51 Best Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

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Neck tattoos look so beautiful no matter what. Neck and nape tattoo are visible easily no matter what you wear. Sometimes these tattoos on neck make a perfect neck jewel, making it less important for women to wear any jewelry. Neck tattoos are gaining popularity these days as they look perfect on anyone. There are many celebrities who have already etched their favorite tattoo on their neck or nape. Neck tattoo ideas look different from all the other type of tattoo on body.

Nape tattoos are a great way to flaunt the true self and look unique in their own ways. If you also want to look different from ordinary than neck tattoo is the way to go for. More often than not, neck tattoos are small because neck area is comparatively smaller than other body parts. If you are also looking for some good tattoo design for yourself then here is a list of some wonderful nape and neck tattoo ideas and designs for you to choose from:

Top Neck Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

1. Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata tattoo on nape

Some symbols really make a wonderful neck and nape tattoo. Symbols help one to convey messages that mean to them. Symbol of an African word Hakuna Matata which simply means No Worries look really great on nape. Especially if the tattoo is in black and small in size.

2. The Dove

Dove tattoo ideas on Neck

Another very beautiful neck tattoo is a small little cute dove. This tattoo looks really beautiful, meant for people who are looking for elegant and small design to place on their neck.

3. Nape Star Tattoo

Nape Star Tatto

All-time favorite for many people. Stars looks pretty good when they are small in size. Just a simple star outline on your nape is enough to make a real tattoo. Tattoo will look amazing when you will flaunt it with a low neck or off shoulder dress.

4. Tiny Star

best Tiny star tattoo on neck

One of the popular tattoo designs on neck just near the ear (any side). If it is about tiny tattoo design then definitely star is in the list. One of the most common designs yet looks wonderful. Star tattoo has charm of its own. Just an outline star with white or black, looks gorgeous. Variants are there looks good in white and black, but if you wish you can fill your star tattoo with colors. Suitable for all skin tones. If you are looking for some simple design then this is the one.

5. Three Stars

star tattoo ideas on neck

Three stars in a sequence near your ear look wonderful and make a perfect tattoo. These stars are simple outlines in an order which are usually in three different sizes. For people who want three stars similar to Orion’s belt and tattoo with black ink will look perfect, however, white stars will also look stunning.

6. Red Rose with Leave on Neck Tattoo Ideas

Red Rose with Leave on Nape

Who doesn’t like a red rose, I think none. A small size red rose looks beautiful on neck especially when it has leaves on it. Usually this tattoo will be on nape.

7. The Fiery Heart

Fiery Heart ink on neck

This one is a little larger tattoo design, which is not only big, but also fiery. If you are also looking for some bigger tattoo design that too which has heart, on your neck then this is the one for you to go ahead with.

8. Colorful Floral Design on Nape

Colorful Floral ink Design on nape

Another big tattoo design is this one, however, it looks really beautiful when it is bigger in size. The design is beautiful, though it is colorful but it is so subtly colored that it doesn’t look awkward. If you are also looking for some big colorful design the colorful floral design is apt to choose for yourself.

9. Beautiful and Colorful Butterfly

Beautiful and Colorful Butterfly Nape Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo is popular among girls , and they really look enchanting, colorful butterflies are always liked by girls. This one has many colors and it can be either placed on the nape or side of neck. Anywhere the tattoo looks beautiful as butterfly has vibrant colors. An eye-catching tattoo for women. Goes well on any skin tone.

10. Tiny Flying Bird Neck Tattoo Ideas

Tiny Flying Bird Tattoo on Neck

A beautiful design looks elegant. This will look like a bird flying on your neck. The tattoo looks good in black and also in white, any which color you want it to be. Black or white bird silhouettes on your neck will look gorgeous. Best for the people who are attached to the nature. Suitable for all skin tones.

11. Chinese Designs

Chinese Designs art on Nape

Tattoos in black and red always make a unique design, especially if the design has Chinese elements in it then the effects will be huge on people who will see it. If you are also looking for some such design go for it.

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12. Tiny Direction Tattoos

Direction Tattoo Designs Nape

Give them the direction, ha ha ha (kidding), but this unique and very simple direction tattoo looks great. This is for the people who want a tattoo but do not want to flaunt it to the world. Get an arrow inked on your neck. Suitable for all skin tones.

13. Mixed Images

Mixed Tattoo

There are people who love to create their own tattoo designs by mixing some different images and then place them all over their neck. If you also think that you can create some such design and flaunt it to the world, then go for it, create your own design.

14. The Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace tato

Women spend lot of money to buy their necklace, on the contrary a choker tattoo on neck will appear like a necklace and will help you save lot of money, which you will otherwise spend on buying a necklace. Suitable for all skin types.

15. “&” Symbol Tattoo

and Symbol Tattoo

Well, you must have used this symbol while writing but having this tattoo on your neck will look marvelous. The Ampersand tattoo , simply indicates how life is full of great expectations and there is a lot to do to meet those expectations. Can be done in italics or bold. You can get it in white ink or in black as well. A perfect tattoo for people who love to have unique designs. Suitable for all skin tones.

16. Full Neck Tattoo

Full Neck Tattoos

This one is a bigger design which will not only cover your whole neck, but also your shoulder and chest will be covered with the design. Well, this one specifically go with males. The design can be done in color or simple black howsoever you want it to be.

17. White Butterfly

White Butterfly tat

A white tiny butterfly on your neck will appear as if a real butterfly is sitting on your neck. White butterfly on neck simply looks stunning. Suitable for any skin tone.

18. Snowflakes

Snowflakes Tattoo on nape

Snowflakes not only look pretty, but also elegant. Best for the people who love to celebrate winters, this is the design. This design you can get on your nape or on the side of the neck, anywhere it will look beautiful. It is suitable for all skin types. If you are also looking for a bigger design on your neck then this is the one to choose.

19. Quote Tattoo in Italics

Quote Tattoo on nape

This one will be done horizontally on your neck. Quote tattoo looks really artistic and simply good to represent your emotion or sentiments through a particular quote. If you get it done in italics the more beautiful it will look. If you want you can add some more elements or design to it to make it look funky. Your wish, whichever ink you want to get this etched with black or white.

20. Bird on Tree

Bird on Tree ink

A beautiful tattoo design which will travel up your neck and will look as the part of your back. The flying birds will really look wonderful on the neck. Can be done in only black ink or if you wish then you can try in white ink also. Good to go with for any skin type.

21. Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo on Neck

Elephant tattoos make cute tattoos in all. Just an artistic elephant outline will look creative and elegant on your neck near the ear. Meant for those who love animals especially elephants. Elephants represent loyalty, strength and courage. Therefore, getting an elephant behind your ear will tell the same about your personality as well. Get it in black outline and grey filling.

22. Scorpion Tattoo

Tiny Scorpion Tattoo on neck

Another animal tattoo is this, specifically for those who are looking for a badass tattoo. Scorpion tattoo design really look great. When done on the neck near the ear will look unique. A simple black tattoo with outline or may be a black outline and grey filling will do wonders on your neck.

23. Birds Tattoo

Small Birds Tattoo designs

For the nature lovers it is the one! Birds make real great tattoos especially when they go from one end of the neck to another. A simple black tattoo looks nice.

24. The Keyhole

Keyhole Tattoo ideas on nape

This tattoo design can be done in many ways. The design can be bigger or smaller howsoever you want it to be, but trust it looks great. It can be done on the side neck or on the nape. If it is on side the design can be small, however, on nape it can have other elements too.

25. Just a Bird

Bird Tattoo on Neck

A single bird on nape will make an eye-catching tattoo. Bird represents freedom. This tattoo design looks simple and specifically meant for people who want small tattoos on their neck. The bird appears to be sitting on the nape.

26. Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoos

Mostly people love feathers, and why not everybody has some memory of their childhood related to feathers. Like birds, feathers too represent freedom that is incomparable. Feathers look meaningful and enigmatic when etched on neck or nape. If you also wish to have an artistic or realistic tattoo on your neck then go for it.

27. A Map Tattoo

Map Tattoo on Back

Make a perfect nape tattoo for one and all. A map in black and white will look beautiful on your nape. If you want to have a unique tattoo, which will attract attention of passersby.

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28. Floral Nape Tattoo papichulo Floral

Floral design in purple and green looks wonderful. This one is a little larger in size but make a great tattoo on nape or if you want can be done on the side of the neck.

29. Message Tattoo

Message Tattoo

Any message which you think represents your true self looks wonderful on nape or on neck wherever you want the tattoo to be. Message in some unique font and different language will look mesmerizing on your neck, people will surely stop and come to you to know the meaning of the message. Suitable for any skin type and tone.

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30. Angel Tattoos

Tiny Angel Tattoo

Absolutely girl thing. Angel tattoo for angels. Angels are very popular tattoo designs, common among girls. However, angel tattoos look good anywhere on body but if done on neck they look perfect. The best part of having this tattoo is it goes with any dress and any style. An eye-catching tattoo looks seductive on neck. Have it in white or black or in shades of grey, will look best. Suitable for a lighter skin tone.

31. Eagle Wings Tattoo

Eagle Wings Tattoo pic

Best tattoo design for the nape. Though the design is large in size but make a perfect tattoo design for one and all. An intricately done tattoo in black, if you wish you can add some colors to it to make it more captivating. Eagle stands for royalty and your tattoo will also look royal because of the symbols it carries. The two wings of eagle represent power, velour, dominance, and honor.

32. Eagle Wings with Horse

Eagle Wings with Horse Tat

Another unique tattoo design, it has eagle wings and horse in the middle. The horse in the middle symbolizes strength and guidance. Whereas, two wings of eagle represent power, velour, dominance, and honor. This one is for those who are proud of their nation and want to show respect and love for their nation. Looks great in black, Suitable for all skin tones.

33. The Portrait Nape Tattoo Designs

Portrait tat

Actually it is a face on your neck which appears to be a portrait on your neck. The tattoo looks detailed as it has many elements with flowers and face. The design covers your neck and make a unique tattoo design.

34. Roman Numbers Tattoo

Roman Numbers Tattoos

Roman number really make wonderful and unique tattoo designs. Roman numbers are for those who are simple by nature, who want to have tattoo but do not want to flaunt it to anyone. These tattoos are simple and beautiful for one and all. If you are also looking for some simple tattoo design than this is the one to go with on your nape or if you want you can get it on the side of your neck also. If you want get your lucky number etched on your nape.

35. The Bird with a Name

Bird with a Name

Another bird tattoo but this time you can have bird of your choice that too you can incorporate name of your loved one on the same. An amazing tattoo design!!

36. Hash or Proud Sign

One more symbol, looks great. The tattoo will look very beautiful on your side neck near your ear. It is smaller in size, will be an absolute out of the box design for one to have. It will look gorgeous, thereby making people turn their neck just to confirm if what they saw is correct. A perfect tattoo design. Suitable for all skin tones.

37. Initials Tattoo

Initials Tattoo on nape

Any letter which holds significance in your life can be done as tattoo on your beautiful neck to show the world your connectedness with the letter. If you also think that you have some such letter in your life which you want to get etched then think not! Just go for it and get it done, let everybody see it.

38. Couple Birds

Couple Bird tattoo

Let a couple bird sit on your neck…. ☺ ☺ Colorful small birds tattoo looks always good and add to the beauty. It is for all the bird lovers who want to flaunt their love for the couple birds. Actually couple birds look very beautiful and cheerful. The pattern on your neck will catch more and more attention. You can also have the tattoo in black and white also. The couple birds will indicate love along with freedom, individuality and high-spiritedness! A real inspirational tattoos! Best for free-willed people especially women..

39. Heart Beat

Heart Beat ink

Heart beat symbol looks mesmerizing on neck. Heart beat symbol really look cool especially if done on your neck near the ear. People will love to see it again and again, believe you me. Heart beat simply shows your love for your partner. Let her/him also know your emotions for him/her. This is a perfect tattoo for anyone in love be it a girl or a boy. This design makes a perfect tattoo for one and all. A great design to go with. Looks good in any ink be it black or white, just that black will be more prominent. Suitable for all skin tone.

40. Quotes and Little Birds

Quotes and Little Birds tattoo

Quotes look good always, but if you add it with a creature such as a bird, it will make a perfect tattoo design. For those who want to flaunt their personality through some quote along with a bird outlined with it. And the best spot for this one is your neck or nape, it can’t go unnoticed that is guaranteed. Some cool quote with bird’s effect will enhance the whole tattoo design, if you wish you can have some color effect in it. Tattoo in white or in black will look great. Another way is to get it in full silhouette black colored birds or pencil sketch style will give it a 3D effect.

41. The Ship Tattoo

Ship Tattoo on nape

If you are looking for some fun design on your neck then the ship design will make a perfect neck tattoo for you. The colorful ship tattoo will look amazing on the side of your neck. Your tattoo will hardly go unnoticed as the element in it will attract attention from one and all. If you think you want something unique then go for this one.

42. Swirling Flowers

Swirling Flowers tattoo in Neck

A large tattoo design that will acquire your back also along with your neck. The tattoo looks beautiful and has many vibrant colors in it. If you are looking for a big tattoo design then this is certainly a design for you to go for.

43. Flying birds tattoo ideas

Flying Birds tattoo

Bird tattoos are very popular and come in various designs and this is one among them. These birds will be in motion and will fly along your neckline. The tattoo look beautiful and eye-catching. If you are looking for a bird tattoo design but want something unique then this is the one you can think of. Suitable for all skin tones.

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44. Origami Art

Origami Art Tattoo

Who doesn’t know origami art, we all have done this in our childhood. And origami art tattoo is a perfect tattoo to live your childhood memories. A perfect style statement, if you think you are looking for a statement for yourself go for it. Flaunt it all!!

45. OM Symbol

OM Symbol tattoo

Another symbol tattoo. OM is a mystic syllable, considered sacred in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. The symbols has a vast history behind, but as a tattoo it looks unique. If you are in love with this symbol then you can get it on your neck or nape, anywhere it will look beautiful, except your leg. The symbol stands for peace and holiness. You can get it either in white or black. However black looks best. Suitable for all skin tones.

46. Chinese Letters or Words

Chinese Designs art on Nape

Tattoo in another language always looks enticing and Chinese we all know has some unique letters. SO, if you also love other languages and Chinese in one of them, then find a great and a meaningful word or a sentence or assaying for yourself to get it etched on your nape. People will surely turn to know the meaning of the word out of curiosity.

47. Infinity with Names

Infinity with Names Tattoo on Neck

For people who are not scared of flaunting their loved one’s name in public than this is the perfect design for all of them. The design looks great with beautiful outline and names added in each turn of the infinity symbol. The tattoo is a bit bigger in size but still it looks great on neck.

48. Intricate Tribal Art

Intricate Tribal Art tat

Well, if you are looking for something different then the intricate tribal design on your neck will definitely look different. The design is bigger in size and will cover large area of your neck but all in all will look fantastic. People will ask you the meaning and what the design stands for! However, you will get myriads of options in tribal art to get etched on your neck or nape and believe you me, all of them look great.

49. The Cross

Cross tattoo on nape

Well, a cross tattoo will be more of symbolic to your belief system or religion. The tattoo is small in size and look perfect and can be hidden easily, whenever you want to hide it you can under your hair. But, the tattoo makes a real simple yet beautiful tattoo for one and all. If you think all religions are one then think not go for this one.

50. Tiny neck triangle tattoo ideas

Tiny Triangle tattoo on Neck

Tattoo in some shape look great and if the shape is triangle then believe you me, people will love this simple art on your neck. This tattoo is small in size and can even go unnoticed. If you are looking for something subtle yet beautiful then go for a tiny triangle on your neck. You will get lots of compliments for the same, and you never know how many people will be inspired by this simple and gorgeous design.

51. Music Symbol or any Instrument

Music Symbol or any Instrument tattoo

Music lovers can only know the meaning for music symbols in their lives. And this one is specifically for them only. Music symbols looks perfect on neck or nape. Also, if you want you can even get a music instrument such as Guitar or Violin etched on your neck to flaunt your love for music. If you think you also want to relate your tattoo with your music then this one is perfect tattoo design for you.

These are top tattoo designs which look perfect on neck or nape anywhere you want your tattoo to be. While you decide to get a tattoo make sure you choose your neck tattoo design carefully because neck tattoos are easily visible and get more attention than tattoo in any other part of the body. Also, it is crucial that you know beforehand which area of neck you want your tattoo to be, because your neck is a small area and once the tattoo is done nothing can be done to it.

Hence, while choosing a neck tattoo design do consider the size of the tattoo, area in the neck where you want your tattoo, and the color of the tattoo. Once you have figured out all these parameters there will be no space for any mistake in your tattoo design on your neck. In fact, it will look great and others will surely compliment you for your tattoo and its unique placement.

Also, it is crucial that you go to some professional tattoo artist and not to some cheap tattoo artist just to save your money. As, later it can be a problem. So, if you think you are ready for getting a neck tattoo then wait not, just start finding a talented tattoo artist and get your tattoo.

Color of the tattoo and the design of the tattoo should absolutely be your choice and not anybody else’s choice. If you will tattoo under someone else’s influence you may not like it later and that is not a nice sign.

Let me be frank with you, getting a tattoo is a painful affair already and if it is on the nape the pain will be comparatively more than other parts of the body. So, you have to be prepared for that mentally. Go with the design that makes you the happiest upon having a tattoo. Because, if you get the design that you love, you won’t have any regrets later.

Be ready for your tattoo and get the best one on your neck…… Flaunt it to all!!