16 Angel Tattoo Designs That Come With Powerful Meanings

15. This could be an angel or even possibly a fairy. It’s a cute little design with a lot of color. It looks like it takes over the entire shoulder blade so it’s a good size.

155+ Best Angel Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Fall in Love

Angel tattoos have been insanely popular for hundreds of years. There is just something about an angel, whether dark or light that draws you to them. They continue to gain in popularity especially over the past few decades. It’s hard to say why some people choose to get an angel tattoo, maybe it’s the significance of having your own personal guardian angel to watch over you.

Though not everyone chooses the angelic white angel, many choose the badass look of a dark and mysterious angel.

Angel means Aggelo in Greek and it means, “to pass along something new or to announce something.” That’s a nice sentiment to have on your body if that’s the message that you wish to send out into the world.

In religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, angels hold a special significance. They are our link between heaven and earth and many people believe that they have actually seen the presence of angels. They take comfort in knowing that angels are there to watch over us and in theory to keep us safe from harm. So no wonder many people decide to get an angel tattoo.

Many angel tattoos are depicted with wings, sometimes it’s only the wings that are used. Never the head or body. Getting angel wings tattooed on your back was a hugely popular tattoo concept at one point.

Cherub tattoos seem to be the most popular tattoo of choice. Below are 72 angel tattoos that you are sure to love:

72 of The Best Angel Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Fall in Love

  1. This is a cute little character if you are looking for a smaller angel. This little dark character tugs at the heart and there’s mystery attached to him due to that single tear trailing down his cheek.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas1

2. This is a very large tattoo that takes up most of your back. It’s gorgeous with insane detail among the wings as well as the body of the angel. The black and white makes it look just like a pencil drawing. It’s stunning.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas2

3. This is more of a traditional angelic image. It’s fairly large and in black and white. There is quite a bot of detail involved in the design of this tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas3

4. These simple wings are are attached to an inspirational message. The two go together because angel are supposed to be an inspiring image. The combination goes well together.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas4

5. An outline of a angel made be a more simplified tattoo for you. This tattoo looks as if an angel is holding a baby and looking down at it. The halo and delicate and sweet.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas5

6. This cherub angel symbol is quite extraordinary because of all the detail involved in the wings. The tattoo looks as if you could just reach out and feel the wings of the angel.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas6

7. If you are looking for an unobtrusive tattoo then these tiny wings located on the thumbs might be just what you want. The small black and white tattoos are cute.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas7

8. These two angels are locked in an embrace. It appears as if one is a dark angel while the other is a light one. They have come together with one sole purpose, whatever that may be.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas8

Angel tattoo designs and ideas50

9. A cherub and heart attached to someone’s initials. there is definitely some significance to the tattoo whether it signifies a death or someone important.

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10. Angels wings with a heart in the middle. beautiful black and white design and the two symbols come together to promote love.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas51

11. A memorable tattoo signifying the loss of a loved one. The message is clear and it’s surrounded by a halo and angel wings.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas52

12. A popular choice this is a smaller version of your very own angel wings. If you have always wanted to be an angel this may be the look you’re going for.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas53

13. Similar to the last one these angel wings are a big plumper but nonetheless still a sweet symbol of being an angel.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas54

14. This angel wing is a little more special. As one of the feathers from the wing gets turned into an initial of the owner’s name. It could also signify a loved one.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas55

15. This could be an angel or even possibly a fairy. It’s a cute little design with a lot of color. It looks like it takes over the entire shoulder blade so it’s a good size.

Fairy Tattoo Designs

16. This beautiful angel is holding and comforting a baby. There could be a lot of significance behind the choice of this tattoo for the owner. The love the burst of blue coloring.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas9

17. This beautiful image depicts an angel in some type of distress. the head is bowed as if it’s crying. The detail of the tattoo is remarkable.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas10

18. Another traditional angel image. This one of a standing tall praying angel in full color.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas11

19. The detail of this tattoo is so extraordinary that it’s hard to believe it’s actually a tattoo. The artist did a great job depicting this angel scene. The black and white image looks as it’s a portrait that was painted on a canvas not a body.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas12

20. A smaller more elegant angel image with a lot of detail. This beautiful angel is sexy and sultry with a lot of mystery behind the image.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas13

21. An odd angel depiction but if you are looking for something different this may be the tattoo for you. I don’t think it’s a good angel as it appears to have plucked the head off the flower.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas14

22. Another traditional angel symbol with a name attached to it. This tattoo has meaning for the owner. The black and white angel is a classic image with great detail.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas15

23. A very non-traditional angel image with a little halo. This tattoo could be placed anywhere on the body and looks better in black and white.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas16

24. This angel is of a male image in prayer. The black and white tattoo is depicted in great detail.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas17

25. The sweet cherub tattoo, this is a classic one. The cherub sitting there with head in hands is a familiar image. If you are looking for something sweet this might be the one for you.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas18

26. This amazing angel tattoo shows strength and power. The wings are unusual and incredible to the eye. This black and white tattoo takes up the entire back.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas19

27. Another take on the angel wing look. This one takes up all of the back as if the wings are really there and the owner could just pick up and fly off.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas20

28. Same idea for the angel wings on the back except these ones are small and dainty. They look black and white but these little wings are blue.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas21

29. This is a male with the same form of angel wings on his back. These wings are rather extraordinary however as they cover the back and trail down the arms. The detail on these wings is rather exquisite. They are dark black and they resemble actual wings.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas22

30. This badass angel looks like a warrior angel. If you are looking for a strong female equivalent of a tattoo then this might be the one for you.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas23

31. This beautiful tattoo is like a drawn portrait. The detail involved in this tattoo makes it hard to believe that it is a tattoo. It’s an absolute stunning tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas24

32. A collapsed angel. This beauty has fallen and it’s a nice looking tattoo if you are looking for something small and elegant.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas25

33. The dark side and the light side. Evil and good facing each other. These two angels are a cute reminder that there are always two choices to make. These silhouettes are a fun choice for a tattoo.

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Angel tattoo designs and ideas26

34. Such a beautifully detailed fallen angel. You can almost feel the despair in the angel’s body language. It’s not too big either so it’s not a huge commitment.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas27

35. This is another variation of the large angel wings you can have on your body. This black and white tat has no detail, it appears as if it’s just an outline.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas28

36. This angel is a traditional one and also just an outline version of a tattoo without any real detail.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas29

37. This is a very original looking angel. If you love the sugar skulls then this would be a great tattoo for you. It’s the angel look that combines the sugar skull together for a truly unique look. There is plenty of detail to make this a really great tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas30

38. This could be a fairy or an angel it’s hard to tell. It looks as if the wings are even butterfly wings. It’s a delicate tattoo that is placed on the base of the neck.

Angel Tattoo Designs and Meanings

39. The angel is traditional, something you can envision from the church. There is also a symbol of the cross to go a long with it. The tattoo is black and white with a lot of detail. It’s quite a beautiful tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas32

40. This is another angel tattoo with angel wings that fall behind the girl. It’s a beautiful innocent look to the tattoo. The tattoo also has some form of a sun behind it that really brings the whole look together.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas33

41. Another look that gives you the impression of having angel wings of your own. These are quite elegant looking wings. They fall delicately down the back and in and around the shoulders. They look as real as they could without having actual wings. They a dark and hold a lot of detail in the feathers.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas34

42. This angel has her hands crossed over her chest in a wounded manner. Her look is intense and almost frightened. The detail is extraordinary, a great tattoo for a man or woman.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas35

43. A traditional angel look that adds some effect with the stars. It looks almost like a portrait so it’s a really great tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas36

44. This is a very sexy angel with a busty look. It would probably be a great tattoo for a man, because the woman is very sensual. Her wings are the best part as they are unique and quite original compared to most angel wings. They almost envelope her like a shield.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas37

45. This angel tattoo has some affiliation with heaven due to the inscription that the owner put of her father. Angels usually accompany tattoos of the dead because they are seen as protectors.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas38

46. A small but beautiful tattoo if a child being held inside angel wings. I love the coloring of the tattoo, it looks sort of metallic with the silver throughout. It’s a sweet tattoo that fits on the inner wrist.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas39

47. A cute cherub tattoo for those that like the cheerful chubby angels. This one is cute but still detailed to be an adult tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas40

48. Here is the other side of the coin, the dark angel. Just in general this tattoo appears as if it has a very dark origin. It’s small so it doesn’t take a lot of space to incorporate either.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas41

49. Very similar to an above tattoo these little angels are both cute but deceptively so. You have the devil on one side and the angel on the other but even the angel looks a little rough around the edges. Great unique tattoos for someone who is looking for something small.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas42

50. An elegant and moving angel. There is a lot of detail in this one as well with the angel on her knees and her wings upright.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas43

51. A baby cherub, this is a darling symbol of the angelic species. It’s a very small tattoo so there isn’t a lot of commitment. A tattoo like this would be better suited to a woman than a man.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas44

52. This tattoo has the look of an angel on a mission. She has control over the stars and is sending some power out with it. It’s a small tattoo with not a lot of detail to it.

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Angel tattoo designs and ideas45

53. This tattoo is very reminiscent of the Christmas angels that you see on the tops of Christmas trees. There is no detail, it’s a small little outline. A modern version of an angel tattoo.

All About Different Angel Tattoos

54. A smaller take on the personal angel wing look. These are obviously a lot smaller than most but give the same look without a lot of commitment. A unique look for someone who is dying for some wings.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas47

Angel tattoo designs and ideas48

55. Another tiny angel for those who don’t want a big tattoo. This delicate little angel fits on her wrist to guide her along in her journey.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas49

56. These appear to be more of a dark angel version of the personal wing tattoo. They aren’t quite as full as the others and almost have a sinister feel to them.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas57

57. These angel wings seem to be connected to the horns just above it as if this may also be a darker tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas58

58. There are any versions as you can see of the personal wings tattoo. These are a smaller option for you.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas59

59. Again, the persona wing tattoo showing up once again. These ones are full and they take up the entire back. This is a real commitment for a tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas60

60. This is another tattoo that is small enough to make a home on the wrist.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas61

61. This cute little cherub is holding an initial, possibly that of the owner or someone they care for. It’s a simple design that wouldn’t take long to create.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas62

62. This beautiful tattoo is more like a fairy then an angel but could be either it’s hard to tell. The color really pops against the black and white. If you are looking for an easy tattoo that doesn’t require a lot of work then this one is for you.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas63

63. These startling black wings are gorgeous and very life like for a set of personal wings. You can’t deny that they look as if they were made for her body. The detail in the tattoo is exquisite.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas64

64. Another personal wing tattoo, this is a fallen angel version based off the inscription on the bottom. These black and wing wings have a lot of curves to them.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas65

65. Another chubby and happy cherub playing with a dive. This is a fairly simple tattoo that doesn’t require a lot of work to it.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas66

66. An image of a male angel taking a knee. It’s quite small as it’s found on her ankle. It’s a simple tattoo but there’s a lot of emotion to it as well.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas67

67. Speaking of emotion, I absolutely love the feelings that are evoked by this angel tattoo. Is it suffering? Is she sad? it’s hard to tell but the emotion in the body language of this angel is strong. It’s a gorgeous tattoo with a lot of great detail to it.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas68

68. It’s quite a large tattoo of a praying angel among a lot of other spiritual elements. There isn’t a lot of detail to this tattoo but it’s still quite beautiful. There is a lot of meaning to it and probably represents the passing of a loved one.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas69

69. Another tattoo of an angel that could possibility hold symbolic meaning for the passing of a loved one. It’s a beautiful angel with her hands crossed. The detail isn’t there in the wings but it’s still a strong tattoo.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas70

70. This is a great looking tattoo of a scene with an angel counselling another man. The man may be Jesus but there is a hint of a horn to the man so it could be something else entirely. It’s a great black and white look though and holds a lot of detail.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas71

71. Cherub tattoos are always popular.

Angel tattoo designs and ideas72

72. This angel is obviously one of the warrior Archangels, they were the only ones that carried weapons of any kind. If you want a strong symbolic angel this is a good choice.

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