Top 20 Designer Brands of 2023

Inspired by the British nobility, Guccio returned to Italy to create a high-end designer label.

Top 20 Designer Brands Worldwide

Wear something extraordinary so that you can turn heads wherever you go is the new mantra of the modern world. Apparels, jewellery, watches, beauty products etc. are all part of the game where we all are looking at the top designer brands to satisfy our needs and wants. This is the age where people prefer brands with exclusive, qualitative and exceptional products.

The iconic luxury houses have been able to hold on to their prominent positions in these competitive times because they have been able to design, market and create high-fashion apparel and accessories that have become trendsetters in the high-end markets. These items are costly and boast of limited quantity.

People prefer designer brands because the products reflect their identity, personality and status symbol and this is the reason why they are willing to shed any amount to grab hold of the product. Let us go through the top 20 designer brands that provide a feeling of prestige and power to the buyer.

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Top 20 Designer Brands

1. Gucci


If you are looking for a fashion powerhouse, then look no further than Gucci. It is one of the top 20 designer brands that have been able to carve out a name and maintain its image, visibility and brand name amongst the new millennial. Gucci has demonstrated its hold on the consumers by integrating innovation and new technological advancements to create something extraordinary for the consumers to hold on.

Gucci is an Italian origin brand found in the year 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Its products are highly coveted by royalties, celebrities and dignitaries around the world. The brand deals in leather as well as fashion goods and has dressed celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Salma Hayak and Kim Kardashian.

The designer brand has always strived for comfort and exclusivity. Its extravagant style, attention to detail, best quality materials, vibrant designs and unparallel craftsmanship has redefined the fashion industry and helped it to become the topmost selling brands in the world. The most popular Gucci items are belt, footwear and flip-flop.

2. Chanel


The term haute-couture must have been invented for the luxury brand Chanel as it is one of the top 20 designer brands in the world with an estimated value in billions. It holds on to the interest of its customers because of its celebrity-driven campaigns, engaging content and heart-stopping visuals. It stays in the minds of people who are always on the look-out for something new, trendy and exclusive.

Chanel is a French origin company that deals in haute couture, luxury goods, ready-to-wear, jewellery, cosmetics, footwear, fragrance, sunglass, handbags etc. The brand caters to the taste of its privileged clients by offering elegant and attractive products. Chanel is known worldwide for its exclusive No. 5 de Chanel perfume, little black dress and the Chanel suit that is in demand irrespective of its high price tag.

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DKNY is the baby of its founder Dona Karen and was launched in the year 1984. This diffusion brand is famous because of its laid-back style and trendy outfits that demonstrates chic, casual and sporty outlook inspired and influenced by city landscape.

Besides retail stores, the brand offers an online shopping option to its customers, and this is why it has been able to gain immense popularity in recent times.

DKNY is a fashion house based in New York and is presently under its parent company G-III Apparel Group. It deals in tailored suits, footwear, sportswear, casual wear, formal wear, fragrances, home collection and baby clothing. The brand has been one of the top 20 designer brands in the world and has been represented in the 2010s by Cara Delevingne and after the year 2017 by Emily Ratajkowski.

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Luxury and Louis Vuitton go hand in hand as the brand enjoys immense popularity amongst celebrities and high-end customers. The LV logo is one of the most recognized ones in the world and is frequently seen in all its products. Stars who have proudly worm this highly acclaimed brand are Rihanna, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, Ariana Grande, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez.

Louis Vuitton is a French origin high-end fashion house that deals in luxury goods like apparel, footwear, luggage, bags, belts, sunglasses, stationery and jewellery.

It sells and markets its products via e-commerce platforms, boutiques and exclusive department outlets. Authenticity is the name of the game, and this innovative brand has managed to become a symbol of inspiration and elegance to many.

5. Hermes


Hermes was found in the year 1837 by Thierry Hermes, and with headquarters in Paris, it serves an international audience. It is considered one of the top 20 designer brand names of all times. The unique brand is associated with the retail industry and deals in silk scarves, ready-to-wear, jewellery, perfumes, accessories, stationery, leather, homewares, watches, fragrance and home fashions. Hermes is a classic brand whose items are sought-after by royalties and distinguishing personalities

Hermes has a soft corner for celebrities, and this is why it launched the iconic Birkin after Jane Birkin, the famous English actress and Hermes Kelly after the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Other notable personalities who have used Hermes products are Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Emma Watson.

6. Prada | Designer Brands

Prada | Designer Brands

Prada is an iconic fashion house that has gained immense popularity and fame over the years. This top 20 designer brand was founded in the year 1913 by Mario Prada, and it currently serves both domestic and international markets. The celebrities who have worn Prada with pride are Rita Ora, Bella Hadid, Nicole Kidman, Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams.

Prada is an Italian origin brand that is associated with the fashion industry via apparels, accessories, footwear, leather handbags, cosmetics, wines, watches and perfumes.

It sells its most expensive luxury brand items through boutiques that are spread all over the world. It has introduced new exciting concepts that have helped it in regenerating interests amongst its customers, for example, waterproof nylon bags and women wear that were characterized by thin belts and dropped waistlines.

7. Rolex


Rolex is a Swiss origin company that was found in the year 1905 in London by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf. This is one of the top 20 designer brands in the world that is highly desired by wealthy clients and celebrities all over the world. It is considered an honour to wear the luxury watches, and some well-known personalities associated with the designer brand are Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Rolex is associated with manufacturing, designing, distributing and servicing of luxury and expensive watches that are unique and exclusive. Amongst the top ten costly watches that have been sold, three of them were from this high-end brand.

Rolex Daytona is currently the most expensive wristwatch that has ever been sold at 17.75 million US dollars.

8. Tiffany

Tiffany | Designer Brands

Tiffany & Co. has strong visibility and image that makes it a coveted and iconic brand amongst consumers who wants something special. The brand has been associated with several collections like Elsa Peretti’s Collection that include Teardrop and Open Heart and several sports awards like Larry O’ Brien Trophy for the winner of NBA Finals.

Tiffany is an American origin brand that sells its products through its outlets. The product range includes watches, fragrances, water bottles, stationery, crystal and jewellery but the most desired items that people are always on the look-out for are its rings, bracelet and necklace from the jewellery line.

Recently Indian actor Priyanka Chopra was spotted wearing a Tiffany engagement ring

9. Dior


Dior is a premium line with exclusive collections that are admired and desired by many. It was found in the year 1946 by Christian Dior. It serves the whole full world via its outlets and through online portals. Dior has been associated with Carla Bruni, Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani. Princess Diana carried a Dior handbag on her Argentina trip in the year 1995.

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Dior is an internationally well-liked brand that deals in retailing and designing of haute-couture, skincare items, fragrances, watches, make-up, jewellery, footwear, accessories and leather goods.

The upscale label caters to high-end customers who do not think twice before spending their money. The most popular items on its list are Dior Sauvage and Dior sunglasses.

10. Armani

Armani | Designer Brands

Found in the year 1975 by Giorgio Armani, the Italian top 20 designer brand has always been a hit with its esteemed customers. Its product portfolio includes luxurious and fashionable items like ready-to-wear, leather goods, jewellery, footwear, watches and accessories.

Moving with the modern times, it has reinvented itself and minimized its core brands from seven to top three high-end Giorgio Armani, youth-oriented Armani Exchange and mid-range Emporio Armani.

11. Fendi


Fendi is an Italian origin company found in the year 1925 by its Adele Casagrande and Edoardo Fendi. It is one of the most expensive and top 20 designer brands in the world associated with luxury fashion as it deals in manufacturing accessories, watches, eyewear, fragrances, footwear, leather goods, ready-to-wear and fur.

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It is acknowledged as one of the best manufacturers of products like leather handbags and fur accessories. Are you aware that all its products are considered timeless and beautiful, and this is the reason for the high price range?

12. Balenciaga

Balenciaga | Designer Brands

Balenciaga has been aligned with unusual fashion, and this has helped it to become one of the top 20 designer brands of the world. It was found in the year 1917 by the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga hence the name of the brand. Celebrities with a penchant for Balenciaga items are Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner and Lara Bingle.

The designer brand made its debut with bubble launching skirts and ultra-modern shapes that were later considered its trademark items and with time has also included motorcycle-inspired handbags. Its Platform Crocs were at one time, one of the most fashionable products in the world. Currently, it has been high in demand for its sneakers and speed trainers.

13. Cartier


Cartier and timeless design are breathed in the same air and spoken with similar reverence. It is a French origin brand associated with designing, distributing, selling and manufacturing of luxury jewellery and watches. The most popular items in its product portfolio are glasses, wristwatches and the bracelet.

The brand Cartier has been a hit with the traditional as well as the young generation of luxury shoppers who are looking for something extraordinary, timeless and trendy. Some famous names associated with this unique brand are Barbara Hutton, Gloria Swanson and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

14. Burberry

Burberry | Designer Brands

Burberry has been in existence since a very long time and is considered a top-selling designer brand. It was found in the year 1856 by Thomas Burberry and currently serves both national and international markets.

Burberry is an iconic brand associated with the luxury industry. It deals in apparel, cosmetics, perfumes, sunglasses and fashion accessories. This British origin brand has put its onus on sleek designs, comfortable clothes and qualitative materials to become one of the top 20 designer brands in the world.

15. Lancome


Lancome is a French origin luxury house that is associated with cosmetics and perfumes. It was founded in the year 1935 by its founder Armand Petitjean and is currently a subsidiary of its parent company L’Oreal.

Lancome offers its highly unique customers products related to make-up, skincare and fragrances at extremely high prices. Some of its most popular products are mascaras, and the Visionnaire range aimed to reduce fine lines and pores in the skin. The top 20 designer brand has been represented by the like of Carol Alt, Raica Oliveira and Shalom Harlow.

16. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent | Designer Brands

Launched in the year 1961 Yves Saint Laurent soon became a force to reckon with. With time it has become one of the most prominent fashion houses known for haute couture and modern iconic clothing, for instance, tuxedo jackets specially made for women.

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The current success of this designer brand is attributed to its product portfolio that includes leather goods, ready-to-wear, eyewear and footwear. To promote its name, the brand has chosen some of the best-known influencers of the world that have their quirky style, credentials and personality brimming with a macho image.

Celebrities who have been associated with Yves Saint Laurent are Finn Wolfhard and Keanu Reeves.

17. Bulgari


If you are looking for a heritage brand, then opt for Bulgari. This Italian brand was found in the year 1884 in Rome and is currently occupying a prominent position in the list of top 20 designer brands of the world as a subsidiary of LVMH Group.

Bulgari is associated with the retail industry and deals in leather goods, accessories, fragrances, watches and jewellery. It has roped in young faces like Bella Hadid and Jasmine Sanders and appointed them brand ambassadors

18. Givenchy

Givenchy | Designer Brands

The Parisian fashion house Givenchy was found in the year 1952 by its founder Heber De Givenchy. It is a luxury top 20 designer brand that is associated with designing some of the most popular items worn in the world. At the onset, the brand was known for puffy blouses and floaty skirts and later broadened its product portfolio to include cosmetics, perfumes, accessories besides clothing.

One of the top coops for Givenchy was roping in Ariana Grande as its newest face. The high-profile brand has been in the news for dressing Megan Markel at her wedding with Prince Harry of United Kingdom.

19. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

In the year 1992, Lee Alexander McQueen introduced his label, which went on to reach unimaginable heights in the fashion industry. Innovative tailoring, traditional technique and exaggerated shapes along with strong graphic effects, is the look the brand wanted to project. Currently, the brand operates as a subsidiary of Kering under the creative director Sarah Burton.

Alexander McQueen is one of the most preferred brands of rich and famous. Sarah Burton designed the wedding dress of Catherine Middleton during her wedding with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. The Duchess again wore an Alexander McQueen outfit at the christening of her daughter Princess Charlotte.

20. Balmain

Balmain | Designer Brands

Balmain is a French origin brand that has used luxurious decorative fabrics to create some of the most beautiful products in the world. Its unique style, innovative ways, high-end craftsmanship is evident through its high-profile designs.

Pierre Balmain found the luxury house in the year 1945 and currently serves a common area. The product line of this high-end expensive and exclusive brand includes ready-to-wear, haute couture, jewellery and perfume.

Quality nowadays triumphs over quantity, and this is the reason why branded products are costly. Lots of time, energy, labour effort and money goes into making something that is considered highly desirable as well as exclusive.

The expensive price tag is associated with its worth in the eyes of the beholder. The wealthy choose expensive designer brands over others to elevate their position in society.

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Top 20 Designer Brands of 2023

Designer Brands

Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!

Designer brands are atop all high-end luxury labels, thanks to excellent clothing, shoes, and accessories made from the best available materials, by expert artisans, in the most uniquely imaginable styles.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 20 designer brands in high-end fashion via original creations and superb craftsmanship.

Challenging the boundaries of design and style, these top designer brands for men and women are the best and influence how the world styles and dresses.

Top 20 Designer Brands In 2023

Rank Name Country
1. Louis Vuitton France
2. Gucci Italy
3. Saint Laurent France
4. Chanel France
5. Prada Italy
6. Versace Italy
7. Balenciaga Spain
8. Alexander McQueen UK
9. Dior France
10. Burberry UK
11. Ralph Lauren USA
12. Givenchy France
13. Fendi Italy
14. Hermes France
15. Valentino Italy
16. Giorgio Armani Italy
17. Balmain France
18. Bottega Veneta Italy
19. Salvatore Ferragamo Italy
20. Dolce & Gabbana Italy

1 /20
Louis Vuitton


Designer Brands - Louis Vuitton


“One of the most popular designer brands on the planet, LV’s monogram is etched on luxury leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and even books, signaling that the owner has taste and wealth.”

Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French designer brand and luxury goods company founded in 1854 by Georges Louis Vuitton, recognized by the LV logo initials.

The fonder trained as a box maker and introduced numerous innovations, such as the flat-top trunk, lightweight canvas, signature patterns, and the tumbler lock.

Nowadays, the Louis Vuitton designer brand is known for its rigorous spirit of innovation, the boldness of creations, and an uncompromising demand for excellence.

Named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for six consecutive years (2006–2012) and with over 460 stores in 50 countries, this designer brand continues its mission to explore new stylistic horizons.

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Louis Vuitton x Supreme Logo Hoodie

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Nano Speedy Bag

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Nano Speedy Bag

2 /20


Designer Brands - Gucci


“World-renowned for high-quality and stylish designs, sported by the biggest stars and celebrities, Gucci’s finely crafted Italian pieces make this designer brand one of the most expensive luxury names you can’t go wrong wearing.”

Guccio Gucci laid the foundation for the ‘House of Gucci’ in 1921 in Florence, Italy.

The young Guccio worked with high-end brands in London – such as the Savoy Hotel, where he fell in love with the English aristocracy.

Inspired by the British nobility, Guccio returned to Italy to create a high-end designer label.

Gucci’s early pieces were marked with horse details when catering to the aristocrats of those days, who were wearing many equestrian gear and accessories.

One of the most representative pieces of those times is Gucci’s iconic loafers showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Gucci Jumbo GG Denim Jacket

Gucci Jumbo GG Denim Jacket

Gucci Ophidia GG Shoulder Bag

Gucci Ophidia GG Shoulder Bag

3 /20
Saint Laurent


Designer Brands - Saint Laurent


“With an iconic logo recognized globally, Saint Laurent is the ultimate designer brand for those looking to wear high-end designer fashion and showcase a modern feel of classic French glamour.”

Saint Laurent is a French designer brand and luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, in 1961.

Saint Laurent was also the first designer label to introduce, in 1966, the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter with a collection called “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche,” synonymous with youth and freedom.

Part of the Kering Group and under the creative direction of Anthony Vaccarello, appointed in April 2016, Saint Laurent’s unique identity makes it an authority in fashion.

Saint Laurent Crocodile-effect Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent Crocodile-effect Crossbody Bag

Saint Laurent Floral-print Bomber Jacket

Saint Laurent Floral-print Bomber Jacket

4 /20


Designer Brands - Chanel


“As a designer brand worn by the world’s most influential people, royals, and celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Audrey Hepburn, Chanel is the label you need to make an ultimate statement of luxury and opulence.”

Chanel is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1910 by couturière Gabrielle Chanel, the only fashion designer named on the Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century.

Hailed as one of the best designer brands of this century, Chanel focuses on women’s ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and accessories.

In modern days, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld used integral elements of the brand’s lexicon – the double-C motif, chains, tweed, and costume jewelry to give the designer brand a unique, modern twist.

Like Gabrielle Chanel, Lagerfeld used coiffures, sunglasses, and fingerless gloves, to cultivate a striking designer brand image, easy to recognize worldwide.

Chanel Vintage Double-breasted Tweed Blazer

Chanel Vintage Double-breasted Tweed Blazer

Chanel Vintage Classic Flap Shoulder Bag

Chanel Vintage Classic Flap Shoulder Bag

5 /20


Designer Brands - Prada


“Prada’s collaboration with Raf Simons turned the Italian House into one of the world’s most iconic designer brands, loved for its fresh styles and modern looks, relevant to the younger generation.”

Prada is a designer brand launched as a small leather goods store 100 years ago by Mario Prada.

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada as an Italian luxury leather goods designer brand.

However, Prada made little impact on fashion until after Miuccia took charge of her grandfather’s company in 1978.

As one of the best designer brands of modern times, Prada combines distinctive elements of artisanal know-how heritage with modern principles of environmental protection, cultural support, and ethical manufacturing.

Nowadays, Prada is conducted by a revolutionary duo of designers: Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, nailing a sweet spot between classic and fun.

Prada Saffiano Leather Triangle Bag

Prada Saffiano Leather Triangle Bag

Prada Monolith Leather Ankle Boots

Prada Monolith Leather Ankle Boots

6 /20


Designer Brands - Versace


“With belts, cotton scarves, handbags, and loungewear pieces designed with quality and absolute comfort in mind, Versace is your quick gateway to the most beautiful Italian fashion and style.”

Versace is an Italian designer brand and luxury fashion company founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

The brand’s logo is the head of Medusa, a Greek mythological figure.

Gianni Versace chose Medusa as the logo because she made people fall in love with her, and they had no way back.

The designer hoped his company would have the same effect on those who wore Versace’s clothes and shoes.

Thanks to Donatella Versace’s leadership and iconic supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the luxury house became one of the most popular labels of 90s fashion.

Versace Green Palazzo Slides

Versace Green Palazzo Slides

Versace Black

Versace Black ‘La Medusa’ Top Handle Bag

7 /20


Designer Brands - Balenciaga


“Despite its heritage of classic luxury fashion, Balenciaga was one of the first designer brands to embark on streetwear, redefining the ideas of athletic minimalism and oversized apparel in high fashion.”

Balenciaga is a top designer brand and luxury fashion house of Spanish heritage, founded in 1917 by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga and currently based in Paris, France.

Christian Dior referred to Balenciaga as a couturier of uncompromising standards and “The master of us all.”

Nowadays, the designer brand is helmed by fashion designer Demna Gvasalia who reimagines the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga but with a fresh stylistic perspective.

Balenciaga XX Flap Crocodile Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga XX Flap Crocodile Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Triple S Beige Lace-up Low-top Sneakers

Balenciaga Triple S Beige Lace-up Low-top Sneakers

8 /20
Alexander McQueen


Designer Brands - Alexander McQueen


“Thanks to Burton’s constant exploration of the natural world and celebrations of the values of English rural traditions in fashion, Alexander McQueen’s creations are a juxtaposition of feminine and masculine, fragility and strength, romance and rebellion, man and machine..”

Alexander McQueen is a British designer brand founded by Lee Alexander McQueen in 1992.

Under the leadership of Sarah Burton, appointed Head of Design for womenswear in 2000 and Creative Director in 2010, the designer brand produces some of the most critically acclaimed collections ever.

Driven by a unique stylistic vision and respect for experimentation and time-honored craftsmanship, the McQueen designer brand is synonymous with modern British clothing couture.

Alexander McQueen Blue Sky Puff-Sleeved Dress

Alexander McQueen Blue Sky Puff-Sleeved Dress

Alexander McQueen Graffiti-logo Tread Slick Sneakers

9 /20


Designer Brands - Dior


“The French luxury designer house continues to depict a rare stylistic vision through timeless sculptures of elegant, structured, and infinitely feminine collections.”

More commonly known as Dior, Christian Dior SE is a French designer founded in 1946 by French fashion designer Christian Dior.

The French luxury fashion house is controlled and chaired by the French businessman Bernard Arnault, who heads LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate.

Directed by the CEO Pietro Beccari, the modern Dior is recognized as one of the most influential designer brands in women’s couture and evening wear.

Arguably the most recognized designer brand globally, Dior’s unique creations have been worn by film stars, heads of state, royals, and celebrities.

Christian Dior 1990s Vintage Fringe-edge Skirt Suit

Christian Dior 1990s Vintage Fringe-edge Skirt Suit

Christian Dior 1990s Vintage Trotter Saddle pouch

Christian Dior 1990s Vintage Trotter Saddle pouch

10 /20


Designer Brands - Burberry


“Burberry is a modern designer brand that leads the current fashion dialogue with constant innovations, from sustainable materials to the continuous launch of unique styles relevant to the contemporary context.”

Established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, Burberry is a British designer brand headquartered in London, England.

The total brand value of Burberry was about $7.1 billion in 2022, making Burberry one of the top British fashion brands.

While initially focused on outdoor apparel, the designer brand has transitioned to high-end fashion and accessories in the last fifteen years.

Famous for its characteristic trench coats, Burberry is one of the most sought designer brands in leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, eyewear, fragrances, and cosmetics.

Burberry Kensington Heritage Long Trench Coat

Burberry Kensington Heritage Long Trench Coat

Burberry Monster Graphic-print Check Zip-up Shirt

Burberry Monster Graphic-print Check Zip-up Shirt

11 /20
Ralph Lauren


Designer Brands - Ralph Lauren


“Reflecting a distinctive American flavor for over 50 years, Ralph Lauren’s high-end designer brand reputation reaches across an expanding number of products, brands, and international markets, unique among luxury and apparel companies.”

Founded in 1967 by fashion designer Ralph Lauren, RL is an American designer brand headquartered in New York City and famous for the premium to high-end luxury goods in apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances categories.

The company’s brands include the mid-range Chaps brand, the sub-premium Lauren Ralph Lauren brand, the premium Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, and Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren to the high-end designer fashion Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection brands.

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Slim Fit Big Pony Mesh Polo Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Slim Fit Big Pony Mesh Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren Woman Cable-Knit Cricket Sweater

Ralph Lauren Woman Cable-Knit Cricket Sweater

12 /20


Designer Brands - Givenchy


“As a designer brand that triggers instant recognition and admiration, wearing Givenchy is the fastest way to make a powerful fashion statement without breaking the bank.”

Founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and Jaani Robert Duffy, Givenchy is a Parisian luxury fashion brand and one of the contemporary designers’ most coveted designer labels.

The designer brand is sported by the world’s most famous celebs, such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Rooney Mara, and Meghan Markle.

Nowadays, the House of Givenchy is best known for some of the most appreciated haute couture pieces, excellent perfumes, accessories, and cosmetics.

Givenchy 4G-motif Square-neck Dress

Givenchy 4G-motif Square-neck Dress

Givenchy City White Low-top Sneakers

Givenchy City White Low-top Sneakers

13 /20


Designer Brands - Fendi


“More than just another Italian designer brand owned by the Parisian fashion conglomerate LVMH, Fendi is a modern fashion label of high-quality products of rare elegance, craftsmanship, innovation, and style.”

Established by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome in 1925, the House of Fendi is a renowned designer brand and fashion house of rare elegance, craftsmanship, innovation, and style.

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Karl Lagerfeld joined the Italian designer brand in 1965, giving the label a unique and fresh design boost.

Since LVMH acquired Fendi in 2001, the Italian designer fashion house has become synonymous with high-end experimental fashion and great creativity.

Fendi Signature Monogram Padded Boots

Fendi Signature Monogram Padded Boots

Fendi Reversible FF Motif Bucket Hat

Fendi Reversible FF Motif Bucket Hat

14 /20


Designer Brands - Hermes


“Helmed by the creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, Hermes continues to enchant luxury shoppers with superb fashion, beauty, and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Established in 1837, Hermes International S.A., or simply Hermes, is a French luxury designer specializing in leather goods and lifestyle accessories.

The brand’s Birkin bag is topping the lists of all luxury designer bags as one of the most iconic products and the best from the French Maison.

Released in 1984, the Birkin bag has been made in different kinds of leather and released in a rainbow of colors throughout the years.

Givenchy’s casual-chic, timeless style embraces femininity with aristocratic elegance, making the wearer feel special.

Hermès 1997 Vintage Kelly 32 Bag

Hermès 1997 Vintage Kelly 32 Bag

Hermès Vintage Horse Print Scarf

Hermès Vintage Horse Print Scarf

15 /20


Designer Brands - Valentino


“A designer brand of rare Italian heritage, loved by contemporary celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, and Keira Knightley, Valentino’s creations are instant tickets to Italian luxury and style.”

Of all the top 20 designer brands, Valentino is a case apart.

The story of Valentino began in 1959 in the heart of Rome, the Eternal City.

Founded by Valentino Garavani, the House is known for its trademark fabric shade known as “Valentino red.”

Meghan Markle wore a red Valentino dress for an official engagement during Morocco’s February 2019 royal tour.

The Italian designer label is also known for designing iconic wedding dresses for Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, and Julia Roberts.

A new stylistic chapter began in 2016 under the new creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Piccioli positioned the Italian designer label as a contemporary fashion brand, somehow still faithful to the brand’s classic heritage that makes it so popular and appreciated.

Valentino VLOGO Drawstring Hoodie

Valentino Optical Valentino Bucket Hat

Valentino Optical Valentino Bucket Hat

16 /20
Giorgio Armani


Designer Brands - Giorgio Armani


“Instantly recognized thanks to elegant and refined lines, Armani’s luxurious pieces depict a world of timeless styles designed to enhance one’s natural beauty.”

Giorgio Armani S.p.A., also known as Armani, is an Italian designer fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani.

Famous for his crisp, clean, and tailored menswear lines, Armani is often described as the most successful designer Italy has ever produced.

The Italian fashion designer gained notoriety working for Cerruti, Allegri, Bagutta, and Hilton before launching his company in 1975.

The Italian fashion house designs and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and home interiors.

The brand markets these products under several labels: Giorgio Armani Privé, Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani (including EA7), Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, and Armani Exchange.

Giorgio Armani Peak-lapel Single-breasted Blazer

Giorgio Armani Peak-lapel Single-breasted Blazer

Giorgio Armani Logo Sweatshirt

17 /20


Designer Brands - Balmain


“Adored worldwide and especially in Asia right now, thanks to Rousteing’s genius vision and fruitful collaborations, Balmain’s modern interpretations of luxury couture are levels up from the competition.”

Founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945, Balmain is a French designer brand and luxury fashion house that operates 16 mono-brand stores in New York City, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Milan.

Credited with adding a touch of Asian style to Balmain’s overall vibe – the Asian market comprises a considerable part of the brand’s shoppers – Olivier Rousteing has been directing the French designer name since 2011.

Born into an internet-savvy generation, Rousteing pioneered Instagram marketing with his “Balmain Army” of influencers dressed in the brand’s signature military style.

The label is worn by current-day celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashian West, and even by computer-generated models like Margot, Shudu, and Zhi.

Balmain B-Bold High-top Sneakers

Balmain B-Bold High-top Sneakers

Balmain Monogram-detail Minidress

Balmain Monogram-detail Minidress

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Bottega Veneta


Designer Brands - Bottega Veneta


“While still reluctant to internet advertising, digital commerce, and influencer media, Bottega Veneta has evolved from a local fashion producer for family and friends into one of the most coveted Italian designer brands of the 20th century.”

Bottega Veneta is an Italian designer brand specializing in luxury goods and high fashion apparel, founded in 1966 in Veneto.

The label started to gain popularity when fashion designer and creative director Tomas Maier returned the Italian designer brand to its original identity.

Maier removed logos from the brand’s products, highlighted the signature ‘intrecciato’ (intertwined) weave, and put the accent back on artisanal production.

Maier’s changes were described by fashion critics as a powerful infusion of “stealth wealth.”

However, the brand’s inclusion in the top designer names of this decade is attributed to Daniel Lee, the brand’s current Creative Director.

Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini Intrecciato-leather Bag

Bottega Veneta Jodie Mini Intrecciato-leather Bag

Bottega Veneta Men’s Logo-Intarsia Chenille Sweater

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Salvatore Ferragamo


Designer Brands - Salvatore Ferragamo


“The Italian brand has managed to blend rare craftsmanship and creative innovation, two factors of excellence that the company has developed and nurtured over the years while keeping grounded in its heritage and origins.”

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian designer brand and one of the world’s most-known ‘Made in Italy’ luxury goods labels.

One of the luxury’s most established houses, the Salvatore Ferragamo designer brand specializes in “measured elegance,” as Ferruccio Ferragamo, the eldest son of Italy’s most iconic cobbler and its current CEO, likes to put it.

The Italian label sells high-quality modern footwear, leather goods, clothing, silk products, leather accessories, and fragrances for men and women.

Salvatore Ferragamo Trifolio Leather Shoulder Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Trifolio Leather Shoulder Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Tonal Gancini Buckle Belt

Salvatore Ferragamo Tonal Gancini Buckle Belt

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Dolce & Gabbana


Designer Brands - Dolce & Gabbana


“D&G is one of the most stylish luxury clothing brands right now, and a favorite brand among Hollywood celebrities, able to deliver an indisputable mix of classic and contemporary, modern looks appealing to all ages and genders alike.”

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian designer brand and luxury fashion house founded in 1985 by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The duo started with a design consultancy and later converted into the “Dolce and Gabbana” label, following the brand’s successful debut in 1985, at Milan Fashion Week.

However, the Italian designer brand reached fame after Madonna asked D&G to craft her costume for the “Girlie” world tour and some jewel-encrusted corsets for the Cannes Film Festival.

Although the designers’ relationship ended in 2005, they still collaborate.

As The New Yorker puts it, “Gabbana is the eyes to Dolce’s hands.”

Dolce & Gabbana Animal-print Bustier Crop Top

Dolce & Gabbana Animal-print Bustier Crop Top

Dolce & Gabbana All-over Logo Print Shirt

Designer Brands FAQs

What is Considered a Designer Brand?

Unlike fast fashion brands, high-end designer brands create unique or limited edition pieces, often bought as investments.

Led by the world’s best fashion designers, these designer brands create exquisite fashion styles representing one’s social status, value, and unique personality.

These famous designer clothing brands are behind the latest fashion trends and styles that premium and fast fashion companies copy season after season.

What Is The Most Popular Designer Brand?

The most famous designer brands of 2022-2023 are the French label Louis Vuitton, the Italian designer brand Gucci, and the French fashion house, Saint Laurent.

What Is The Most Inexpensive Designer Brand?

London-based British label Ted Baker is considered the most affordable designer brand in 2022-2023.

The second most affordable designer brand in 2023 is Kate Spade, New York, and the third most inexpensive designer brand is Tory Burch.

Who Is The Hottest Designer Brand Right Now?

The top 3 hottest designers of 2022-2023 are Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Balmain.

What Is The Most Expensive Designer Brand?

Valued at around $36 billion in 2022, Louis Vuitton is the most expensive designer brand in the world right now.


There you have it; these are the best 20 designer brands of 2023.

From stylish suits and trendy outfits to cool shirts and chic bottoms, these are the best designer brands of the last century, known for unique style, quality, and famous collections that you need to know.

It is interesting to see some of the top fashion brands of 2022 are missing in 2023 but are expected to return by the end of the year.

The missing names are Christian Louboutin, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo, Christian Audigier, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Tory Burch, Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs, and Paul Smith.

But for now, these are the hottest and most popular designer brands in the world in 2023.

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