30+ Best Places To Get Your Favorite Tattoos

Amazing Neck Tattoo Design for Men and Women

Of course, every tattoo lover can easily relate his body with the canvas. As he/she can have a tattoo on any part of his body. Yes, you read it right on any part of your body; you can get a tattoo.

Here is a list of the 30 best places to get your favorite tattoo for those who love tattoos but aren’t sure about the best place to get one on their body.

Let’s take a look at the list.

Table of Contents

  • Arm
  • Ankle
  • Biceps
  • Belly Button
  • Back of the ear/behind the ear
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Chest
  • Earlobe
  • Eyeballs
  • Face
  • Feet
  • Fingers
  • Forearms
  • Front of the Neck
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower Back
  • Mons Pubis
  • Nape/Back of the Neck
  • Neck
  • Perineum
  • Ribs
  • Shoulders
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Thigh
  • Top of the Head
  • Torso
  • Tummy
  • Upper Back
  • Waist
  • Wrist
  • Why does choosing the right spot for a tattoo matter?


1. Arm

Rose Tattoo on Arm

A range of various designs can go on your arm area, which is perhaps one of the most typical spots to have a tattoo. It is one of the most visible areas of your body and can accommodate any small to the medium-sized tattoo design. It makes no difference which tattoo design you select. You can adorn your arm with anything from a skull to a flowery pattern. There are plenty of tattoo designs to choose from.

2. Ankle

Beautiful Ankle Tattoo Ideas for Women

The ankle is one of the best places to get your favorite tattoo, especially for ladies (men can also get a tattoo there). However, it is essential to choose a tattoo design that is small and easy to see. Yes, a big tat on your ankle won’t make that impact that a small one can do. Often women choose to get designs, such as a star, tiny trees, a heart, etc., etched on their ankles. If you select a complicated tattoo design for your ankle that will look like skin discoloration or some skin problem, which is not a great idea!

3. Biceps

Stunning Compass Tattoo on Biceps

Your biceps is yet another wonderful place to get your favorite tat etched. Moreover, it is one of the most common spots to get a tattoo. The Bicep area can be adorned with a variety of different designs. It is one of the most exposed parts of your body, especially if you wear half sleeves or sleeveless clothes, and, more importantly, anything goes there. The best thing is you can easily conceal your bicep tattoo. Anything from a small to medium size tattoo design would work well there. And yes, it’s a great place for both males and females. Males can choose more manly designs, such as skull, anchor, etc., for their biceps, while women can go with a butterfly tattoo, flower pattern, etc. There is no dearth of designs when it comes to tattooing your bicep.

4. Belly Button

belly button tattoo ideas

The belly button is one of the sexiest places to get a tattoo design. Most women like to have their tattoo etched on their belly buttons. Tattoos there look awesome and very seductive too. Your belly button can be adorned in multiple ways that are both sexy and artistic. So if you love wearing crop tops, then the belly button is the perfect place for your favorite tattoo design.

5. Back of the ear/behind the ear

Behind the ear tattoo

The back of the ear is a lovely spot for a nice and attractive tattoo design. Most men and women get their favorite tattoo etched behind their ears since it is a beautiful tattoo place. In that place, anything in small size can work. Most males prefer having anchors, dragons, crosses, scary sculptures, constellations, zodiac symbols, and so on. Flowers, flower patterns, stars, moon, sun, and other feminine symbols are popular among women. Make sure your design is tiny and straightforward, regardless of what you choose. Complex designs will appear cluttered.

6. Buttocks

Buttocks Tattoo Ideas for Women

Your buttock is an extraordinarily fleshy and smooth area to get your favorite tattoo design. But know that only a few people will be able to see your tattoo unless you allow them to! The best thing is you can get any tattoo design there. The buttocks have a lot of flesh, which is why it will be less painful. And yes, there aren’t many lumps to mess up your design. If you have a specific tattoo design in mind that you want but aren’t sure where to get it, the buttocks are the way to go. Know that this area is prone to sagging, which you can use as a great excuse to hit the gym and stay in shape.

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7. Calves

Pretty Tattoo Design on Calves

Calves are yet another excellent place to get a tattoo design. The best thing is that your calf has a lot of skin that help you bear the pain that comes with tattooing. However, make sure you keep calf tattoo designs slightly more simple unless you plan to envelop the entire leg. Some of the famous tattoo designs that you can get on calves include compass, tiger face, globe, lizard, peacock feathers, watercolor tattoos, etc.

8. Chest

Chest Tattoo Idea for Men

More often than not, men prefer chests for their tattoos. It is because the chest area is comparatively broader and better for a larger tattoo design. Most men get their larger tattoo designs on their chests and the areas around. This isn’t always the case for women. Instead of a more detailed tattoo, most women opt for a simple tattoo above the breast. However, you need to consider every aspect, including the sagging of chest skin, while choosing your chest for your tattoo. Sagging can utterly destroy a more ornate pattern, and this is significantly more common in women than in males, so be careful what you get.

9. Earlobe

Beautiful Earlobe Tattoo Ideas for Girls

It is one of the most delicate and painful locations for a tattoo. People do, however, get their tats there. This is one of the most noticeable areas, and earlobe tattoos are tough to conceal unless you wear headdresses or caps that cover your ears as well. If tattooing is not permitted at your workplace, this spot could be a problem. However, the earlobe tattoos appear to be beautiful and intriguing in general. Choose a small tattoo design for your earlobes, such as a small star, the sun, a tiny flower, or anything similar.

10. Eyeballs

Eyeballs Tattoo Ideas

You might be surprised to know that one of the places to acquire your favorite tattoos is an eyeball. People do get tats on their eyes, too. Some people like to get tattoos on their eyeballs. Let this one be your last tattoo location, as it is likely to be the most painful, and only a few designs actually work out on the delicate tissue.

11. Face

Face Tattoo

The most ardent tattoo enthusiasts who have their full-body etched also get a tattoo on their face. Even yet, there are only a few. However, if you’re considering a face tattoo, then know that it could be a problem at your workplace. Moreover, most people don’t appreciate tattoos on the face, so creating that first impression would be a problem with a tattoo on the face. Furthermore, face tattoos are painful ones. A small star tattoo on the face is still okay. But some people like to get their half face covered with a tattoo, which can be a problem if people are conservative.

12. Feet

Gorgeous Flower Tattoo on Feet

Your feet is yet another beautiful location to dress up with a beautiful and ornate tattoo design. The best thing is your feet remain untanned as you wear socks the majority of the day, which prevents them from direct sun rays. As a result, when your feet are already naked, your tat stands out even more. A modest tattoo design really works well on feet. You can choose any tattoo design, from a floral pattern to elephant family, for your feet.

13. Fingers

Fingers Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos on fingers look intriguing. The best thing is that you can choose between an ornate design that covers an entire finger or a smaller design that mimics a ring. Full designs that cover the finger as a whole are often very appealing, but before you get one, don’t miss seeing how they affect your hands’ appearance.

14. Forearms

Clock and Rose Tattoo on Forearms

Forearm tattoos are quite popular among people. This is because there are a plethora of tattoo designs for forearms. Almost any design style appears to work on the forearm. However, because your forearm is the most visible part of your body, make sure your employer approves of your tattoo.

15. Front of the Neck

Front of the Neck Tattoo

A tattoo on the front of the neck is pretty prevalent. The majority of people, particularly those with extensive tattoos on their chests, also cover their necks. However, if you only want a neck tattoo , keep in mind that any tattoo designs on the front of the neck should not mix in with a chest tattoo. Otherwise, it will look messier.

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16. Hamstrings

Hamstrings Tattoo Ideas for Women

This is one of the best places to get your favorite tattoo design, especially if you’re concerned about sagging or stretching destroying the design. You can get any medium to large size tattoo etched on your hamstrings as the tattooist will get enough space to ink. You can get anything from a large floral pattern to an elaborate tattoo design on hamstrings.

17. Lower Back

Beautiful Lower Back Tattoo Design

The lower back is yet another beautiful location to get an intricate and elaborate tattoo design. It is one of the most popular tattoo spots among women. Tattoos on the lower back look enticing and eye-catching, especially if you love to flaunt your toned back with crop tops and low waist denim. There are myriads of tattoo designs for the lower back; however, the most prevalent tattoos include tribal tattoo designs.

18. Mons Pubis

Mons Pubis Tattoo Design

One of the women’s favorite spots is the Mons pubis, a tiny mound of flesh directly above the female genitals. Some ladies enjoy getting a tattoo on their Mons pubis; of course, only a few individuals are permitted to view tattoos on the Mons pubis, but they appear sexy. A few patterns can look excellent in this area, such as autumn leaves, butterflies, and so on, but be aware that having inked there can be really painful. Additionally, select a recognized, skilled, and professional tattoo artist with experience tattooing in such locations.

19. Nape/Back of the Neck

Back of the Neck Tattoo Idea

The nape of the neck, often known as the back of the neck, is a lovely spot for a tattoo. It’s ideal for minor tattoo designs, as anything too garish might give the impression of skin discoloration. Small symbol tattoos, cross tattoos, star tattoos, anchor tattoos, and angel wings look great on the nape. There is a multitude of different symmetrical designs to choose from in addition to these.

20. Neck

Rose Tattoo on Neck

The neck is a great place for a small tattoo design. Anything from a small anchor to a tiny bird will look amazing on your neck. Neck tattoos are quite popular among men. However, females also go for neck tattoos. You can have a tattoo etched on the side or back, or front of the neck. You get a variety of different locations on your neck to get artwork. Anything in a small size will look gorgeous on your neck.

21. Perineum

Perineum Tattoo Ideas

e perineum is a little patch of skin between your genitals and your anus that is hardly visible even to those seeking for it. Even so, it’s a beautiful place to hide a small tattoo that only you can see. Cute and simple tattoos go really well in this area.

22. Ribs

Quote Tattoo on Ribs

The side of your body or ribs is one of the most distinctive places to get a tattoo. It is a beautiful spot for vertical tattoo designs, such as creeper plant tattoos, quotes, phrases, etc. If you really want a seductive tattoo placement, then your ribs are the best place for that. Make sure you choose a slim and vertical tattoo design for this area.

23. Shoulders

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men

The shoulders are an excellent location for a tattoo, particularly one that is more aesthetic than functional. There are numerous tattoo designs that go really well on shoulders; however, Tribal tattoos, portraits, lion face, etc., are particularly popular.

24. Shoulder Blade

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

If you’re looking for a cute and simple tattoo placement, get it etched on the shoulder blade. Shoulder blade tattoos are quite popular among females as they look classy on off-shoulder dresses. Anything from a flower to a butterfly, verse to a quote, looks stunning on the shoulder blade. Make sure you choose the right tattoo design for your shoulder blade; any small design will work well there.

25. Thigh

Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women

The thigh is yet another popular place for tattoo placement. The best thing about the thigh tattoo is that it is less painful because of the tremendous amount of flesh there. You can choose any small to medium size tattoo design for your thigh as the area is bigger, and getting a medium size tattoo won’t hurt you there.

26. Top of the Head

Top of the Head Tattoo Ideas

Be aware that it’s going to be a really, very painful tattoo location. Moreover, tattoos on top of the head are only possible if you’re going to stay bald forever. It can even be an extension of your tattoo. But be sure before you get one on the top of your head. Because once done, it’s not easy to get rid of your tattoo, I tell you!

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27. Torso

Torso Tattoo Idea

How about getting a tattoo on the torso? Well, many do get tattoos on the torso. More often than not, people get larger tattoos on their torsos. Or, if they have multiple tattoo designs to get, they consider their torso for the same. Be aware that getting a tattoo on the torso will be a time taking process. This implies you will end up spending a lot of time getting your favorite artwork on the torso.

28. Tummy

Flower Tattoo on Tummy

Your stomach is a fantastic place to get your favorite tattoo. The best thing it is less painful to get a tattoo on the tummy, as it has a lot of flesh. Moreover, you can easily conceal it underneath your clothes. So, if the tattoo is a problem at your workplace, a tummy tattoo can easily work in such a condition. But be aware that tummies expand with age, weight gain, or any other reason, which can impact the overall look of your tattoo design.

29. Upper Back

Mind-Blowing Tattoo Design on Upper Back

The upper back doesn’t sag much, and this fact alone makes it one of the most preferred locations for tattoos. Upper back tattoos look stunning no matter what design you choose. However, it is always a good idea to choose a more symmetrical tattoo design. You can choose to get a quote tattoo on your upper back. Quote tattoos in any language would work well on the upper back.

30. Waist

Waist Tattoo Idea

Your waist is one of the sexiest places to get eye-catching tattoo designs. More often than not, women prefer to get waist tattoos. There are numerous designs that you choose to get on your waist. However, flowers, quotes, feathers, leaves, etc., look stunning etched on the waist. And the best part is you can conceal it as and when you want and flaunt it with a low-waist denim and crop top.

31. Wrist

Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Another prominent place to get your favorite tattoo includes your wrist. Almost everyone, including men and women, loves to have tattoos on wrist. But be careful while getting one because it’s the most visible place. You can choose to wear any tattoo design, from simple to elaborate on your wrist. However, make sure that you choose a small tattoo design for your wrist. The wrist is the best place for delicate artwork, such as stars, bumblebees, tiny trees, butterflies. And if you want a funkier tattoo on your wrist, then go for a teacup, pizza, dog paws, etc. You can even get a bracelet etched around your wrist. A bracelet tattoo is one of the more popular tattoo ideas for your wrist. A great tattoo design if you want to flaunt a permanent accessory.

Before we conclude this post, we would want to shed some light on why it is essential to choose the right spot for your tattoo.

Why does choosing the right spot for a tattoo matter?

It is critical to select the best location for your tattoo design. In addition to choosing a tattoo design, you should think about where you want your tattoo to go. Keep in mind that not every tattoo will look well in every setting. Furthermore, different tattoos come in various sizes. So, while choosing a spot for your tattoo, make sure you consider all factors, such as tattoo size, design, and location.

Keep in mind that permanent tattoos are difficult to erase. You won’t be able to remove your tattoo as readily once it’s been applied. And if you’re dead set on getting rid of it, you’ll have to put up with a lot of suffering, as tattoo removal methods are both painful and expensive. So, rather than having your tattoo removed later and burning a hole in your pocket, it’s always best to think over every part of it, including design, placement, and so on.

So there you have it: the top 30+ places to get your favorite tattoos etched. These aren’t the only areas where you can get a tattoo; when it comes to tattoo designs, every bit of flesh on your entire body can be adorned with the artwork of your choice.

You can have any tattoo design you want on your body, as long as it portrays your personality well. If you have a strong desire for a specific tattoo and are confident that it will not adversely impact your life, go ahead and get it – there’s nothing to lose. Before having a tattoo, make sure you pick a skilled and experienced tattoo artist.