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Tribal tattoo designs make you look like a warrior, which is also their main objective since ancient times when warriors were inscribed with these patterns as a marking to identify with a particular tribe and, of course, to scare the enemy. A tribal tattoo is a simple and straightforward design, often in a single black color.

These tribal tattoo designs originated from several native tribes around the world, where tattoos were a tool to show social status, faiths, and traditions. These tattoos were awarded to certain members of the tribes when they had completed a ritual of passage.

There are various forms of tribal tattoos, depending on the place of origin, such as Hawaiian, Bornean, and Samoan origins. Regardless of the origin, the most common thing about the tribal tattoo is that it is drawn in black color and includes lots of lines. They are often mixed with grey shading to make it look deeper and red color to highlight certain patterns.

Some people like to include images such as animals and flowers and tribal masks to make the tattoo look more interesting. The tribal tattoos are popular among men as they are masculine designs, though their history is mainly lost.

In comparison to other colorful tattoos, tribal tattoos age nicely due to their pattern and color choices.

Tribal Tattoo Meaning

Sleeve Tribal Tattoo

The significance of tribal tattoos differs from culture to culture, as well as across individual patterns. A great number of them recount not just the wearer’s accomplishments but also their family history. They are also sometimes seen as a symbol of defense, power, or strength. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of the meanings of all of the design elements, as well as the significance of their location.

Due to the elaborate and unique designs of these tattoos, they have been quite popular for several decades. Throughout history, tribal designs have had a variety of purposes, including acting as a means of distinguishing between local tribes and cultural groups and serving as a method of demonstrating a person’s fighting ability and social position.

They were worn for ages by people in order to identify them, provide protection for them, and give them more authority. Obviously, the majority of people in this day and age do not believe that tattoos provide magical abilities or shields against evil. The majority of people get tribal tattoos either because they like their visual attractiveness or because they want to represent their cultural background.

Because there are so many distinct styles of tribal tattoos, it might be challenging to choose just one. You want to make sure that the tattoo communicates who you are in a number of different ways, from being visually beautiful to telling stories of your heritage. In order to take some of the pressure off of you and let you put a great tattoo on your shoulders, we have hand-picked some of the best tribal tattoos for men.

Though there are no defined categories of tribal tattoo designs, still few designs are prevalent among tattoo lovers. Such as,

1. Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Best Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Design

The rise of stylish manliness is best shown in tribal sleeve tattoos for men. These attractive designs are attached to the ancient sacred ceremonies, and they are carried on to generations through ink. The primitive ancestors of these tattoo designs are the Japanese yakuza.

If you are looking for a perfect complement to your masculine arms, muscular shoulders, and well-defined biceps, a half sleeve tribal tattoo could be your ideal choice. These tribal tattoo designs give more definition to your arms’ muscles, making them look huskier and more appealing.

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Moreover, the large area on the shoulders, chest, and arms gives tribal tattoo artists the required liberty to make them engaging and brutal by including traditional signs like the eagle, the sun, and the Celtic cross.

2. Filipino Tribal Tattoos

Filipino Tribal Tattoo

Since the beginning of Filipino culture more than 500 years ago, tattoos have played a significant role. This type of tattoo is more than just appealing to the eye; throughout history, it has been associated with offering defense against hostile forces.

This tribal tattoo design is a lot more approachable and one-of-a-kind since it features uncomplicated motifs that match the body and linear strokes that flow around the allotted area.

3. Tribal Tattoo Wolf

Tribal Wolf Tattoo on Chest

Believe it or not, tribal wolf tattoos are among the most important ones. They are symbolic of the spiritual protection, strength, and loyalty of wolves, as well as the wolf’s inherent essence.

These tattoos also represent such concepts as love, luck, family, and dedication. The entirety of this symbolism can be incorporated into a straightforward yet complicated and powerful tribal wolf tattoo. If you possess all or some of these qualities, then this is the tattoo for you.

4. Tribal Arm Tattoo

Tribal Arm Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos etched on the arm look stunning and manly. You may get a simple tribal design etched on your arm. And if you want a tribal tattoo design that is larger, you should get it inked a little higher up on your biceps. This will give your artist more room to work with.

5. Tribal Tattoo Shoulder

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Your tattoo artist will have more room to display his or her skills if you have it on your shoulder instead. If you are considering getting a large tribal tattoo, the best place to get it done is on your shoulder. Like those who regularly go to the gym or participate in sports, people with toned shoulders look particularly good with tribal tattoo shoulders. Therefore, if you are a body art enthusiast and a bodybuilder, you should have a tribal tattoo on your shoulder.

6. Tribal Tattoo Hawaiian

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

Many individuals view Hawaiian tattoos as a softer alternative to typical tribal tattoos. Given the ocean’s major influence on their culture, it is only natural that their tattoos reflect this influence. This type of tattoo, which incorporates repeating images of aquatic creatures, is ideal for a guy who appreciates spending time in nature and near water.

7. Tribal Tattoo on Chest

Tribal Tattoo on Chest

If you want to get a tribal tattoo, one of the greatest places to get it is on your chest. The reason for this is that your chest offers the tattoo artist a lot of space to work with, allowing them to create a larger-scale tribal pattern on your body. For instance, if you have a tribal elephant tattoo on your chest, it will look great. In addition, elephant tattoos make for meaningful tattoo designs.

A tribal elephant tattoo symbolizes power, loyalty, prosperity, and family. They’re perfect for someone who cherishes these qualities or wants to remember their significance. This tribal artwork incorporates black ink and patterns. You can fill an elephant’s outline with symbols or focus on its basic form. Your chest is a perfect place for a giant tribal elephant tattoo design.

8. Tribal Tattoo Turtle

Turtle Tribal Tattoo

The tribal turtle tattoo is one of the most well-known tattoos among tattoo lovers. More often than not, Polynesian tattoos feature a turtle. The turtle is a symbol of longevity, tenacity, and resourcefulness. Additionally, it also represents the association with the family.

In addition to being a way to appreciate your culture and feel closer to your ancestors, turtle tattoos also serve as a source of inspiration; they may serve as a reminder to live each day to the fullest and cherish it to the greatest extent possible. When getting a turtle tattoo, make sure to choose the right placement.

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9. Tribal Tattoo Neck

Tribal Tattoo on Neck

A tribal tattoo neck is a wonderful alternative for folks who want conspicuous body art to make a statement. Know that neck tattoos are some of the most painful tattoos. Designs here will hurt because of the thin skin.

If you wish to celebrate your heritage with nice tattoo work, the tribal tattoo neck is the best option. However, know that neck tattoos are most of the time on display, so if your work or culture prohibits body artwork, a neck tattoo may be a problem for you.

10. Tribal Tattoo Butterfly

Butterfly Tribal Tattoo on Back

People who want stunning body art that will make a statement should strongly consider getting a tribal tattoo butterfly. It looks amazing etched on the chest or neck. The meaning of butterfly tribal tattoos frequently refers back to the wearer’s ancestry. Tattoos of tribal butterflies represent the transformation that occurs as one progresses through life. Your decision to have a tribal butterfly tattoo might serve as a visual reminder of a significant turning point in your life.

11. Tribal Tattoo Back

Tribal Tattoo on Back

If you want a large and intricate design, a tribal tattoo on the back is perfect for you. Your artist will have enough space to incorporate a larger-sized tribal tattoo design.

In addition, the back is a flexible place that offers the added benefit of being readily concealed, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to keep their tats hidden. Moreover, it is one of the least painful places because of its thick skin, muscle, and fat. However, you may feel pain around your spine region.

The back offers the ideal canvas and has the potential to showcase the definition of your muscles. Make sure to choose the right tribal tattoo design to have a tattoo that you’ll cherish all your life.

12. Tribal Tattoo Yin Yang

Yin Yang Tribal Tattoo on Arm

Tribal Yin Yang Tattoos are a striking design choice. Tattoo designs that depict the Yin and the Yang have a lot of significance. Despite the fact that they are opposing energies, Yin and Yang are symbolic of their relationship to one another and, eventually, the harmony that they bring about by being complementary to one another.

The Yin, also known as the dark side, is connected to those things that are rigid, unfavorable, chilly, damp, and feminine. The Yang, also known as the light side, is characterized by qualities such as being gentle, upbeat, dry, warm, and masculine. However, despite the stark contrast in their outward appearances, Yin and Yang are not entirely opposed to one another. You can get a tribal tattoo Yin Yang if you believe in the two sides of human personality.

13. Tribal Shark Tattoo

Best Tribal Shark Tattoo on Leg

In addition to the turtle, sharks are frequently featured in the patterns of Polynesian tribal tattoos. For as long as anyone can remember, getting a shark tattoo has been seen to be a representation of a number of admirable attributes, including protection, bravery, and direction, amongst other things.

Some people believe that getting a shark tattoo will provide protection from dangerous powers. In addition to this, they protected sailors from dangers. Therefore, if any of these characteristics describe who you are as a person, then this is the perfect tattoo design for you.

14. Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos have traditionally been regarded as sacred symbols by Native American cultures. Depending on the tribe, the eagle serves a variety of significant reasons that are performed with it. The overall significance of the eagle tribal tattoo for Native Americans is one of protection and demonstrates a considerable accomplishment.

While the Aztecs saw it as a sign of strength and power, a group of warriors called the eagle warriors wore the feathers of this bird of prey as part of their battle gear. This was done to show how strong they were and to use the eagle’s skills while they fought. So, if you have any association with any of the cultures or if you like eagle tattoos, then get a tribal eagle etched.

15. Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo on Back

Sun tattoos are quite popular among people because of the significance that the sun tattoos offer. The Sun is a global emblem of light, guidance, direction, and life. A sun tattoo is frequently connected with birth and expansion.

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Choosing a sun design is highly meaningful, and there is a vast range of styles to pick from; basic and minimalist or more elaborate. Make sure you choose the right place for your Tribal Sun Tattoo, as its placement plays a crucial role in all. Also, know that Sun is revered as God in many cultures like Indian Culture. So, if you belong to any of these cultures, make sure not to get a sun tattoo on your legs or the lower part of your body.

16. Celtic Tribal Tattoo

Celtic Tribal Tattoo

Celtic tribal tattoos are very popular among men. The Celtic tribal tattoos feature simple air-like swirls that look excellent on any part of your body. If you don’t want to overdo your tattoo design, then get a Celtic tribal tattoo.

17. Tribal Face Tattoos

Tribal Face Tattoo

The face holds a special significance as a venue for traditional tribal tattoos. In many cultures, including Maori, the face is considered one of the sacred places in the body. And that’s the reason people belonging to Maori culture had their faces inked to commemorate milestones in one’s life, such as reaching the age of majority.

Some people get face tattoos for a statement. However, it’s worth noting that getting a tattoo on your face is painful. Additionally, getting a face tattoo carries with it some social stigma. Therefore, you should have a face tattoo after carefully examining all of the options.

Wrapping it up…

Having a tribal tattoo is an integral part of one’s culture. In addition to their tribe and social standing, they can reveal a great deal about the person wearing them.

A Tribal tattoo can reveal a lot about the person, from social rank to marital status. These tattoos play a crucial role in people’s lives, who utilize their tattoos to express a message of authority, protection, strength, and much more. Hope this article will help you choose your favorite tribal tattoo design!

Tribal Tattoo FAQs

Q.1. What does it mean to have a tribal tattoo?

The meaning of tribal tattoos varies from culture to culture. Numerous tribal tattoo designs depict not only the wearer’s achievements but also his or her family tree. They are also sometimes viewed as a symbol of protection, strength, or power.

Q.2. How long does it take for a tribal tattoo to heal?

The full healing process for a tribal tattoo typically takes between 6 and 8 weeks. Your tattoo’s size and the level of detailing in its design will also affect how long it takes to heal completely.

Q.3. Is getting a tribal tattoo a risky decision?

Yes, getting a tattoo with a traditional tribal pattern is quite safe to do. You are free to choose where you would like to get a tribal tattoo design imprinted on your body.

Q.4. How much does it cost to get a tribal tattoo?

You should budget between $150 to $500 for a medium-sized tribal tattoo design. The cost of a tribal tattoo design will also vary depending on its complexity, design, and reputation of the tattoo artist. Also, the length of time required to complete a tattoo design will also impact the cost.

Q.5. Is getting a tribal tattoo reserved exclusively for men?

No, not at all! Both men and women are encouraged to have tribal tattoos. It’s interesting to note that the majority of guys choose to have tribal tattoos. However, women can also receive tribal tattoos if they so choose.

There are a lot of famous women, including the American actress Daniella Pineda, who has a tattoo on her right arm of five Native American tribal masks. She is only one of many female celebrities.

So, think no more; if you like a tribal tattoo design, get it! You will never regret your choice at all. But make sure you choose a reputable tattoo artist for your tribal tattoo design!