Upgrade Your Style with the Top 10 Korean Hairstyles for Men in 2023!

Korean hairstyles have been all the rage in recent years, and for good reason. They’re versatile, stylish, and add an undeniable edge to any look. With their unique approach to grooming and hair care, Korean men have become known for their effortlessly cool hairstyles that always seem to be ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re looking for a new haircut to update your style, or simply want to get inspired by the latest trends, this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 trendiest Korean hairstyles for men that are sure to elevate your style game and make heads turn.

From classic buzz cuts to edgy undercuts, from long-flowing locks to tapered fades, there’s something for everyone in this list. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Korean hairstyles and see what’s hot right now.

Two-Block Haircut

The two-block haircut is a popular Korean hairstyle for men that has been gaining a lot of attention worldwide. This style features shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on the top, creating two distinct “blocks” of hair. The top hair can be styled in a variety of ways, such as slicked back, messy, or even with a fringe.

This hairstyle is versatile and can be tailored to different face shapes and hair textures. It’s a great option for those who want a fresh and modern look without going too extreme. Many Korean celebrities have been spotted rocking the two-block haircut, solidifying its trend status.

  • Pros: Versatile, modern, suits different face shapes
  • Cons: Requires regular maintenance to keep the hairstyle looking neat

To maintain this style, regular trips to the barber are necessary to keep the sides short and clean. Styling products, such as pomade or hair wax, can be used to add texture and hold to the top hair. Overall, the two-block haircut is a stylish and fashionable choice for those looking to step up their hair game.

Textured Crop

A popular Korean men’s hairstyle is the textured crop. This style features short hair on the sides that gradually blends into longer hair on the top. The hair on top is then styled to create a textured, messy look. This is achieved by using products like pomade or wax to add definition and hold.

The textured crop is versatile and can be styled in different ways depending on the occasion. For a casual day out, the hair can be tousled for a relaxed, effortless look. For a more formal event, the hair can be slicked back for a polished appearance.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a low maintenance yet stylish look. With regular trims to maintain the shape and occasional touch ups with products, the textured crop can keep you looking on trend without a lot of effort.

  • Pros:
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile styling options
  • Suits different face shapes
May not work for those with very curly or thick hair
Requires occasional use of hair products

If you want to try a trendy Korean hairstyle, the textured crop is a great option to consider. With its effortless styling and versatility, it’s no wonder why this style has remained popular in Korean men’s fashion.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish haircut for the summer, you can’t go wrong with side-swept bangs. This popular Korean hairstyle involves growing out your hair on top and sweeping it to one side, creating a natural and effortless look.

To achieve this hairstyle, you’ll need to first grow out your hair to at least medium length. Then, use a styling product such as wax or pomade to sweep your hair to one side and keep it in place. You can also opt to add layers to your hair to give it more texture and volume.

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Side-swept bangs work well on any face shape and are great for those who prefer a low maintenance hairstyle. This hairstyle can also be dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans, making it versatile and perfect for any occasion.

If you’re not sure if side-swept bangs are right for you, consider consulting with a stylist who can recommend the best hairstyle based on your face shape and personal preferences.

  • Works well on any face shape
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be dressed up or down

Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked back undercut is a popular Korean hairstyle for men who want a sleek, modern look. This style is achieved by trimming the sides and back of the hair short while leaving the top longer for a more dramatic effect.

To style, apply a small amount of styling product to damp hair and use a comb to slick back the hair. For a more polished look, use a hair dryer to dry the hair back and use a brush to smooth out any bumps or flyaways.

This style can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any occasion. It is also low maintenance and easy to style, making it a great option for busy men who want a stylish look without spending a lot of time on their hair.

  • Popular among Korean celebrities and fashion icons
  • Works best on thick hair types
  • Can be customized with a fade or undercut
  • Can be styled with or without a part

Messy Waves

If you want a cool and low-maintenance hairstyle, messy waves are the way to go. This hairstyle has been a popular choice among Korean men as it gives off a carefree and laidback vibe.

To achieve the look, keep your hair at medium length and use a texturizing product to create loose waves. You can also add some highlights to create dimension and make your waves stand out.

The best thing about messy waves is that they look good on any face shape and can be styled in different ways. You can slick your hair back for a more polished look or tousle it up for a messy and fun vibe.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and looks great without much effort. It’s also great for those who like to experiment with different styles.

Curly Top Fade

The curly top fade is a popular hairstyle among Korean men. It features short, tightly curled hair on top, gradually fading into shorter hair around the sides and back.

This hairstyle is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look. It adds volume and texture to the hair without requiring much styling. To achieve this look, apply a curl-enhancing product to damp hair and diffuse or air-dry.

  • Length: Short on sides, longer on top
  • Texture: Tight curls on top, faded sides and back
  • Hair Type: Curly, wavy, or coily
  • Face Shape: Oval, diamond, or square

This versatile hairstyle can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with a casual outfit for a daytime look or style it with a suit for a more formal event.

The curly top fade is a trend that is here to stay. It is a classic look that can be customized to suit any individual’s style and preferences. Give it a try and elevate your style game!

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is one of the most popular hairstyles trending in Korea right now. This hairstyle is also known as the mushroom cut, as it resembles the shape of a mushroom cap that has been placed upside down on one’s head. The bowl cut is characterized by its even length all around the head, with the hair at the top of the head cut slightly shorter than the sides and back.

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This haircut is perfect for men who want to keep it low maintenance and don’t want to spend too much time on styling. It offers a clean and polished look that’s perfect for a variety of occasions. The bowl cut is also versatile, as it can be dressed up with some hair gel for a more formal look or left alone for a casual style.

It’s important to note that the bowl cut is not for everyone. This hairstyle tends to look best on men with oval or round face shapes, as it can elongate the face and make it look slimmer. However, those with more angular faces may want to steer clear of this style, as it can accentuate sharp features.

Pros & Cons of the Bowl Cut
Pros Cons
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Clean and polished look
  • Great for oval or round face shapes
  • Not suitable for all face shapes
  • Can look outdated if not styled properly
  • May require frequent trims to maintain the shape

Man Bun

The man bun has become increasingly popular in recent years and can be seen on many Korean celebrities. This hairstyle involves tying the hair up into a bun at the top of the head. The man bun can be worn in various styles, such as a top knot or a messy bun, depending on personal preference.

To achieve the man bun, the hair needs to be long enough to tie up. It can be styled with or without a parting and can be brushed back or to the side. The man bun gives a clean and slick look that is both professional and trendy.

  • Requires longer hair
  • Can be styled in various ways
  • Gives a sleek and trendy look

The man bun is also a practical hairstyle for those who have long hair. It keeps the hair out of the face and off the neck, making it ideal for warmer weather or during physical activity.

Man Bun 1 Man Bun 2 Man Bun 3
Image 1: A sleek man bun with a side parting. Image 2: A messy man bun with bangs. Image 3: A top knot man bun with shaved sides.

Shaggy Layers

If you’re looking for a messy and effortless look, try the shaggy layers cut. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to rock a relaxed and laidback vibe. The shaggy layers cut is achieved by cutting the hair into choppy layers of different lengths. This creates a messy and textured look that is easy to style and maintain.

To style the shaggy layers cut, apply a small amount of styling product to your hair and scrunch it with your hands to create volume and texture. You can also use a hair dryer to create a more defined look. This style works best with medium to long hair and is perfect for guys who want to add some edge to their look.

The shaggy layers cut is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re heading to the beach or going out for a night on the town. It’s a versatile hairstyle that can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and the occasion. So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t sacrifice style, try the shaggy layers cut.


The Mohawk is a hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular among Korean men. It is a bold and daring style that can add an edgy look to your overall appearance. The Mohawk is characterized by a strip of hair that runs down the middle of the head, while the sides are completely shaved or trimmed very short.

There are several variations of the Mohawk hairstyle that you can try out. For a more subtle look, you can opt for a short and messy Mohawk, where the strip of hair is not very prominent. You can also experiment with the length of the strip of hair to suit your personal style.

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If you want to take things up a notch, you can try out a colored Mohawk. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and add an extra element of cool to your style. Just make sure you use a color that complements your skin tone and overall look.

One of the best things about the Mohawk is that it can be styled in different ways to suit different occasions. For a casual day out with friends, you can wear your Mohawk in a messy and tousled style. For a more formal event, you can slick it back and add some gel to create a sleek and polished look.

Questions & Answers:

What are some popular Korean men’s hairstyles?

Some popular Korean men’s hairstyles include the two-block cut, the messy fringe, the buzz cut, the undercut, and the perm.

Is it necessary to have straight hair to achieve a Korean hairstyle?

No, it is not necessary to have straight hair to achieve a Korean hairstyle. Many styles can be modified to fit different hair textures, such as using a perm or a straightening treatment.

What products are recommended for maintaining a Korean hairstyle?

The products recommended for maintaining a Korean hairstyle will depend on the specific style and hair type, but some popular options include hair wax, pomade, hairspray, and styling gel.

Are there any Korean men’s hairstyles that are suitable for professional settings?

Yes, there are several Korean men’s hairstyles that are suitable for professional settings, such as the classic short cut, the brushed up style, and the side swept look. These styles are polished and sophisticated, yet still incorporate elements of Korean trends.

Can Korean men’s hairstyles be worn by people of all ages?

Yes, Korean men’s hairstyles can be worn by people of all ages. From the trendy two-block cut to the timeless short cut, there are many styles that can be adapted to suit any age or personal style preference.


Michael Brown

I really like the Korean hairstyle trend for men! It’s so modern and stylish. I can’t wait to try it out myself.

James Anderson

As someone who’s always had trouble finding a haircut that really suits me, I was excited to hear about the Korean hairstyles for men trend. And after doing a bit of research and browsing through some images, I have to say, I’m seriously considering jumping on board this trend myself!

One of the things I really like about these hairstyles is how versatile they are. From buzz cuts to long, flowing locks, there’s something for just about everybody. And the cuts and styles are so unique and fresh, which is something that’s been missing from men’s hairstyles for a while now, in my opinion.

Plus, I have to say, the Korean actors and idols who are often seen sporting these styles always look so effortlessly cool and stylish. I can’t help but feel a bit envious of their looks!

Of course, there are some downsides to consider as well. It can be tough to find a stylist who really knows what they’re doing when it comes to these cuts. And depending on your workplace or social circles, the more extreme cuts might not be seen as appropriate.

But overall, I’m really excited to give the Korean hairstyle trend a try. Who knows, maybe this will be the style that finally feels like it was made for me!

John Taylor

As a fashion-conscious guy, I always keep an eye on the latest hairstyle trends. And lately, I’ve been noticing a surge in Korean hairstyles for men. I have to say, I’m really impressed by the unique and edgy cuts and styles. I think I might even try out a few myself!