Top 43 Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas 2022 Inspiration Guide

This flowing cursive Bible verse tattoo is deployed on an angled patch of the subject’s chest. It’s tight, compact work that would have been applied with a single needle.

The 60 Best Bible Verse Tattoos For Men

Best Bible Verse Tattoos

For people who are religious, the practices they follow and the beliefs they hold are very dear to their hearts. Religion is something that really defines a person, and most of your character is shaped by the religious doctrine you follow.

The Christian religions are centered around bibles, and this is because bibles are the primary religious text for all branches of Christianity. So, as a religious person who places so much value in their religion, one of the best ways of showing that you are someone of faith is by getting a bible verse tattoo. Whether you get the full quote from the bible, or you simply want the chapter and verse of the bible passage, all comes down to your preference. Some people like having the entire quote inked into their skin as a perpetual reminder of their favorite biblical passage. For others, a full bible quote is too much, and simply having the verse tattooed on them will suffice. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these sixty different bible verse tattoo ideas for men. Illustrated Bible Verse Tattoo with Quote Written on Paper Bible Quote Tattoo in the Shape of a Cross Bible Quote Tattooed Against the Image of a Bible Page Bible Tattoo Designed to Look Like It Bible Verse Beneath Image of Jesus Tattoo Design Bible Verse Forearm Tattoo of Psalms Capital Letter Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Colorful Bible Quote Upper Arm Tattoo for Men Who Love Roses and RosariesColorful Floral Bible Verse Tattoo Idea Artsy Dove Bible Quote Tattoo Idea with Multiple Verses in One Piece Create Calligraphy Religious Quote with a Variety of Fonts Creative Text Bible Verse Upper Arm Piece Cursive Bible Quote Tattoo Taken from Numbers Chapter 6 Verse 22 Cursive Bold Philippians Bible Verse Tattoo Cursive Philippians Chest Tattoo with Sunshine and Clouds Curved Collarbone Tattoo Idea for Religious Men Curved Upper Chest Bible Verse Tattoo Idea Eagle Wing Book of Isaiah Back Tattoo for Religious Men Fancy Bible Verse Tattoo Inspired by the Book of Isaiah Fear Not For I Am With You Famous Quote Bible Tattoo Forearm Philippians Bible Quote Idea Full-Length Side of Body Religious Quote Tattoo for Men Galatians Nail Cross Bible Verse Idea Get a Bible Verse Tattoo that Represents Your Faith Inner Forearm Scripted Bible Verse with Vines and Leaves Inner Forearm Spanish Bible Quote Tattoo Intense Religious Bible Quote Chest Tattoo for Men Intricate and Detailed Bible Verse Chest Piece Idea John Chapter 7 Verse 24 Knuckle Tattoos Large Forearm Bible Verse Tattoo for Men Lighthouse and Bible Verse Storm Tattoo Concept Lower Side of Body Cross and Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Minimalist Genesis Quote Chest Tattoo Idea Outer Arm Tattoo of a Bible Verse Typed on Scroll Paper Outer Forearm Bible Passage Tattoo on Wrinkled Paper Outer Hand Romans Bible Tattoo Suggestion Philippians Chest Tattoo Idea for Men Proverbs Bible Verse Ribcage Tattoo Proverbs Verse Thigh Tattoo Idea RedRed and Black Upper Chest Galatians Tattoo Rib Cage Full Length Religious Quote Idea Ribcage Calligraphy Bible Verse Tattoo Idea Scripted Inner Bicep Bible Tattoo Simple Bible Chapter and Verse Chest Piece Slanted Cursive Isaiah Bible Verse Forearm Tattoo Small _Grace_ Wrist Tattoo Inspired by Corinthians Soaring Eagle Tattoo Paired with a Bible Quote from Isaiah Star-Shaped Bible Quote Idea for Men Thick Line Book of Psalms Tattoo Idea Traditional Black and Red Jeremiah Bible Tattoo Typewriter Font Bible Verse Tattoo for Simple Men Upper Chest Book of Matthew Bible and Cross Tattoo Vertical Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Watercolor and Waves Bible Verse Tattoo Idea for Men Well-Known Bible Quote Chest Tattoo Idea for Men Bible Quote Tattoo that Looks Like It Shaded Text Matthew Bible Verse Tattoo for Men Bible Verse Scroll Tattoo Idea for Men

Top 43 Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas [2022 Inspiration Guide]

Top 43 Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas [2022 Inspiration Guide]

To have a constant reminder of your faith, there is no better choice than Bible verse tattoos. By picking your favorite quotes from the scripture, it is easy to ensure that God will be with you at all times.

Tattoos used to be part of an underground alternative scene, so Christians rarely pursued ink; luckily, this is all changing in the 21st century. As a result, worshipers are finally getting in on the fun too. Obviously, there are seemingly endless choices within the Holy Book, whether it’s the old testament or the new testament.

Exodus and Corinthians are always popular choices for Bible verse tattoos, but old-school Christians will probably prefer John and Luke. For a darker sense of worship, you can go with Revelations or Numbers. To throw in a dash of irony, you can even get the quote from Leviticus that prohibits tattoos!

If English seems too blatant, then why not get the original Greek text of your favorite Bible verse instead? Of course, Hebrew is also an option for those proud of their Jewish heritage. Mormon tattoos are also possible, but they are far less common these days. You may not find Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit in the following assortment of tattoos, but you will definitely find the next best thing: a stalwart sense of style!

Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas

This is a well-delivered Bible verse tattoo in the style of a 3D sketch. The key element of this tattoo design is to have the skin look like it’s been torn away to have the “stone” revealed.

3d Ripped Skin Shoulder Tattoo Scripture For Guys With Jesus Christ On Chest

This Chicano style hand tattoo bookmarks a specific part of the Bible for acknowledgment. In this piece, the shading allows greater depth and fills out the available space because the font is quite skinny.

Amazing Scripture Tattoos For Men On Hands Romans

This Bible quote is etched with a nice, flowing script. It’s also surrounded by an effectively drawn rosary cross and the head of a rose. The color elements of the rose are unusual but well done.

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Awesome Mens Bible Quote Tattoos On Bicep With Rosary Beads And Rose Flower

When Bible verses are tattooed, the vast majority of them use those bomb old school fonts. This is a cool example. Here, Psalm 23:4 is permanently etched using a nice variation on an archaic script over the subject’s chest.

Bible Tattoo Quotes For Males On Upper Chest Psalm 23 41

Another Chicano-style ink piece both acknowledges the Bible verse and puts part of it down on the skin of both hands.

Bible Verses Tattoo On Mans Hands Romans 8 31

This large, sleeve style tattoo idea is excellent. Rather than using a single font throughout the verse, the tattoo artist created good interplay by utilizing numerous contrasting fonts. It also uses some blue highlighting color cleverly.

Bible Verse Tattoos On Arm Of Male

The bicep is a great skin canvas for tattooing script. This traditional style font flows beautifully to bookmark a passage from Philippians: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Bicep Philippians Scripture Tattoo Ideas For Guys

This specific Bible verse is very popular among sinners and saints alike. This large back tattoo is a well-executed piece of body art, focusing on the word BLESSED in a deftly shaded Circus font. From there, an old school font in flat black is employed to finalize the quote.

Blessed Full Back Bible Scripture Tattoos For Guys

This beautifully drawn take on the “Lord is my Shepherd” verse is a black line work tattoo etched in an unusual standalone spot: the upper chest and shoulder. The text is packed tightly together but flows nicely across the skin.

Chest And Shoulder Male Bible Tattoo Verse Inspiration

Another tightly drawn piece of script, this tattoo uses a beautiful, seemingly handwritten font to express the Bible verse tattoo style. The artist uses good spacing in the horizontal negative space to give the script room to operate on the skin.

Cool Bible Verse Tattoos For Gentlemen Forearm Sleeve

This Bible verse uses a wide array of fonts and mastery of gray scale shading to create an exceptional half sleeve. While many different fonts are employed and they often contrast in a busy fashion, they are so well drawn and shaded with detail to make the entire piece fit together epically.

Cool Bible Verse Tattoos For Guys Forearm Sleeve Design Ideas

This is an unusual piece because the entire verse is capitalized. Mostly, tattoos featuring a heavy body of writing tend to follow sentence formatting principles. This Bible verse tattoo is successful because the artist chose a capitalized text that works across the entire font.

Creative Guys Bible Verse Tattoo Designs On Chest With Mountains

An interesting Bible script due to the use of an angle in etching the tattoo. Rather than roll across the skin in horizontal fashion, the free-flowing cursive is enhanced by the degree it’s tilted in delivery. It’s a simple adjustment to normal style that has a noticeable result.

Decorative Inner Forearm Scripture Tattoos For Men

Another Philippians 4:13 but the quoted Bible verse this time instead of the bookmark reference. However, it employs a similar flowing cursive.

Decorative Mens Bible Verses For Tattoos On Arm

You look at the text first, and notice it’s tightly packed, well drawn, and lively. Then you get to the bottom and realize that it’s the entire verse of Psalm 23 tattooed down the right side of the subject’s body. It’s a top-quality tattoo design showing off precision in shape, flow, spacing, and concentration.

Full Rib Cage Side Of Body Male With Tattoos Scripture Quote From The Bible

This Bible verse tattoo combines traditional cursive with the cross image. The artist created an interesting shade to emphasize the edge of the cross and make it seem like the skin has been pinched.

Gentleman With Bible Verse Tattoo On Ribs With Cross And Ripped Skin Design

This flowing cursive Bible verse tattoo is deployed on an angled patch of the subject’s chest. It’s tight, compact work that would have been applied with a single needle.

Gentleman With Chest Scripture Tattoos I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

This is a beautifully rendered piece of cursive text referencing Psalm 140:4. The verse begins with: “Keep me safe, Lord , from the hands of the wicked; protect me from the violent, who devise ways to trip my feet.” The subject of this tattoo has a ready reminder on his chest that God is watching out for him as he walks his path through life.

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Gentlemens Tattoos Bible Verses Psalm 140 4 On Upper Chest

The elegant cursive text in this design, combined with the unusual angle of the tattoo flowing up from the ribs, makes for interesting artwork. The flourishes above and below the flowing text provide a sense of balance for the image.

Good Bible Verse Tattoos For Men On Rib Cage With Decorative Quote Font Design

This is a proto Chicano bookmark for Psalm 27. The Chicano style uses that graffiti art style in the sharp, angular cursive and gradient shading within the text and numbers.

Guys Scripture Tattoos Ideas Psalm

A matching set of cursive texts on both limbs mirrors the message that God has chosen his warriors to bear the hardest burdens. It’s a popular Bible verse tattoo for Christian servicemen, and from those who’ve been forced to move on after tragedy.

Guy With Forearm Scripture Tattoos God Gives His Strongest

This is another example of the sketch style tattoo which uses the stone underneath the subject’s skin to display his Bible verse. This style of religious tattoo is also often used in the biomechanical genre to show the machine beneath the flesh.

Half Sleeve Ripped Skin Tattoos Of Scriptures On Guys With 3d Design

The interesting element of this Bible verse hand tattoo is the deployment of the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol. The Eye of Horus traditionally symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. After Horus’ eye is destroyed by god of chaos Set, his mother Isis restores it. There are many parallels between God, Mary, and Jesus Christ with Horus, Isis, and Osiris in ancient literature.

Hand Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas For Men

Wow. This is an intense religious tattoo. The main image is a classical mythology style angel, supported by small cursive text. It looks as though the sleeve continues below by using negative space to highlight the mark of the devil and possibly, a version of the fallen angel as well (you can just make out a horn on the top of the very bottom figure’s head). The detail of this tattoo stands out – note the cross, and wings of the angel – as does the expert use of shading and space to create a well-rounded artwork.

Male Bible Verse Tattoos Sleeve With Angel Holding Cross

This is an interesting free hand piece of Bible verse cursive. The wobble and disparate spacing inside the text are evidence that the outline wasn’t stenciled onto the skin. One thing is certain; the work is a great improvement over the “cold as” text towards the bottom of the man’s wrist.

Male Scripture Tattoos On Forearm

This bible verse tattoo, rather than going in the stone tablet direction, created a variety of different pieces of paper – shaded in muted gray and black to maintain an aged look – as backdrop for the text.

Manly Mens Tattoo Bible Verse On Arm

The artist took pains to link up the Bible quote with elegant scrollwork border with other Christian tattoos on the subject’s left bicep and arm.

Man With Bible Verses Tattoos On Upper Chest

The intentionally jagged cursive of this piece is unique – it could be the actual handwriting of the subject. The artist adds in some small pieces of shading to help fill the image around the text.

Man With Tattoos Of Bible Verses On Upper Chest

Psalm 27:1 – “t he Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear?” – illustrates the choice of chest tattoo image. The artist bookmarked a Bible verse to augment the beautifully executed black and gray lighthouse. The shading in this tattoo is of excellent quality – the waves and clouds provide contrasting patterns, helping give added context and depth to the whole image.

Masculine Bible Verse Tattoos For Men On Chest With Lighthouse

This is a nice cursive tattoo, although sticklers for grammar may have an issue with each word being capitalized. The script is tightly bunched on the skin yet flows quite cleanly for it to be understood easily by anybody close enough to read it. The choice to do the script in flat black line work rather than a combination of text and shading is the smart choice.

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Mens Bible Quotes For Tattoos On Outer Bicep Of Arm

The clean, crisp cursive is emphasized by the gentle curve across this subject’s chest. He opts to use the opening line in conjunction with the bookmark for the rest of the quote.

Mens Bible Verse Tattoos On Chest No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper Isiah 54 17

This is a funky font. The Bible verse tattoo here is crisp, clean, and easy to read. The cursive script provides some nice points in which to add flourishing touches.

Mens Bible Verse Tattoos On Ribs Proverbs 3 5 6 Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart

This chest, shoulder, and bicep tattoo combines text with shading and a religious image. The cloud shading is necessary and executed well; otherwise, the elements wouldn’t be able to join up clearly. The artist’s emphasis on long, flowing characters is a nice touch to a technically solid artwork.

Mens Scripture Chest Tattoos

A big, bold Chicano graffiti style bookmark of Isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” The use of negative space to form the 43:2 makes for a nice contrast of the gray and black theme.

Outer Forearm Scripture Tattoo On Gentleman

Another Philippians 4:13 bookmark is a good tattoo idea. This one is beautiful, reminiscent of those medieval scripts in Latin that monks used to draw in gold leaf paint, letter by letter even though they couldn’t read the text.

Philippians Mens Tattoo Scriptures

This is a stunning Bible verse tattoo. The bookmark – another reference to Psalm 23:4 – is done with a staggering amount of detail. There is little margin for error in the small gaps between black line work and slightly fuzzy black shade, but the execution is perfect.

Psalm 23 4 Bicep Tattoos Bible Verse For Guys

What a cool, unique piece – it verges on the trash polka style of abstract image combined with black and red color, however it’s just orthodox enough to avoid that genre. This tattoo combines a heavy, stylized cross with reference to Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is excellently done.

Rib Cage Side Mens Bible Scriptures Tattoo Jeremiah 29 11 With Abstract Cross

A head tattoo of Psalms 91, with the assumption being that there is a massive Capital P under his thick, straight hair, is an impressive statement.

Shaved Head Scripture Tattoo Designs Men

This is top quality on both leg tattoos in combination. One limb features a beautiful, painstakingly executed watercolor cross – a difficult and complex tattoo created in black ink – with the Bible verse tattoo to match on his other leg. The use of heavy black in the typewritten text creates a great, heavy emphasis on the black ink for this tattoo as well. This is a gold star artwork!

Tattoo Bible Quotes For Guys On Forearms With Watercolor Cross

The skin of the arm is rent, revealing a cleverly etched script on a stone tablet beneath. This is an expertly delivered take on the biomechanical/sketch style of tattoo. The key to success for this piece is the detail in the rent flesh shading, and how it opposes the tight, black script.

Tattoo Bible Verses For Males Half Sleeve Design With Ripped Skin

This simple, but effective, cursive Bible verse tattoo uses black line ink to flow nicely, the script curving and following below the shape of his clavicle.

Upper Chest Short Bible Verse Tattoos For Guys

This piece engages a different font for each line to create variety in the overall tattoo and create a natural border with the words and flourishes. The blue highlight is a nice addition that softens the script a little.

Wrist Mens Tattoo Bible Scriptures Fear Not For I Am With You

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