55 Top Outline Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Best Outline Tattoo Design Ideas

Outline tattoos are some of the most beautiful and simple tattoos to obtain. They are simple to set up and achieve because they do not take much time! The best thing about outline tattoo ideas is that they’re very budget-friendly tattoo designs.

Another best thing about outline tattoo is that you can get any design, from outline tattoo family to skull outline tattoo. Often people prefer to get outline tattoos in black ink; however, colorful outlines also look stunning.

So, if you’re looking for a mesmerizing tattoo design in the budget, an outline tattoo is the design to opt for.

We have rounded up a list of top outline tattoo designs for you to find some tattoo inspiration.

1. Outline Tattoo Family

Outline Family Tattoo on Forearm

Family tattoos are a great way to show your love for your family. And outline tattoos are fascinating tattoos to have, notably when you want something that you and your spouse can match. You can have an outline of you and your spouse walking hand in hand-etched on your body. There are myriads of ways you can have a family outline tattoo. Make sure you choose the best placement for your outline tattoo family, such as your leg, calves, etc.

2. Outline Tattoo Sleeve

Outline Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Get your favorite outline tattoo etched on your sleeve. Outline tattoo sleeves look perfect and make for perfect placement. You can get anything from a floral outline tattoo design to a geometric pattern etched on your sleeve.

3. Outline Tattoo Portrait Outline Portrait Tattoo on Forearm

Let your loved ones know how much you love them with a portrait tattoo design. Outline tattoo portraits look stunning. You can have any of your favorite images etched on your body in an outline tattoo. You can get an outline tattoo portrait in black ink, but if you want a tattoo that stands out, get it in colored ink.

4. Outline Tattoo Pets

Cute Pet Outline Tattoo

Pet tattoos are a wonderful way to celebrate your best pet friend. Whether you have a cat or dog or any other pet, you can get an outline of your pet etched on your body. Either you can have just the face of the pet or the whole pet outline tattoo on your body. You can get your outline tattoo pets on your arm, shoulder, chest, and back.

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5. Outline Tattoo Stencil

Outline Tattoo Stencil

Floral tattoos, such as roses, make for excellent outline tattoo stencils. If you’re enticed by flower tattoos and want to have a unique tattoo design, go for an outline tattoo stencil. These tattoos look amazing in black ink. You can have them etched on your arm, shoulder, neck, and chest.

6. Cat Outline Tattoo

Most Attractive Cat Outline Tattoo Design on RIb

For all cat lovers, this is the prettiest outline tattoo design. A cat outline tattoo is a design to choose if you have a cat or if you love cats and want to show your affection for this adorable creature. You can get it etched on your wrist, ankle, waist, and other places in small sizes.

7. Butterfly Outline Tattoo

Outline Butterfly Tattoo Design

A butterfly is another gorgeous creature that most women prefer when it comes to getting a delicate tattoo design. Get a butterfly outline tattoo instead of a standard butterfly tattoo design. Get a butterfly outline tattoo on your neck or nape for the ideal placement.

8. Rose Outline Tattoo

Rose Outline Tattoo

Rose tattoos are quite popular amongst women, and why not! After all, roses make for the best floral tattoo designs . If you’re looking for a stunning rose tattoo, get a rose outline tattoo. The best place for your rose tattoo is your wrist, arm, and ankle.

9. Dog Ear Outline Tattoo

Dog Ear Outline Tattoo

Dog ear outline tattoo for all dog lovers who love their dogs more than anything. Dog ear tattoos are usually small in size. You can get it etched on your chest or forearm. Even your dog will love to see its tattoo on your hand.

10. Heart Outline Tattoo

Heart Outline Tattoo on Ankle

Are you looking for a tiny tattoo design ? If yes, then a heart outline tattoo is apt for you. Heart outline tattoos make for beautiful tattoo designs. The best thing is you can get a small heart outline etched on your chest, nape, near the ear, and your wrist.

11. Elephant Outline Tattoo

Elephant Outline Tattoo on Ankle

Just imagine this giant animal in miniature size – it looks amazingly cute in small size. An elephant outline tattoo looks terrific in black ink. You can get a cute tiny elephant outline tattoo etched on your arm and ankle. And for the tiniest elephant tattoo, you can choose to get it on your finger.

12. Flower Outline Tattoo

Flower Outline Tattoo on Thigh

Chuck the regular flower tattoo designs. Get a flower outline tattoo for an eye-catching tattoo design. You can choose to get any of your favorite flowers, from Lotus to Lilly, etched on your body. Flower outline tattoos make for stunning tattoo designs. The best places for your flower outline tattoos include the arm, calf, back, and shoulder.

13. Mountain Outline Tattoo

Mountain Outline Tattoo Design on Ankle

Mountain outline tattoos are for those looking for a minimalistic tattoo design. These tattoos look beautiful as a standalone tattoo design, or you can have them incorporated with other elements, such as trees, sun, etc., to create a beautiful outline scenery on your body. Get a mountain outline tattoo inked on your arm or shoulder.

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14. Shark Outline Tattoo

Shark Outline Tattoo Design

Traditional shark tattoos have been used to symbolize protection, courage, and wisdom. In Polynesian traditions, shark tattoos meant protection from foes. So, if you want a thoughtful tattoo design, get a shark outline tattoo. Get a shark outline tattoo etched on your ribs, arm, and ankle.

15. Wolf Outline Tattoo

Wolf Outline Tattoo Design

Wolf tattoos make for a thoughtful tattoo design. They symbolize spiritual protection, strength, loyalty, and a wolf’s inherent nature. Aside from that, they also represent family, devotion, love, and good fortune. Wolf tattoos look simple and effective. Wolf outline tattoos look excellent when coupled with other symbols such as flowers, daggers, and so on.

16. Dragon Outline Tattoo

Dragon Outline Tattoo on Ankle

Dragons are mythical creatures seen in cultures all across the world. Dragons are usually used to represent strength, grace, and intelligence. If you want a simple tattoo design, a dragon is the one to go for. One of the most popular places to get a dragon tattoo is your back. The back is one of your body’s largest and smoothest places. Your artist will get enough space to etch a larger piece on your back.

17. Face Outline Tattoo

Face Outline Tattoo Designs

Face outline tattoos are stunning. It’s a one-of-a-kind and intriguing tattoo design. A facial outline tattoo on your arm is a great idea. This design can be obtained alone or in combination with other elements such as flowers, butterflies, and so on. Make sure you have a single-line facial outline tattoo for that captivating tattoo design.

18. Red Heart Outline Tattoo

Red Heart Outline Tattoo

Colored outline tattoos are just as attractive as black ink tattoos. Consider having a red heart outline tattoo if you want a tiny heart tattoo. Tattoos with a red heart outline are pretty adorable. It can be etched on your finger, wrist, or nape, among other places.

19. Sun Outline Tattoo

Sun Outline Tattoo on Ankle

A sun outline tattoo is a lovely way to reminisce about your childhood days of drawing the sun. Sun tattoos are symbols of rebirth and light. A sun outline tattoo is the most refined design to choose if you’re seeking a meaningful tattoo design. You can have a small sun tattoo carved on your arm or chest for the best placement.

20. Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline

Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline

Males are particularly fond of skull tattoos. If you’re a woman and want a skeleton tattoo, get a skeleton outline tattoo instead. The skeleton hand tattoo outline is stunning. For a beautiful design, get it in black ink.

21. Star Outline Tattoo

Star Outline Tattoo Design

Without the star tattoo, this list would be incomplete. In small sizes, star outline tattoos look great. A single star outline tattoo or a series of stars carved on your body are both excellent options. Your arm, fingers, wrist, and neck are the greatest places for a star outline tattoo.

22. Moon Outline Tattoo

Moon Outline Tattoo

The moon symbolizes female power, transformation, creativity, and expansion, and its rich symbolism makes it an intriguing design for tattooing. Our planet’s natural satellite’s magic is dependent on its phases. You have the option of either a full moon or a crescendo moon tattoo.

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If you desire to have a minimalistic tattoo design, a moon outline tattoo is a perfect choice. A tiny moon etched on your wrist will look stunning.

23. Tree Outline Tattoo

Tree Outline Tattoo on Calf

There are numerous distinct tree species and design variations, each with its own symbolism. However, a tree signifies longevity, endurance, a family link, and tenacity in general. A tree tattoo looks beautiful when etched on the arms and calf.

24. Medusa Tattoo Outline

Medusa Outline Tattoo Design

Medusa is depicted as an “apotropaic symbol used to guard and ward off the negative in most Greek art.” It signifies a “hazardous menace meant to dissuade other significant threats, an image of evil to dispel evil.” So, if you’re looking for a design to keep the negative at bay, this is the tattoo design for you. Medusa tattoos are usually bigger in size; hence, the best placement for a medusa tattoo outline is your back and tummy. It is going to make for a unique tattoo design.

25. Lotus Flower Outline Tattoo

Lotus Flower Outline Tattoo

Lotus is yet another beautiful flower that looks beautiful in outline. The Lotus flower symbolizes beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening. So, get a lotus flower outline tattoo if you’re fond of lotus flowers but don’t want to overdo your tattoo design. The perfect place for a lotus outline tattoo is your arm, back, and chest.

26. Crown Outline Tattoo

Crown Outline Tattoo on Wrist

The symbol of victory, triumph, and strength makes for a stunning tattoo design. Get a crown outline tattoo if you want a simple yet elegant tattoo. You can get it inked on your arm, finger, or wrist.

27. Skull Outline Tattoo

Skull Outline Tattoo Design

Although the human skull tattoo is frequently connected with death, the person who wears it often uses it to represent the fact that death does not fear them. It also acts as a reminder that death is inevitable; therefore, we should always live life to the fullest. Get a skull outline tattoo if you believe the same thing.

You can have a skull outline tattoo as a stand-alone design or combine it with additional components like flowers. Skull tattoos can be tiny or huge. Your arm and shoulder are the greatest places to have a skull tattoo.

28. Colorful Outline Tattoos

Colorful Outline Tattoo on Sleeve

29. Female Body Outline Tattoo

Female Body Outline Tattoo

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of black tattoo designs. You can also get colorful outlines. People frequently get their favorite cartoon characters etched in colored ink. You can also get a color tattoo of your favorite outline tattoo. Your arm, ankle, nape, neck, and back are the greatest places for colorful outline tattoo designs.

Rectangle Tattoo on Forearm

Angel and Devil Tattoo

Outline Dog Love Tattoo

Outline Geometric Sun Tattoo Design

Best Colorful Outline Tattoo

Origami Outline Elephant Tattoo

Black Outline Cat Tattoo Design

Heart with Flower Outline Tattoo

Skull Outline Tattoo

Medusa Outline Tattoo on Hand

Moon in Hands Outline Tattoo on Leg

Paper Plane Outline Tattoo

Face Art Outline Tattoo

Guardian Angel Outline Tattoo

Flying Baby Outline Tattoo

Outline Tattoo for Men

Black Outline Koi Fish Tattoo

Outline Tattoo on Ankle

Line Portrait Tattoo on Shoulder

Black Outline Dragon Tattoo

Head Minimalistic Black Outline Tattoo

Rising Sun Outline Tattoo Design

Single Line Rose Tattoo

Outline Penguin Tattoo

Dog Tattoo Outline

Small Outline Heart Tattoo

Outline Tattoo Idea

So there you have it: the best 55 outline tattoo ideas. We are confident that this collection will provide you with ideas for your next tattoo design.

Happy Tattooing, Enjoy Tattooing… ☺ ☺