50 Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

Best Palm Tree Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Palm tree tattoo designs are a popular choice amongst those looking for a tree tattoo design or are fascinated by beach scenes. Whether you get a palm tree forearm tattoo or a palm tree tattoo on wrist, these tattoos look mesmerizing! Like any other tattoo designs, they too hold historical or cultural significance. If you don’t have a palm tree design in mind, ask your tattoo artist to show you any number of designs. There is no dearth of wonderful tattoo designs when it comes to getting a palm tree etched on your body.

You can be as creative as you want while getting a palm tree tattoo finger or Palm Tree Tattoo Ankle. Palm trees can be applied in vibrant black, warm earth tones, or tropical colors. Besides, these trees can easily be incorporated with other elements such as birds, flowers, a sunset, the sea, dolphins, the beach, surf boards, and other images of your choice.

Here in this post we will discuss everything about palm tree tattoos along with the best 50 palm tree tattoo ideas in 2023.

What does Palm Tree symbolize?

Like any other tattoo design, palm tree tattoos also represent unique meanings. This amazing tattoo design looks unique because of its slender trunk and different kind of foliage. Palm trees are easy to identify, and they are found in coastal regions and beach destinations. Believe it or not, beaches look beautiful because they are surrounded by palm trees. There are many different kinds of palm trees, like areca palm, date palm, coconut palm etc. However, the most common palm tree tattoo design is the ancient date palm, also known as the Tree of Life. The ancient date palm or tree of life represents immortality and eternity. Besides, Palm trees are said to represent the Garden of Paradise and often symbolize wisdom and goodness. In some cultures or beliefs, the branches or fronds of palm trees are considered to be a symbol of God.

There are many different meanings for palm tree tattoos, like one lone palm tree represents a person’s feeling of being alone or abandoned. However, a lonely palm tree incorporated along with skull a represents lonely death. While adding elements like cherubs or flowers along with a palm tree will mean a sense of goodness and a connection with heaven. These symbols were used by Solomon to decorate the temple walls.

Best Palm tree tattoos Ideas and Designs

Besides representing loneliness, Palm trees also represent the laid-back lifestyle known as “Beach life” or “island life”. That is the reason it is a most popular choice amongst people loving beaches or living in the islands or tropical locations. They get a palm tree tattoo etched in their body in order to display cultural pride or a connection to their home states.

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Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas:

There are a variety of palm tree tattoo designs available to choose from. Their beauty and symbolic representations make them a perfect tattoo choice. If you are really looking for an amazing tattoo design, then considering a palm tree won’t be mistaken. Palm tree tattoos not only look beautiful, but also they hold significant representation.

While choosing your tree tattoo design, make sure you do enough research online. Also, it is important that you go to a renowned tattoo artist who has a good rapport and experience. A good tattoo artist can always help you have a wonderful tattoo, whether it is a Palm tree tattoo small or a large one. You can even customize your minimalist palm tree tattoo design according to your requirements. Believe it or not, customized tree tattoos look gorgeous!

Let’s have a look on wonderful palm tree tattoo designs:

Amazing Palm with skull tattoo ideas for men

Best Palm tree tattoo designs with wave on foot

Palm tree tattoo with sea and sun

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo

Best Palm Tree Tattoo for Girls

→ Black tribal palm tree

Sometimes less is more, and this is apt in case of a black tribal palm tree tattoo. This lone tree tattoo makes for a great tattoo design. Depending on its size you can choose its placement. A small black tribal palm tree can be etched on your finger and the large ones can be done on your ribcage.

→ Areca palm design

Areca palm tattoo designs look mesmerizing because of their elongated trunk and beautiful foliage. You can get an Areca palm etched alone or along with other elements. Small sized Areca palm looks great on your palm region.

→ Small palm tree tattoo design

Small palm trees look simple yet beautiful. The best thing about small palm trees is that they make for unique placements. Yes, like you can get them etched on your fingers, on the side of your palm region, near the ear, etc.

Best Sleeve tattoo designs

Best ankle palm tree tattoos

→ Date palm tattoo design

Date palm trees, also known as the tree of life, makes for unique palm tree tattoo designs. You can get a tree of life etched in a larger size on your back or in a small size on your arm. These trees can either be colored or black, however you want it.

→ Two palms intertwined tattoo design

If eternal love is what you want to display to the people around, then two palms intertwined together will be a great tattoo design for you. Trust, you will never regret this design, get it done in small to medium size either on your forearm or ankle region.

→ Queen palm tattoo design

The queen palm, also known as Cocos palm, is a palm native to South America. It is popularly known as the ornamental garden tree. But this also makes for a beautiful tattoo design. The foliage etched in green will simply make for a lovely tattoo design.

Palm with sun tattoos on girls thigh

Small tree tattoo design 2020

Palm tree tattoo for tree lovers

→ Tree of life phoenix tattoo design

An outside the box tattoo design for the ones seeking for a unique Palm Tree Tattoo Idea. Tree of life phoenix tattoo design can be etched either on your back or on your shoulder.

→ Palm tree in a Triangle tattoo design

As said earlier, palm trees can be incorporated with other elements too. This is again a beautiful tattoo design with a palm tree. Get a palm tree with sea etched inside a triangle. A beautiful tropical tattoo design.

→ Palm tree with lion tattoo design

A palm tree with a lion simply symbolizes resurrection and immortality. If this is what you want to display get this tattoo design etched on your shoulder area.

Awesome Palm tree

Best Palm tree tattoo on ear

Black Inked Tiny Palm tattoo on Finger

→ Coconut palm tree tattoo design

Coconut palm trees look as beautiful as any other palm. Like other palms they also make for a great palm tree tattoo design. Get it etched either alone or a pair of two in black ink.

→ Palm tree with flower tattoo design

If you are looking for a colorful palm tree tattoo, then get a palm tree inked along with beautiful flowers of your choice. This design looks unique and vibrant because of its elements and colors used in it.

→ Palm tree with wave tattoo design

This design looks extraordinarily gorgeous! You are going to love this beautiful tattoo design for sure. However, it can be done in any size, but it looks best in a small size etched on your ankle. It is one of the most beautiful Palm Tree Tattoo Ankle designs.

Best Arm tattoo for boy

Couple Matching Palm Tree Tattoos

Palm tattoo designs 2021

→ Majestic palm tree tattoo design

Another wonderful tattoo design for those looking for an outside the box Palm Tree Tattoo Idea. Get it etched either in color or in black in on your shoulder.

→ European fan palm tree tattoo design

This is again a unique tattoo design, you can get it on your back or on your shoulder. Get it etched either alone or with other elements.

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→ Palm with skull tattoo design

Skull tattoos already look stunning, and when you add a palm tree to it, it becomes a unique tattoo design. If you’re looking for a unique tattoo design, then get this one etched.

Small palm tree tattoo designs on arm

Women Chest palm tree tattoos ideas

Small ankle palm tree tattoo design

→ Palm with sun tattoo design

Just imagine a beautiful red and yellowish ball etched with a black palm tree on your shoulder! This tattoo looks more like a picture.

→ Palm tree with sea and sun tattoo design

You can also call it a Palm Beach tattoo. This is another colorful tattoo design for the ones fascinated with beaches. It has all the elements of a perfect beach scene.

→ Palm tree with sunset and sea waves tattoo design

Perfect tropical scene for those who are passionate about seas and palm trees. Get this one etched on your forearm or on your back.

colorful tattoo

Best female Palm tree tattoos

Palm tree tattoo designs

→ Palm tree with a quote tattoo design

Yes, you can even get your favorite quote etched with a palm tree. Most people get travel quotes etched along with the palm trees as they also signify laid-back lifestyle.

→ Palm tree painting tattoo design

This looks like a painting etched on your body, thus name. You can get all the elements of beach side view etched on your forearm in a rectangular frame.

→ Palm tree with coconut tattoo design

One of the coolest palm tree tattoo designs, this one you can get etched on your back. This looks good in a larger size.

Women Arm palm tree tattoos designs

simple and small palm tattoos designs on finger

3D palm tree tattoo Ideas

→ Arecaceae palm tree with branches tattoo design

A unique and beautiful tattoo design. This design may look simple, but it makes for an amazing tattoo design. It will have leaves, branches etc., which make it look perfect.

→ Two intertwined palm trees in a circle

Another scenic tattoo design for those looking for a colorful tattoo . Get it etched in hues of light yellow, orange, blue, and black making it a perfect evening island scene.

→ Foxtail palm tree tattoo design

Foxtail palm trees look good whether rooted on the ground or etched on the shoulder. A beautiful tattoo design for the ones willing to get Palm Tree Tattoo on Wrist.

→ Veitchia palm tree tattoo design

Veitchia palm tree tattoo designs look beautiful because of their colorful and well patterned foliage. Get it alone on your wrist area, it looks magnificent!

Best palm tree tattoo for women

Best Tiny Tree Tattoos on Ankle

Best tattooed girl

Placement of Palm Tree Tattoos

Well, the best thing about the palm trees is – they can be etched anywhere on your body that too in any size from small to medium. A single Palm Tree Tattoo Leg makes for an interesting tattoo design. Or you can get them etched with other natural elements. Due to the uniqueness of a palm tree tattoo design it can be done in any size. However, the placement will vary depending on the size of the tattoo design. Like, a small palm looks amazing on the ankle, finger or wrist, while a larger elongated palm can be etched on your leg, back, rib area. Other popular palm tree placements include, the foot, forearm, shoulder and arm. You can embellish any part of your body with a beautiful palm tree tattoo. No matter where you get a palm, it looks stunning!


Best Palm Tree Tattoo

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo

→ Palm tree with birds and sun

If you are looking for something extraordinary, then get some birds and sun etched along with the palm tree. It would look extraordinarily stunning.

→ Palm tree leaf

How about getting just a leaf of a palm tree etched on your forearm. Trust, it will look mesmerizing. Try it out, get it etched on your forearm.

→ Palm tree with mermaid, sun and beach tattoo design

This tattoo design is both colorful and beautiful at the same time. You will have all the elements of the tropical region etched on your forearm, making it look like a perfect scenery on your hand. Get waves, birds, sunset, and water, along with the palm tree inked on your arm.

Big Palm tree tattoo

Palm tree with heart tattoo design

Geometric palm tree tattoo design

→ Palm tree outline tattoo

If you are looking for a simple palm tree tattoo design, then this one’s for you. Just the outline of the palm tree will look beautiful inked on your thumb.

→ Palm tree with airplane

Another beautiful tattoo design for you. It is for all the passionate travelers, who love to travel to tropical destinations. Include sun also in this tattoo, it will just add to your tattoo design.

→ Palm trees in heart shape tattoo design

Go creative with this tattoo design. Get two palm trees etched on your arm in a heart shape, it will look amazingly beautiful. If you want you can even get your loved one’s name etched inside the heart.

Best leg tattoo designs ever

Shoulder back tattoo

Colored palm tree tattoo

→ Palm tree in a circle tattoo design

A beautiful and simple tattoo design. You can get this one in black ink. The best thing about these tattoos is – they can be done in any size, big or small. Don’t miss to add waves and other elements with it.

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→ Palm tree feet tattoo design

Your feet will be a perfect location for this alluring palm tree tattoo design. Get this done in very small size, it looks stunning.

→ Palm tree with ship tattoos

Ships are wonderful elements, especially when incorporated with a palm tree. Get this one etched in black ink with shades of grey. Other elements to be included are: waves, water, mountains etc.


Palm tree bicep tattoo design

Tiny wrist palm tree tattoos

→ Palm tree with mountain tattoo design

Get a palm tree incorporated with mountains, this will make for a great tattoo design. Keep it simple, just mountains and a palm tree etched. If you want you can also add a sun in your tattoo.

→ Palm tree with stars and moon

Palm tree with stars and moon tattoo design or we can also call it a night scene. Get a palm tree etched along with some stars and moon on your hand. It looks amazing!!

→ Palm trees with mountains inside the bear tattoo design

Get Mountains, and palm trees etched inside the bear. This tattoo design is quite creative and looks beautiful placed on your forearm.

palm tree with bus tattoo designs

Palm leg tattoo

Beautiful palm tree tattoos on Leg

→ Palm trees inside the bottle tattoo design

Pondering how it will look? Well, go for it! It is not only a beautiful tattoo design, but also an outside the box tattoo design. Get two palm trees etched with water inside the bottle.

→ Colored palm tree tattoo design

If you want a colorful tattoo, then get two palm trees etched in colored ink. This you can get either on your feet or near the ear.

→ 3D palm tree tattoo Ideas

3D palm tree tattoos look realistic. If you are looking for a realistic tattoo design, then get this one etched on your arm.

Tiny tattoo

Simple and small tattoos

Best palm tattoo designs on arm

→ Palm tree finger tattoo design

Palm Tree Tattoo Finger looks amazing. This is going to be a miniature palm tree tattoo design for those looking for a tattoo that can be kept hidden.

→ Palm tree with heart tattoo design

Alluring tattoo design for beach lovers, get a palm tree etched with a small heart beside it. The tree in black ink and heart in red or any other color will look cool!

→ Lodoicea palm tree

The Lodoicea palm tree looks stunning and so does the tattoo design. You can get it etched on your feet or ankle.

Tiny Palm tree tattoos on finger

Shoulder palm tree inked girl

Plam tree tattoos

→ Back shoulder palm tree tattoo design

Back tattoos look gorgeous. Get a palm tree etched in black ink on your back. The placement is good if you love wearing off shoulder dresses.

→ Tiny wrist palm tree tattoos

Tiny tattoos look great and if you also want one, then get a tiny wrist palm tree tattoo. This is the design that you can flaunt at your convenience.

→ Small ankle palm tree tattoo ideas

Your ankle also makes for a perfect location for a small tattoo design, especially palm trees. Get a small palm tree inked on the back side of your ankle.

Classic palm tree tattoo design

Palm tree

Watercolor palm tree tattoo design

→ Palm tree bicep tattoo design

Your toned bicep is also a great place for your palm tree tattoo. If you want you can add some other elements in this tattoo. But the lesser the better!

→ Classic palm tree tattoo design

If you want a black bold palm tree tattoo, then go for a classic palm tree tattoo design. This one is suitable for both men and women. A great tattoo design that represents the simplicity of life.

→ Watercolor palm tree tattoo design

Those who prefer colorful tattoos, then this Watercolor Palm Tree Tattoo design is perfect to go ahead with. You can select any color of your choice, like red, green, blue, yellow, and others.

→ Palm tree sleeve tattoo design

Get a beautiful beach scene etched on your sleeve. A perfect tattoo design for the ones looking for a larger palm tree tattoo idea.

→ Geometric palm tree designs in 2023

As the name says it all, incorporate geometric patterns along with your palm tree. It is a great tattoo design for men. Get it etched on your sleeve.

→ Traditional palm tree tattoo design

A unique tattoo design. This design has beautiful elements of the tropical region, get a palm tree etched in black and rest of the elements in colored ink. Get it etched on your feet.

→ Palm tree forearm tattoos ideas

Palm Tree forearm tattoo designs look cool and simple. You can get a traditional or a classic palm tree etched on your forearm.


Palm tree tattoos look gorgeous, whether you get it on your finger or on your sleeves. All you have to make sure that you go to a renowned tattoo studio to get a palm tree tattoo on your body.