric designs, and animals are also excellent choices that can be tailored to your taste and preference. Plus, all of these can be large or small.


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60 Best Chest Tattoos For Women (2022)


For women, the upper chest is one of the most visible parts of the body, making it a great location for a tattoo you would like others to see a lot. A chest tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to cover the whole chest, so a wide variety of sizes and styles will suit that area of the body well. More recently, under the chest and sternum tattoos have become popular among women.

What’s great with chest tattoos is that you can’t really go wrong with any of the styles covered in this list, as they will do a great job of accentuating the chest area with dazzling style.

1. Under Chest Tattoo

1. under chest tattoo

A recent trend among chest tattoos for women is under the chest tattoos. They’re an excellent alternative to traditional chest tattoos, especially if you don’t want them to be out there all the time. But under chest tattoos would look the best if your tattoo follows the curve of your chest, with the focal point sitting right in the middle. Overall, it’s a great choice, no matter your tattoo’s size.

2. Flower Chest Tattoo

2. flower chest tattoo

A flower chest tattoo is an excellent option when you’re looking to get an elegant tattoo design. Whether you choose a black and white floral chest piece or a colorful floral tattoo, these are an excellent choice for women. The most popular blooms among women are sunflowers, lotus flowers, peonies, cherry blossoms, orchids, and lilies.

3. Small Chest Tattoo

3. small chest tattoo

Chest tattoos don’t have to be big to make an impact. In fact, for women, small and simple is the best way to go. If it’s your first time getting tattooed, a small chest tattoo is ideal. That’s because it doesn’t hurt as much and doesn’t take as long. Anything similar to the size of a ten-cent coin and your palm is considered small. So you have some room to decide how you want it done.

4. Rose Chest Tattoo

4. rose chest tattoo

Rose chest tattoos are a versatile option since roses come in different colors and can mean different things. Regardless of the style you choose, it’s best to have a black rose outline to perfectly blend into the effortless beauty and infuse them with color and delicate designs if you’re going for something bolder.

5. Tribal Chest Tattoo

5. tribal chest

Tribal tattoos are one of the most popular designs in body art. After all, they go way back. In the past, only individuals part of a tribe were allowed to get a tribal tattoo. But, nowadays, anyone can now get a tribal chest tattoo. They’re a popular choice among women, thanks to their versatility and gorgeous designs. The most common tribal chest tattoos ladies get are geometric patterns. These include bold lines, shapes, and dots. Additionally, you can turn other elements, like animals and plants, into a tribal tattoo.

6. Chest Quote Tattoo

6. chest quote

Chest quote tattoos are popular among women since they look clean and cute while holding a deeper meaning. Typically, you’ll find the best placement around the chest for a quote tattoo is across the collarbone. That’s because the bone structure around this significantly emphasizes the message. So if you’re thinking of using a big font and want to cover most of your chest area, then the center will look the best.

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7. Cute Chest Tattoo

7. cute chest

When deciding on chest tattoos, embrace your girly side and come up with a cute design. It’s a foolproof plan that’ll help you come up with a cute tattoo idea in no time. Examples of cute chest tattoos perfect for women are anything that showcases femininity, like a tiny heart or delicate flower.

8. Star Chest Tattoo

8. star chest

Star tattoos are popular among ladies, thanks to their diversity. After all, you can get anything from throwing stars to twinkling stars. Or, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can get an entire night sky inked on your chest. Whichever style you choose, you can never go wrong with a star chest tattoo.

9. Full Chest Tattoo

9. full chest

Full chest tattoos aren’t just for men, as they’d look just as good on women. Plus, it’s excellent to see ladies breaking these stereotypes and boundaries. Since the chest is a broad area to work with, your imagination is all that’s limiting you. So whether it’s your favorite song lyric or a collage of flowers, full chest tattoos are bound to look fantastic.

10. Owl Chest Tattoo

10. owl chest

Bird-themed tattoos are a common design choice for chest tattoos. That’s because these animals tend to have intricate appearances, making for a detailed and gorgeous tattoo. Among women, the owl is one of the most popular bird chest tattoos. That’s because you can have it as a whole or have its wings cleverly extend to your shoulders. Regardless, when you get an owl chest tattoo, you’re guaranteed to show off your intelligence and knowledge to the world.

11. Butterfly Chest Tattoo

11. butterfly chest

Butterflies are popular tattoo elements among women because of their versatility and femininity. Although most would get small butterfly tattoos, the chest is one of the best placements for it. That’s because butterfly tattoos look best when you add as many details as possible.

12. World Map Chest Tattoo

12. heart compass

Getting a world map chest tattoo is an excellent idea for travelers or women who love adventures. You can get this tattoo close to your heart to remind you always to follow your desires to live life to the fullest. You can make this piece more meaningful and personal by choosing a specific state, nation, or continent vital to you.

13. 3D Mechanical Chest Tattoo

13.3D.mechanical.chest .woman .tattoo

Nowadays, 3D tattoos are becoming more popular among women thanks to their lifelike appearances and eye-catching styles. The most popular design done in this tattoo style is a mechanical chest tattoo. Although it’s widely considered masculine, it can make an excellent tattoo for women, showcasing their inner toughness and strength. These tattoos do this by exposing the insides, showing off the gears.

14. Heart Chest Tattoo

14. heart chest

If you’re looking for a simple but meaningful chest tattoo, consider getting a small heart tattoo. It’s the perfect design if you’re not looking to get anything extravagant. The placement for heart chest tattoos is under the collar bone and towards the shoulder. This unique area allows you to conceal and reveal the tattoo whenever you want.

15. Henna Chest Tattoo

15. henna chest

Henna is a particular branch of tattoos. They’ve been used by Indians throughout the ages, creating complex and eye-catching patterns. Most ink lovers would know how traditional henna looks. So why not get the best piece possible by getting a henna-inspired chest tattoo? Although popular spots for henna tattoos are on the hands and fingers, the chest is an excellent alternative. After all, it gives more space for details.

16. Wolf Tribe Chest Tattoo

16. wolf tribe chest

Wolf tattoos are popular among women, but they usually contain only one lone wolf. If you’re looking to cover your entire chest with art, consider getting a wolf tribe chest tattoo. This gorgeous tattoo concept brings realism to the next level, making it the perfect tattoo option for adventurous women. Plus, wolf tribe chest tattoos depict that the wearer is still thriving.

17. Bird Chest Tattoo

17. bird chest

Bird tattoos are meaningful and stunning pieces for women. The best part about this ink design is the variety. After all, different birds hold different meanings and look different. For instance, many individuals get dove tattoos to represent their purity and innocence. Bird chest tattoos are limitless. All you need to do is pick your favorite bird and progress from there.

18. Dragon Chest Tattoo

18.chest .Dragon Lady Tattoo

A classic tattoo choice among women is dragon tattoos. That’s because these mighty mythical creatures are versatile and hold powerful meanings. So whether you get a traditional Chinese dragon tattoo or a mystical fire-breathing dragon piece, you’ll get a gorgeous and meaningful piece. But dragon tattoos by themselves aren’t ideal for those looking to get a feminine chest tattoo. Luckily, since they’re adaptable designs, you can add different elements like flowers or butterflies to make them more girly.

19. Ram Skull Chest Tattoo

19.ram.skull .chest .tattoo

A unique chest tattoo idea perfect for women is a ram skull. This piece can give the wearer a new perspective in life, where you need to struggle to live life to the fullest. You can make the tattoo design more interesting by adding a flowers, or jewels. All in all, it’s a motivational piece.

20. Colorful Chest Tattoo

20. colorful chest

Although most chest tattoo designs tend to be black, why not make it stand out more by adding color? After all, adding different hues to a tattoo design can bring more life to the piece, making it more appealing and meaningful. Regardless of the style you choose, whether it’s a flower or dragon, adding colors will make it pop out more. For this reason, a colorful chest tattoo is a perfect choice for women since it can make your ink look more lively.

21. Anchor Chest Tattoo

21.anchor.chest .tattoo

Although anchors are widely considered masculine, they can also be an excellent tattoo choice for women. You can make the piece more feminine by adding different elements, such as roses or any other flower. This unique combination reminds the wearer to always stay calm amidst the issues and trials in life. It’s best placed over the side of your chest with the heart muscle remaining anchored no matter the situation. Overall, the unique anchor with roses chest tattoo concept showcases a person’s appreciation of what life offers.

22. Unique Chest Tattoo

22. unqiue chest

If you consider yourself a great artist or have a fantastic running imagination, why not take advantage of these traits and create a unique chest tattoo? You can make the ink design exclusive to you by personalizing the piece in some ways dear to you, giving it some sentimental value. Although the entire design concept will depend on your preferences, try coming up with one that’s tied to your background, heritage, and life.

23. Artsy Chest Tattoo

23. artsy chest

Most people get artsy chest tattoos to express themselves through the form of body art. This tattoo concept is perfect for women as it allows them to explore their creativity. You can either replicate famous paintings on your skin or create your very own masterpiece. Regardless of the style you choose, remember, when selecting an artsy tattoo, add color. That’s because different hues can bring any artsy-themed tattoos to life.

24. Sand of Time Chest Tattoo

24. sand of time

This gorgeous chest tattoo concept usually depicts an hourglass clock. Eagle wings and opulent roses often surround it with the faces of several women. The message here is that as a woman’s face fades to decay following the passage of time, they’re bound to pass away. It’s a meaningful chest tattoo piece that symbolizes the wearer’s acceptance of mortality. All in all, the sand of time chest tattoo design gives women a reminder to push through the difficulties and enjoy life. After all, as the wings and roses are still blooming, time continues even after we cease to be.

25. Moon Chest Tattoo

25. moon chest 1

Moon tattoos are a popular design choice among women, thanks to their feminine and mysterious charms. Plus, they can be as simple or complex as you’d like. So whether you want to get a stand-alone moon chest tattoo or one with different elements like stars and the night sky, they’re guaranteed to look fantastic. Moon chest tattoos allow you to explore more tattoo concepts and ideas. So be as creative as you want.

26. Geometric Chest Tattoo

26. geometric chest

Geometric tattoos are a modern take on body art. They’ve become popular among women in recent years. That’s because there are many styles you can make with a geometric-themed tattoo. So explore your creativity and get the most out of the chest tattoo by expressing yourself abstractly.

27. Delicate Chest Tattoo

27. delicate chest

For women who wish to get a classy tattoo, consider getting a delicate chest tattoo. These are often small and dainty tattoo designs such as flowers or butterflies. Ultimately, this concept is perfect for women who want to express their elegance and beauty through art.

28. Gypsy Style Chest Tattoo

28. gypsy style chest

Gypsy-themed designs are a classic favorite among ladies. That’s because they’re feminine and look fantastic. The best part is that since these tattoos are so intricate, the chest is the perfect placement for it. It gives the artist more area to work with, adding more details to make the piece even more eye-catching than it already is.

29. Mechanical Heart Chest Tattoo

29. mechanical heart

This tattoo concept brings realism amidst the symbolism. It lets you see the inner workings of the heart, reminding everyone that not every day will be well. After all, many consider the human heart to be a machine. But, it’s something that can also get broken. It’s a great tattoo choice for women looking to show their perseverance in life, overcoming each challenge that comes along their way.

30. Vine Chest Tattoo

30. vine chest

For women who have a special connection to nature, the vine chest tattoo is an excellent choice. These tattoos are simple and stunning, representing one’s adoration for the natural world. Vine chest tattoos are best to have across your collarbone down to your chest.

31. Heart and Dagger Chest Tattoo

31.heart .and .dagger.chest .tattoo

A heart and dagger chest tattoo consists of a dagger impaled inside a heart. It usually implies a love painfully lost or betrayal. After all, the heart is the universal symbol of love. Overall, a heart and dagger chest tattoo would be a good choice for a woman who has persevered despite heartaches.

32. Theatre Chest Tattoo

theatre chest tattoo

There are several elements you can add to this piece. For example, theatre masks are a common choice, representing the beauty of theatre art. If you consider yourself a bit of an actress or love the theatre in general, getting a theatre-themed chest tattoo would be perfect for you.

33. Shoulder to Chest Tattoo

33. shoulder to chest

If you’re looking to make your chest tattoo more interesting, expand the inking to your shoulders. After all, getting symmetrical tattoos on your body would look fantastic. The best part about this is that you can have any tattoo designs you want. That’s because the broad space between the chest and shoulders is plentiful enough. You can get something as simple as flower tattoos to two intertwining snakes around your shoulders.

34. Complex Under Chest Tattoo

34. complex under chest

Detailed and complex tattoos look best under the chest. It emphasizes your bust while allowing you to express yourself through art. Overall, it can make any woman look more appealing, unique, and fun! But you’ll need to be strong-willed to handle this one.

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35. Stomach to Chest Tattoo

35. stomach to chest

If you want a tattoo that’s elaborate and detailed but don’t want it to be as visible, consider getting a tattoo that begins at your chest creeping down to your stomach. It offers the tattoo plenty of space. Usually, the main attraction of the tattoo will sit on the abdomen while the chest provides a sneak peek to outsiders. For this placement, henna patterns and flowers are popular designs.

36. Sternum to Chest Tattoo

36. sternum to chest

For women looking to get a more attention-grabbing chest tattoo, consider expanding to your sternum. This tattoo design starts on the chest and will work its way down to your sternum. Hence, giving you a generally longer tattoo. It’s the best placement if you’re looking to get a tattoo of something long, like an arrow or a spear.

37. Simple Chest Tattoo

37. simple chest tattoo

If you’re getting your first tattoo on the chest, it’s best to keep things simple. A simple chest tattoo comes in many forms. These include heart, stars, or subtle gypsy design. Whichever design and style you choose, you don’t have to get anything too complex. Overall, simple chest tattoos are perfect for laidback ladies.

38. Rising Phoenix Chest Tattoo

38. rising

The phoenix is a mythical bird used as ink inspiration among women for a long time. That’s because the bird is known to symbolize rebirth or reincarnation. As a result, many women get a rising phoenix tattoo to signify their rise after a defeat. Additionally, the best placement for this tattoo design is the chest, as it gives more space for the artist to add more details.

39. Script Chest Tattoo

script chest tattoo 1

Getting a piece of script valuable to you in a delicate font would make for a great chest tattoo. It would especially look fantastic when placed under the collar bone. That’s because the bone structure in the area emphasizes the script. You don’t have to go all out when getting a script chest tattoo. A single word with a lot of sentimental meaning to you would be the best choice.

40. Memorial Chest Tattoo

40. memorial chest

If you’ve recently lost a loved one or pet, immortalize them by getting a memorial chest tattoo. Whether you’re getting a name or a particular date, make sure to put thought into the font style and size of the tattoo. After all, it’s a sentimental piece, so ensure it reflects the relationship you had.

41. Steampunk Chest Tattoo

41.steampunk.chest .tattoo

If you love machines and tinkering, consider getting a steampunk-themed chest tattoo. It’s best to get this design in a 3D style since it’ll make it photorealistic. There are many steampunk tattoos you can incorporate into your chest. But a popular centerpiece for these designs is a clock. Then women would add valuable items around the clock, reminding the wearer to always appreciate those important to her. After all, all things must come to an end.

42. Script and Tribal Chest Tattoo

42. script and tribal

If you’re looking for something different, consider a script and tribal chest tattoo. It’s a unique tattoo concept for powerful women. The combination of the flowing script against the intricate lines of tribal tattoos makes for a great piece. Overall, it serves as a reminder of the balance of strength and peace.

43. Snake Chest Tattoo

43. snake chest

Snake tattoos are famous among mysterious, secretive, and strong women. These can be as simple as black and filled-in outlines. But for a chest tattoo, it’s best to get a snake tattoo that’s as detailed as possible. The artist should be able to show the reptile’s scales and other details with ease. But whatever your choice is, let it showcase your artistic style.

44. Feather Chest Tattoo

44. feather chest

Feather tattoos are popular among women. That’s because they’re whimsical and hold a lot of meaning. Although all feathers look good as a tattoo, the most popular feather design is a black feather transforming into a small bird. It showcases the message of transformation. For this reason, it’s a perfect chest tattoo for women looking to embrace a fresh new start. Alternatively, you can opt to get a peacock or quill feather. These are popular choices as well due to their vibrancy and impact.

45. Dandelion Chest Tattoo

45. dandelion chest

Dandelions are popular tattoo designs for women since they’re feminine and sweet. Artists can draw these flowers as subtle or as bold as the wearer would like. Because of its intricate appearance, the most popular placement for these tattoos is the chest. Specific places include under the collarbone or across it toward the shoulder, working its way to the chest. It’s a perfect tattoo concept for women looking for a memorable and eye-catching piece.

46. Compass Chest Tattoo

46. compass chest

The compass is all about directions. That’s why if you’re looking to get an inspirational piece to remind you always to go the right direction, consider getting a compass chest tattoo. It’s a popular tattoo design among women who travel often and love adventure! But different compasses tend to have various interpretations. That’s why before getting a compass chest tattoo, see which style resonates the most with you.

47. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

47. angel wings

Although angel wings tattoos are a popular option for back tattoos for women, they look as good on the front. The best part about this design is its many variations, allowing women to express themselves through art. So think about whether you want elaborated angel wings covering your entire chest. Or a smaller one just below your collarbone.

48. Contemporary Rose Chest Tattoo

48. contemporary rose

For a unique take on rose tattoos, consider getting a modern-styled one. These designs usually consist of the design’s outlines. Because of its simple appearance, an outlined rose tattoo would look best on the chest area. But if you choose to get a small rose and stem, the sternum or along your collarbone is the best area. Overall, it’s a perfect chest tattoo concept for women, thanks to their simplicity, beauty, and grace.

49. Cross Under the Chest Tattoo

cross under the chest

For faithful or religious women, consider getting a holy cross under the chest tattoo. There are several cross tattoo designs to choose from, but whichever style you pick, the chest is the best placement. That’s because it’s close to your heart, making the chest tattoo extra symbolic.

50. Arrow Chest Tattoo

50. arrow chest

Arrows are popular symbols among women, especially when it comes to hand or ankle tattoos. But they also look good on the chest. The best part is that you can have the tattoo as small and simple or as long and complex due to the chest’s broader space. If you choose something extensive and detailed, the sternum is the best placement for your arrow chest tattoo. Meanwhile, for smaller pieces, let them sit under your collarbone.

51. Skeletal Hands Chest Tattoo

51. skeletal hands

Skeletal hands are some of the most distinctive chest tattoo concepts. But they’re surprisingly a popular choice among sophisticated women. You can choose from different variations, ranging from praying hands to the karma hand symbol. Either way, a hands chest tattoo is a perfect choice for women looking to express their faith and beliefs.

52. Skull Chest Tattoo

52. skull chest

Skulls are among the most common elements in chest tattoos. That’s because, with skulls, you have the option of covering your chest with a large and intimidating design. On the other hand, you can also opt for a lighthearted sugar skull. The best areas for skull tattoos on the chest include the side of your upper chest for smaller tattoos and under the chest for more extensive tattoos.

53. Animal Skull Chest Tattoo

53. animal skull chest

For gothic women or those who prefer the gothic lifestyle, consider getting an animal skull chest tattoo. Each animal skull has its unique meaning, making it a versatile design. For this reason, you can be as creative as you like when getting an animal skull chest tattoo.

54. Moon Cycle Chest Tattoo

54. moon cycle chest

If you consider yourself spiritual or like the moon, why not try getting a moon cycle chest tattoo. The tattoo represents life cycles, showing off that no matter what happens, you should always stick to your true self and embrace yourself fully! Besides being meaningful, a moon cycle tattoo looks stunning, making it a perfect piece for ladies.

55. Lightning Bolt Chest Tattoo

55. lightning bolt chest

If you’re looking to get a small chest tattoo, something as simple as a lightning bolt will do. This simple design showcases your neverending energy and spark. It’s the perfect tattoo design for daring and bubbly women.

56. Spirit Animal Chest Tattoo

56. spirit animal

For women who think they have an unbreakable connection and bond toward a spirit animal, honor them by getting them inked on your body. These tattoos can look anywhere between adorable and badass, depending on your spirit animal and tattoo style. The best part is that since each person has a different spirit animal, you can make the chest tattoo unique to you.

57. Scorpion Chest Tattoo

57. scorpion chest

Scorpions are fierce insects. For this reason, this insect is the perfect chest tattoo design for women sharing the same traits. When it comes to placement, it’s best to put the scorpion on the center of your chest.

58. Semicolon Chest Tattoo

58. semicolon

Semicolon tattoos are popular among women since they’re sentimental pieces. Plus, they’re often used amongst the prevention suicide community. Although semicolon tattoos are usually placed on smaller areas like behind the ear or the wrists, they’d look as good on your chest. Getting a semicolon chest tattoo allows you to wear it with pride, showcasing that you’re a fighter!

59. Chakra Chest Tattoo

59. chakra chest

A person’s Chakra consists of seven circular vortexes. Each one has a different meaning. ‘Chakra’ is often used in the spiritual community, resonating deeply with individuals who embrace their spirituality. Due to the many symbols of Chakra, the best area for it is between your chest and stomach. If this is you, consider getting a Chakra chest tattoo to showcase your beliefs through body art.

60. Insect Under the Chest Tattoo

60. insect under the chest

Insect tattoos look fantastic when they’re elaborate and highly detailed. They’re a popular choice among women since they look exotic and fun. Although you can get an insect under the chest tattoo in full color, they’re best in traditional black ink.


Can Women Get Chest Tattoos?

Chest tattoos are great pieces if you’re looking to showcase your tattoo when you want to. For this reason, chest tattoos have become popular among women. So, yes, women can get chest tattoos. The most popular area for ladies is under the chest and sternum.

What Does It Mean When Women Have a Chest Tattoo?

Chest tattoos can have different meanings, depending on their design. For instance, a simple chest tattoo can be sentimental, like a loved one’s name. Meanwhile, larger chest tattoos can represent something important to the wearer.

How Painful Are Chest Tattoos?

Chest tattoos have become more popular among women in recent years, but how painful are they? Chest tattoos are generally painful since the area has relatively thin skin. But if you have ample body fat or muscle in the place, it shouldn’t hurt too much.

What Do Chest Tattoos Symbolize?

Chest tattoos symbolize ink lovers brave enough to go through a painful session. But, for the location, chest tattoos are often associated with boldness and strength. After all, the chest is forward and visible. Additionally, the design can add more to the piece, making it unique to yo